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Top 10 Online resources for makeup artists

Updated on August 28, 2013

Tools for Picking the Best Products


Emmy Award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett is a thought leader in the field of makeup. InMyKit is a great resource for artists looking for a recommendations and explanations of products for specific applications.

Makeup 411

If you’ve ever wondered what shade of lipstick was used on an actress in a particular film, this is the site for you. You can search by product, talent, or project. Our favