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Top 10 Homemade Facial (Face) Masks

Updated on July 12, 2017

How To Rank Facial Masks

When you search for the best homemade skin care, you will be overwhelmed with so many facial masks that contain all the materials present on planet earth. Almost all of them are good for your skin in general, but the questions you searched for like the specific recipe for a certain age or condition, the appropriate ingredients, the frequency of use are not answered leaving you confused even more than before you start reading. You have got the golden nuggets and you are asked to make your own jewels.

In this hub, you will read about the needs of the skin at different ages, and the optimal ingredients needed by the skin at different situations, consequently we will rank masks according to their utility, ease of use, and content.

The Best Nutrients for Your Skin

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)
Coconut Oil - Milk
Boost Metabolism
Vitamin A
Butter -Eggs- Carrots
Cell production and stimulation
Vitamin B Complex
Eggs -Dairy- Soy Milk
All the metabolic processes
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)
Sugar - Fruits
Treating wrinkled and aged skin
Eggs some Vegetable Oils
Cell Membrane Maintenance

1- Heavy Cream Easy-To-Use Facial Mask

Ingredients :

• 1TBSP .................................... Heavy Cream ( Milk Cream )

• 1TBSP .................................... Honey

• 1Gram ..................................... Baking Soda

Method : - Mix the baking soda with the cream until it acquires the consistency of men's shaving foam - Add honey and mix, smooth the skin of face and neck for 20 minutes

This is the quickest Mask to prepare it has also the quickest effect, since it contains medium chain fatty acids in the free form, sugars, vitamins (specially vitamin A), minerals and trace elements. It will leave your skin very smooth.

2- Best Face Mask In Your 30s

Ingredients :

• Fractionated Coconut Oil .. 2 Tablespoons

• Egg Yolk ............................. 1

• Honey ................................. 1 Tablespoon

• Yogurt ................................ 1 Tablespoon

• Sugar.................................. 1 Teaspoon

Method :

- Mix all the ingredients and process them in a blender

- smooth the skin and leave for 25 minutes

- Wash using lukewater and then splash with cold water

At the age of 30 the skin starts to decline, and this mask thanks to its high content of Medium Chain Triglycerides, Sugars, Lecithins, and Vitamins is the best for your skin at the beginning of the decline stage. You will be astonished with its effects when applying for the first time.

3- Best Face Mask In Your 40s

Ingredients :

• Sweet Peas ........................ 2 Tablespoons

• Evening Primrose Oil ......... 1 Tablespoon

• Yogurt ................................ 1 Tablespoon

• Grape Seed Extract ........... 1 Tablespoon

• Carrots Juice ..................... 1/2 Cup

Method :

- Mix all the ingredients in a blender

- Smooth the skin and leave for 30 minutes

- Wash your face using lukewater and then splash it with cold water

At the age of 40, the changes in your skin are going deeper to involve proteins like Collagen and Elastin. For example, collagen begins increased cross-linking inside the molecule, the thing that causes more tense less elastic collagen. Sweet Peas contain an enzyme inhibitor called 3-Amino-Propionitrile that inhibits the enzyme Lysyl Oxidase responsible for cross linking of collagen. Grape seed extract helps build more collagen.

True, you will be surprised when applying for the first time.

4- Best Facial Mask for the Younger Skin

Ingredients :

• Brewer's Yeast .................................. 1 Tablespoon

• Yogurt .............................................. 1/2 Cup

• Honey ............................................. 1 Tablespoon

Method :

- Add the yeast to yogurt and stir well, then put in the refrigerator overnight

- Add the honey and mix well

- Apply the mask heavily and leave for 30 minutes

- Rinse with luke water and then splash with cold water

The young skin of the teens and 20s is very active and it needs vitamins the most, not to produce cumulative undesired products like found in acne. This mask contains all the vitamins needed specially vitamin B complex.

5- Best Facial Mask to Smooth the skin

Ingredients :

• Banana (ripe).................................. 1/2

• Avocado (over-ripe)................................. 1/2

• Cucumber (chopped) .............................. 1 Tablespoon

• Yogurt .................................................... 1 Tablespoon

• Olive Oil ................................................. 1 Tablespoon

Method :

- Mix all the ingredients and process them in a blender

- Apply a thick layer and leave for 30 minutes

- Wash with lukewater then splash with cold water

6- Best Facial Mask for Sun Protection

Ingredients :

• Sesame Oil ..................................... 2 Tablespoons

• Aloe Vera Gel ................................. 2 Tablespoons

• Wheat Germ Oil .............................. 1 Teaspoon

• Cinnamon Oil .................................. 12 drops

• Lavender Oil ................................... 12 drops

Method :

- Mix all the ingredients in a mixer

- Apply the mask as long as you can and then wash it

- Keep in mind that this is not a sun screen, it only offers you a partial protection from sun rays, wear your usual sun screen

7- Best Face Mask to Refresh the Skin

Ingredients :

• Apple ........................................... 1/4

• Peach .......................................... 1/2

• Tomato ........................................ 1/2

• Milk .............................................. 1/4 Cup

• Almond Oil ................................... 1 Tablespoon

Method :

- Peel all the fruits and mash them

- Add the milk and oil to the mashed fruits and use moderate heat with stirring, until the mixture acquires the consistency of of a cream

- Leave to cool

- Apply a thick layer to the skin and leave for 30 minutes

8- Best Toner Facial Mask

Ingredients :

• Egg White ..................................... 1

• Strawberry fruits ............................ 1

• Starch ........................................... 1 Tablespoon

• Rose water ................................... Sufficient Quantity

Method :

- Mix all the ingredients in the blender and apply on the face

- Another way is to boil the starch and water until it makes a paste and then add the other constituents

- Wash your face with lukewater. If you adjusted the consistency, you peel the mask with your hands as a mask of your face shape

9- Best Mask Under Your Eyes

Ingredients :

• Almond Oil ..................................... 1 Tablespoon

• Olive Oil ........................................ 1 Tablespoon

• Wheat Germ Oil ............................ 1 Tablespoon

• Nigella Oil ( Black Cumen).............. 30 drops

• Vitamin E Oil ................................. 1 Teaspoon

• Horse Chestnut (Buckeye)............ 2 Tablespoons

Method :

- Mix all the oils and the seeds in the mixer to make a paste

- Apply under your eyes and leave for 30 minutes daily or every other day

10- Best Moisturizing Facial Mask

Ingredients :

• Homemade Vaseline ....................... 1 Tablespoon *

• Heavy cream .................................. 1 Tablespoon

• Cottage cheese ............................. 1 Teaspoon

• Honey ............................................ 1 Teaspoon

• Oatmeal ......................................... 1 Teaspoon

- Mix all ingredients in blender

- Smooth onto face

- Let sit 10 minutes

- Rinse with warm water

* To make homemade Vaseline, microwave 1 tablespoon of grated beeswax admixed with 1/4 cup Almond oil for 2 minutes and, then leave to cool, or go through the details in the link below

Other Facial Masks

We will give you some more masks to make the hub utterly useful. We include recipes for all skin types that are perfect for groups and parties, masks for sensitive skin, and masks for chapped skin.

Pumpkin Mask for All Skin Types

Pumpkin pulp іn uѕеd tо brighten, calm breakouts, аnd soften thе appearance оf fine lines аnd sun damage. Thіѕ effect іs fortified by uѕе оf sugar which hаs excellent peeling effects
Egg white іs marvelous fоr oily skin аnd egg yolk іs good fоr dry skin.


- 1/2 cup ----- Pumpkin fresh pulp
- 2 --------- Eggs
- 1 TSP ----- Sugar (brown оr white)

# 1 teaspoon honey fоr dry skin)
# 2 teaspoon almond milk fоr dry оr combo skin)
# teaspoon apple cider vinegar оr cranberry juice іf you hаvе oily skin)

Method :
Purée thе fresh pumpkin pulp іntо a thick paste. Add eggs аnd sugar аnd mix well. Apply thе mask, leaving іt оn fоr 15-20 minutes, depending оn your skin sensitivity. Rinse with cool water.

If your skin іѕ dry, stir іn a splash оf omega-rich almond milk аnd thе honey. Fоr oilier complexions, іnstеad stir іn apple cider vinegar оr cranberry juice.

Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

Thіs mask іs great fоr soothing chapped, sunburned оr оtherwise irritated skin. You cаn uѕе іt fоr оther types оf skin by adding honey fоr dry skin оr 2 drops оf lemon juice fоr oily skin.

Ingredients :
- 1 cup ----------- Yogurt (thick)
- 1/2 cup --------- Oatmeal
- 1-2 drops ------- Aloe Vera oil

Mix thе ingredients tоgethеr Apply tо thе skin fоr 10-15 minutes.Wash оff mask with lukewarm water.

Avocado Face Mask for Dry Skin

Thіѕ mask works well оn mature, wrinkled аnd dry skin. It іѕ bеst tо uѕе a ripe, fresh, organic avocado. Mаke ѕure tо mash іt up іnto a creamy pulp.

1/2 ------------ Avocado (very ripe, soft)
3 TBSP cup ----- Honey
1 TSP ---------- Baby Oil (sweet almond oil оr coconut oil)*

Method :
Mash thе avocado іn a bowl, thеn add honey аnd oil аnd stir. Apply tо skin аnd leave fоr 10 minutes. Rinse face with a cool washcloth.

* You cаn uѕе sweet almond oil оr coconut oil іnstеad оf baby oil.

Tips for Applying Face Masks

1. Pull back hair, just make sure they are out of the way (pin it up, tie it...)

2. Wash you face before applying the mask

3. Use your fingertips. Apply it over the forehad, cheek, nose, chip and neck.

4. Never apply the mask around the eye area.

5. Try to relax when you have put the mask on, try not to talk, and lie down. The best time to apply a mask is when you are soaking in a bathtub.

6. Leave on the mask for the recommended period of time, not shorter and not longer.

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    • NZ Nana profile image

      NZ Nana 2 months ago

      Hi, I loved Sensitive Skin mask. You can make a coffee scrub to get a smooth and fresh skin by following that link

    • profile image

      Claire 4 years ago

      im going to try the cucumber one hope it works and sounds easy to make and mix here i go ! (

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 4 years ago from Egypt

      Hi Nats,


      As you can see the recipes are made to make you comfortable and they have no restrictions or obligations, you may use them the way you feel better. Just watch your skin with both alternatives.

    • profile image

      Nats 4 years ago

      Hi. U have great tips out there. :) can you pls advise whether the oat+yoghurt+ honey face mask can be used 'everyday' or only once a week? I am 23 and have skin complexions because of acne. Thanks

    • profile image

      Ayesha 4 years ago

      What should I apply to remove hyperpigmentation from my face.

    • profile image

      Claire 4 years ago

    • profile image

      goldi 4 years ago

      best for blackheads is very simple.cut potato into hlf and rub it on your face for 20-30 like this for thrice a week every month.

      the cream -honey adds more oil.

    • wadsy profile image

      Mia Gordon 5 years ago from New Zealand

      This is a great list! I have tried these and they really work well. I also make my own homemade serums with the help of an online serum wizard and natural face mask ingredient wizard to pick specific ingredients to suit my skin type and what it needs at the time. for anyone who wants to use it too

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 5 years ago from Egypt

      Hi Spicygemz,

      Thanks for the visit and comment!

      You may read this Hub:

    • profile image

      Spicygemz 5 years ago

      Omg these luk so nice and great!!! What would u recommend for a teenager with normal skin who gets occasional breakouts and I also have a permanent rash of spots on my cheeks they arent acne and they arent very noticable but what would you recommend for me???

    • profile image

      Peyton 5 years ago

      it was a very good homeade product for your face. When i used it I could feel the product getting into my pores and opening them up. Thanks to you I have the face that i always wanted

    • profile image

      sara hasni 5 years ago

      thank you so much

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 5 years ago from Egypt

    • profile image

      Soon Yee 5 years ago


      Been Google-ing around, found your site very interesting. Do you have any homemade mask for me that is suitable?

      I have good skin, but being in Australia, sun damage is unavoidable. Now, freckles (mostly, I dont have it when young, and putting suncream still manage to get freckles), age spot, brown & dark spot(Im 30 next year) is showing on my face.

      Not much wrinkles, and Thanks God! I still look young & radiant. =D

      What do you recommend?


    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 5 years ago from Egypt

      Hi naina,

      Would you email me via hubpages?

    • techygran profile image

      Cynthia 5 years ago from Vancouver Island, Canada

      excellent hub that goes nicely with my online facial isometric exercises! Thank you! Voted you up and awesome and tweeted!

    • profile image

      hay am naina 5 years ago

      hy i want ur product plz contect me 03034316761

    • profile image

      Regina 5 years ago

      They are really informative. Would like to try some of them when I get time.

