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Top 10 Eco-friendly Accessories any Hipster would love!

Updated on September 17, 2013

Hipsters are the ‘radest’ group of new age people who love to repurpose old things and move into dilapidated buildings. These youngsters find creative ways to get more for their buck while splurging on the latest toys. I’m going to ignore some of the more negative ‘stereotypes’ of the hipster and focus on the eco-awesome traits they do have. Some might be spoiled trust-fund babies moving away from the ‘norm’ and the responsibilities of life to live a more postmodern, romanticized version of life; but for the most part, some of the core principles within this nostalgic group should be admired.

Whether we would like to admit to this or not, the state of the environment is something that cannot be ignored; we must find easy and creative ways to be more environmentally friendly in the years to come. We are consumers by nature and brought up that way from birth, we expect gifts for Christmas and birthdays and always seem to be purchasing something random or packaged foods. If everyone lived in the same way as the average American’s carbon footprint, we would need the resources of 5 Earths in order to sustain ourselves. These calculations are done by measuring our everyday activities such as driving, cooking and bathing. What this number consists of is our individual pressure on carbon, cropland, the freshwater supply and more. The list below consists of some new and innovative ways to recycle, re-use and repurpose materials so that our footprint is lessened, but we are still able to swipe our credit cards. You’ll still have to pay but can justify the purchase by it being eco-friendly and keeping some garbage out of the wastelands.

1. Stay Fresh with Musguard

For the cyclist on a rainy day, Musguard has created a removable fender to protect your back when riding on a wet and muddy road. This rollable and removable fender is made from resilient and recyclable polypropylene (PP) plastic which will keep your back dry ride after ride. It comes in vibrant array of colors and can get easily removed from your bike, rolled up and hung on your keychain when the weather is too good to justify using it.

2. Travel Smart with United by Blue

The ultimate hip company, United by Blue makes you first pay for your bag or accessory then asks if you would like to join them for a neighborhood cleanup. For every purchase, they pledge to pick up one pound of garage. The products are for men, women and children and range from organic canvas and leather bags to apparel, jewelry and accessories. Since August 2013, they have managed to clean up over 150,000 pounds of garbage so join in on one of the many cleanups spread out throughout the United States. Check out their website and purchase a product or get involved in a cleanup.

3. Eco-Reminders by Hu2 Design and Art

Remember to turn off the lights and save the polar bears with these funky wall decals by HU2 . They are made from 100% recyclable PVC-free adhesive and encouraging in the simplest of ways. Feel eco-fashionable stinking these on your walls and ashamed if you forget to turn off the lights!

4. Step out in Levi's

Levi’s 501 are designed for the urban cyclist in mind. Wear your favorite brands and still promote repurposing by picking up a pair of Levi's 501 . These pants will be the envy of all cyclists once you’ve told them they are made from 29% post consumer recycled content. They use an average of 8 various sized recycled PET plastic bottles which give them a unique color and are, in turn, less of an impact on our planet.

5. Jam with Ekocycle

Ekocycle is literally turning waste into a commodity with these Beats headphones by Dr. Dre. Whoever said you can’t be in the rap game and be eco-friendly without losing your street credibility? Dr. Dre is ‘killing it’ with these state of the art headphones that are 31% recycled materials. These headphones are a signature of today; you’ll look and feel great that you purchased the green tech version.

6. Stay Connected with Apple

Apple products are considered to be some of the best in the industry but the company is also taking into consideration the environment . You can trade in older models of mac products for recycling and receive a gift card for the depreciated value of the item. The iPhone is made from recyclable materials such as the aluminum outer body. It is also is free of brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Go ahead and pick up a refurbished model from your local Apple store and feel a bit better knowing your saving some extra cash.

7. Recharge with Solio

Are you always on the road and desperate for a charge on your mobile device? Be earth smart and grab the Solio Bolt Solar charger. This portable device charges in the sun in under 10 hrs and can charge anything from your iPhone, eReader or camera. This cool item is a great way to get a free charge on your electronics so you make sure you are always connected.

8. Sun Protection with Vinylize

Protect your eyes with these repurposed vinyl records made into eyewear. At first the idea might seem like a fun artsy gimmick but once you check out their sophisticated designs you realize how stylish you’d look hanging out in your local coffee shop or walking into a board meeting wearing these frames. The company Vinylize is based in Budapest, Hungary and fuses style, music and recycling. They are now working with Kudos records to record up-and-coming musicians like The Triptet, a new-age Funky Jazz band. Vinylize is the ultimate hipster-initiative that reuses shipping boxes, Styrofoam puffs and cracks out jams.

9. Stay Hydrated with Nalgene

Without a doubt, the Nalgene bottle should always be on a hipster-themed accessory list and here it is. This bottle is carried by almost every bicycle enthusiast there is; surprising after some research, the purchase is also a justified one. Nalgene and Brita have paired up for the campaign, Refill not Landfill, to significantly reduce plastic water bottles ending up in landfills. These durable bottles are made from compostable plastics that are organic materials and BPA free. Check out their website and design your own or pick up one from a shop near you. You can stay hydrated, save some cash and reduce plastic landing in our landfills.

10. Upcycle with Ecoist

Since 2004, Ecoist has taken the post-industrial waste of companies like Coca-Cola, Disney and Frito-Lay to make handbags and accessories that are 100% recycled materials. Their commitment goes beyond sustainability as they also practice free trade by employing impoverished artisans and workers in Peru. They are currently in a partnership with Trees for the Future where for every bag they sell, they plant one tree in efforts in contributing to reforestation around the world. Check out their accessories, furniture, bags and more on their website.

By checking out some of the products listed above you’ll be able to buy original and eco-friendly products that will leave a statement. This statement will be more about your willingness to make a difference then the ugly sweat trend sweeping through dive bars everywhere. Invest in products that are manufactured with an environmental initiative and leave your friends impressed when you give them the details. We can all live in more sustainable ways but continue to be stylish. Stay hip and become green friendly.


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