    • profile image

      epic 6 years ago

      you are so weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      kavitra 6 years ago from india

      nice I liked the cream-honey mask

    • profile image

      geekyvintage 6 years ago

      it works

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 6 years ago from Egypt

    • profile image

      Gurt 6 years ago


      Im 26 but have smoked 20 a day for years finally stopped but my skin looks a lot older and wrinkled any suggestions what to use and how often? many thanks

    • profile image

      remedy for acne 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing, found this article very helpful!!

    • profile image

      remedy for acne 6 years ago

      Thanks for doing this post, great mask ideas :)

    • profile image

      remedy for acne 6 years ago

      The nice thing about these recipes is that they work. You see and feel an immediate difference.

    • profile image

      remedy for acne 6 years ago

      i need some homemade face mask for pimple more like ,acne. is garlic is good for acne face. i never tried with garlic juice with honey mixed togather. i heard.

    • profile image

      karan 6 years ago

      great page

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 6 years ago from Egypt

      Hi wrinklestudent,

      Welcome to my page!

      Use sweet peas. I'll correct it!

    • wrinklestudent profile image

      wrinklestudent 6 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      For the 40s face mask (oh, I am showing my age), it says 'peas' in the ingredients but 'sweet peas' in the description. Does it make a difference which kind I use?

    • profile image

      mercy 6 years ago

      Good day i want to appreciate you for this wonderful piece.pls i want to go in to fully as a source of my lively hood(selling)how long can i keep the mixture?will it be ok to use preservative ? and what preservative is better?pls your response will b highly email id is you

    • profile image

      sandhya 6 years ago

      I really loved this, All these ingredients really helps to skin

    • profile image

      Alexis G 6 years ago

      I really love the Lady Soma Antioxidant Berry Masque, it does what it claims. My face really feels fresh and clean of all impurities. I dont have any crazy acne or anything like that but i do have oily skin and blackheads.... It's a wonderful at home exfoliation mask, at such an affordable price. I don't see myself buying anything else. I would definitely recommend this to others.

    • profile image

      Natural Facial Masks Tip 6 years ago

      Why use a natural facial mask?

      Natural facial masks are a wonderful and soothing way to recuperate and moisturize your facial skin. Despite what some people think, they are a vital part in taking care of your skin. While some people do go a little extreme with these and use them daily, I would recommend maybe once a week, or once every other week. Another benefit is that consistent facial masks will also help you avoid common skin disorders, plus help make you look and feel younger.

      Face mask or facial masks are useful in treating your skin problems.

      Natural elements used in facial masks can treat your skin disorders.

      Most natural facial masks found on the market today will work two ways. Firstly, by moisturizing your skin while also deep cleaning, this helps in cleaning out your pores completely by getting rid of oils and built up dirt. Secondly, the wonderful effect of natural facial masks is the removal of dead skin. Typically after you remove your facial mask, you will scrape off the dead skin, which will also help in making you feel younger and healthier. You see, the skin under the dead skin is younger, and tighter. So when you remove this dead cover of skin, you reveal a much younger looking skin!

      The purpose of a natural facial mask is to improve skin and outlook of the face,

      depending on the type of skin as following:

      To absorb oil

      To moisturize dry skin

      To replenish dull skin

      Facial masks are very nutritious.

      After applying a facial mask, you will feel fresh and people will notice your much younger looking face.

      1. Always test the mask, particularly if you have a sensitive skin. Apply a small amount behind your ear or inside of the elbow, wait for at least 30 minutes, then wash off. If there is no unpleasant reaction in the next 24 hours, then only apply the mask on your face.

      2. Rinse mask thoroughly with warm water followed with cold water.

      3. Don't apply masks more than twice a week.

      4. When applying a facial mask, you should try to avoid area around your eyes and lips.

      5. Vary the facial mask type to see their effects on your skin.

      What is a natural facial mask without a soothing application? One of the best things about a facial mask is the repose, right? When it is time to put on that facial mask, you’ll want to start by washing your face in warm water. Warm water opens up your pores and gets them ready to receive the natural elements of the facial mask. An optional procedure, give your face a soft massage. This will make you feel unbelievable.

      Cleaning of face before applying a face mask

      1. Splash cold water on your face.

      2. Massage vitamin E on your face while your face is still damp (not wet).

      3. Remove the oil from the face using a mild soap after 5 minutes.

      4. Again splash your face with water at room temperate. Let your face dry naturally.

      5. Note: You can do the above face cleaning daily even if you are not applying a facial mask.

      Applying a natural facial mask

      As you apply the natural facial mask, you will want to massage it into your facial skin as well. Take your time and don’t rush. After it is on, you’ll typically want to let it soak into your facial skin for at least (30) thirty minutes. What should you do during those thirty minutes? Draw a warm bath, take a nap, just relax and let the natural facial mask do its work. When it comes time to take it off, you will want to use cold water. Firstly, it stimulates and revitalizes your facial skin. Secondly, it will close your pores and keep them from getting any of that horrible dirt or oils that usually ruin your facial skin.

      Now, when we talk about natural facial masks, these are facial masks that are made out of natural, elements. I have found that the “Active Skin Care Products”, especially their “Natural Facial Masks Kits” which are great for treating and taking care of your facial skin because of the natural elements they are produced with.

      Remember, you are going to want to apply these natural facial masks once a week, maybe twice a week at the most. This will help keep your facial skin healthy, and natural. Not to mention, keeping you looking younger than before!

    • profile image

      shelly 6 years ago

      I have some skin problem as on my face some pores looks open. dull skin and colour is also dark. my skin is oily but after washing my face it looks dry.

      could you plz suggest anything?


    • profile image

      Honey fan 6 years ago


      I like using honey masks for masks and scrubs. It seems that using raw honey is to prefer, or even better to use Manuka honey from New Zealand. It has properties that makes it perfect for your skin. I also like to used coconut oil on the clean skin because it makes the skin very soft and smells wonderful

      Thanks for a nice site.

    • profile image

      Sam 6 years ago

      Using a homemade facial mask is a very good way to clearing up your skin, tightening pores, and improving your overall complexion. At the same time, I would be cautious as to not use one too often, as you will probably find that with excessive use your skin gets very dry; this is not a good thing, as you want to maintain your skin's natural balance of oils.

      Overall you have a very good resource here though, and I would highly recommend that everybody try the face masks above.


      Sam from

    • profile image

      mia 6 years ago

      hi'i had a problem of having acnes n pimples.

    • profile image

      great khaali 6 years ago

      great ones ...THE BESTT !!!

      tali ho....

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 6 years ago from Egypt

      Hi ankita bansal,

      You can read this hub :

    • profile image

      ankita bansal 6 years ago

      hi have very heavy face...what i can do to lose face fat......

    • profile image

      Liz 6 years ago

      it works really well!!!!!

    • profile image

      Hanna Burkin 6 years ago

      this is great,im 32 and its absulutely great!

    • profile image

      ati 6 years ago

      At Shameem918: Hi Shameem,the yugurt mask is wonderful.

      it really works for mine.I apply a thick layer on my face and wash it after 20 min.

      And i use cucamber for the eye circle.

      If you use them 3 days a week you will see the result.

      Be sure! :)

    • profile image

      shameem918 6 years ago


      I have many problems and have tried many treatments with the doctors. Unfortunately, i have still got mild acne problems, many scars, dried out skin, open pores, and fine wrinkes and is losing its elasticity. I have dark circles and wrinkles below my eyes. I really need a good beauty routine to tighten, lighten and de-wrinkle my skin. My skin needs rejuvenation basically. Pls help!!!!

    • profile image

      Drug Rehab Treatment 6 years ago

      Choose the best facial mask for your own age and make it at home..easily!

    • profile image

      Lottie 6 years ago

      These masks are fabulous!! I have told all my friends about them! People keep commenting on how great my skin looks, as i used to have awful acne! I used cream the doctor gave me and that got rid of the spots, but left my skin dry and sore!! I found the heavy cream easy to use recipie especially good, and also the under eye and toner masks the day after partys and boozie nights!!

      If anyone has any doubts about them, it is so normal as so did i, but i can't rave about them enough! I was a face mask virgin before this site, but now i use them every day without fale! Thankyou so much for this site!!

    • profile image

      fancy dress costume 6 years ago

      very useful information i like in post.

    • profile image

      fashion 6 years ago

      Very informative and useful.Well done.

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 6 years ago from Egypt

      Hi Marie,

      It is OK, have fun but try to deal the young skin lightly.

    • profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      A friend and I would like to have a girly afternoon with our daughters aged between 2 and 6. Would any of these recipes be suitable for such young skin - we want it to be fun, but don't want to do any harm to their skins. Thanks!

    • profile image

      facial mask 6 years ago

      Initially I was put off by the ingredients in #8, the best toner face mask, but it turned out to be a fantastic idea.

      The variation between recipes is incredible!

    • profile image

      burlesque costumes 6 years ago

      Choose the best facial mask for your own age and make it at home..easily!

    • profile image

      burlesque fancy dress 6 years ago

      Oops, in my 50's -- off the map, no facial for me!

    • profile image

      hii 6 years ago

      um well hello

      i was wondering how you said in number 5. over ripe does that mean for the banana's they have to almost/already be brown ??

    • profile image

      Andrea @ Mineral Cosmetics 6 years ago

      Great recipes. I enjoy doing homemade face mask, too. I mix orange essential oil with oatmeal and make it a face mask. It is good in removing blemishes on the skin and I love the scent. Very refreshing.

    • profile image

      Erin  6 years ago

      These sound amazing! ill be trying some!

    • profile image

      homemade facial masks 6 years ago

      this is good facial mask tips, i like the facial mask to smooth the skin skin

    • profile image

      Cindy 6 years ago

      You've done an excellent job of laying out all of the ingredients. One thing that frightens me about using raw ingredients is that you never really know how your skin will react. The other issue is the cost. I mean, if you buy several ingredients it adds up rather quickly. Homemade face masks are incredibly innovative, nevertheless.

      I have been using face masque bar face masks for several months now. They're pretty good. I've used two of their clay types and they've been flawless. is where I ordered them.

      I try to purchase skin care products that contain almond oil. I don't know what it is about almond oil, but my skin soaks up all of the moisture. :)

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 7 years ago from Egypt

      Hi NO NAME,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You seem to have hypersensitive skin, you may need to use something containing Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Cucumber. You may read this hub

    • profile image

      NO NAME 7 years ago

      Are these actually going to work because I tried another website's facials and it gave me a chemical burn that made my face BRIGHT RED for 24 hours. What do you suggest for sensitive skin?

    • profile image

      Jenny at How To Cure Acne 7 years ago

      Great stuff! I really like the fact that you've broken down the masks into what they're best used for. As an expert on acne and acne masks, I totally agree with the mask you've included here for that. I also really like the Toner Mask. May have to use that one myself! I could have used that last New Year's Day after the party!

      Keep up the good work.

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 7 years ago from Egypt

    • profile image

      nicola 7 years ago

      Hey, I am a teenager who sometimes has bad skin...Pimples, blemishes etc. I have tried Clinique, L'Oreal, Neutrogena and all that expensive stuff...doesn't help. So I have decided to go natural! Could you please give me a facial/face wash recipe for this? We only have basic ingredients at home so nothing too complex :) Thanks!

    • profile image

      Flutterbygems 7 years ago

      I love this hub! It is very informative! I have been using store bought masks and have looked up some of the ingredients online. I couldn't believe how many ingredients in it were really not good for your skin. I can't wait to try these recipes!

    • profile image

      Homemade facial masks for acne 7 years ago

      These are really some brilliant recipes and one thing is sure: if you use the right ingredients you need less to zero skills for preparing a fantastic mask all by yourself...

    • AutumnLockwood profile image

      AutumnLockwood 7 years ago from Northern California

      I'll try these at home. Been looking for a complete list of at home facial masks for ages. Thanks for the list.

    • profile image

      Dreambox 500s 7 years ago


    • profile image

      mel 7 years ago

      Loved the 30's mask it was amazing loved it you've done an awsome job thanks i use it almost everyday.

    • profile image

      chribin 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Metty 7 years ago

      Not only the mix make our skin glow, it delicious as well


    • profile image

      Shona 7 years ago

      Appetina cheese on your face makes your skin glow!

    • profile image

      Hannah 7 years ago

      I have no life and face masks have really saved me. thank you god. ill talk to you tonight.

    • profile image

      anon. 7 years ago

      9- Best Mask Under Your Eyes

      it works great also try cucumber slices dipped in honey and slightly drizzled in baking soda on your eyes

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 7 years ago from Egypt

      Hi ginady55,

      This is exactly what this hub is about! If you know something that is complementary to a recipe, go try it on a small scale. It is that these recipes were tried by some people and they found them to be good for their skin.

    • ginady55 profile image

      ginady55 7 years ago


      are these ingredients standard for all people? I mean, can i make my changes to these recipes?

    • profile image

      Laura 7 years ago

      Okay i love sims

    • profile image

      maggie 7 years ago

      this is awesome!!!

    • profile image

      keyiona 7 years ago

      this is the best info that i have found thank you

    • guapostore profile image

      guapostore 7 years ago

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      Emilyfv 7 years ago

      Great info here.Love how you keep it natural!

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      honey's girl 7 years ago

      v nice hub ..gudlck.

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      Beauty Blogs 7 years ago

      You can make facial masks by yourself, it's neither time nor energy consuming. Homemade face masks are great for revitalizing skin and bringing it to a balance.

    • profile image

      suven s 8 years ago

      Hello waheed,

      Your hub is more informative than my blog! keep it up^

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      Leyla  8 years ago

      Thank you for visiting my blog & leaving your comment! These are some amazing recipes and ideas to take care of our skin! Thank you for sharing! =)

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      Security Cameras 8 years ago

      This is really helpful information. I tried the mask to refresh my skin and it really helped my skin! Thanks a bunch for these tips!

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      Thanx a lot for ur valuable information.It was very nice blog about facials treatments.

      To know more about facials visit facials , facials today.

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      cassandra 8 years ago

      Very interesting, I will definitely be trying some.

    • profile image

      Taylor miller 8 years ago

      you have the best website that i have ever seen !!! yes that was a compliment ,i absolutly love doing facials with my bffl it is just the best thing to do at a sleepover!!! who all agrees with me (exept for the boys)i mean come on !!! i went to a different web and they had this kind of dead skin remover and it so toatly worked!!!and also a recipe to where u mix 1 tsp of butter and 1 teaspoon of water and appy it to the dry places to your face ,leave on for 15 - 20 min. and rinse it off with cold water!!!! its awesome!!! u need to try it!! ttyl from taylor miller p.s. did u see that miley cyrus commented on this !!! wow!! your website should become famous!! seriously( not kidding)from taylor miller

    • profile image

      T and M 8 years ago

      thanks for the tips from m

      those look like some great masks ! me and m are having a sleepover and we needed something to do ! p.s. we are doing this at 1:05 in the morning! but sadly we don't have 90% of any of the ingredients!!! ha ha ha.we are so not prepared for this activity, but like i said those sound like some great tips. THANKS!!!! FROM T.

    • Nan Mynatt profile image

      Nan Mynatt 8 years ago from Illinois

      Good solutions for at home facials!

    • sheryld30 profile image

      sheryld30 8 years ago from California

      Definitely found these to be quite interesting.. although, I'm not sure about the baking soda. I have extremely sensitive skin.. Seemed nice enough as a cleaning agent at first.. but then later, found it stripping away needed layers.. leaving me with scars.

    • Zombie Chick profile image

      Zombie Chick 8 years ago from Dead Land, California

      Thank you for the tips. im going to definitely use them

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      Miley Cyrus 8 years ago

      I've tried the thing anonymous!!!said and it really works!!!!!

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      anonymous!!! 8 years ago

      these recipes really work!MAHOOGA was really rude about this stuff because they said:this is crazy!i would never put cream cheese on my face!..............

      but it really works!!!

      for dry hair you can mix:1 egg,1tsp.honey,and 1 tsp.coconut-oil

      mix together and shampoo after 20mins. Tada!!!

    • elqalatawy profile image

      elqalatawy 8 years ago from Egypt

      Hi Hienergybrain,

      Thanks for visiting!

      You need to make something that is rich in Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) like Yogurt, egg, broccoli, lentils...etc.

      You can mix 1 spoon of each of honey, yogurt, and oats to make mask that is left on the skin for 10-12 minutes and then removed by lukewarm water. You can also make a mask of whipped egg white that is used in the same way.

    • hienergybrain profile image

      hienergybrain 8 years ago

      cool hub, but i'm curious, what would be the best mask for oily skin? i'm 18 so i have acne that i wouldn't like to fix with harsh chemicals, any suggestions?

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      Great hub! I'm definitely coming back here.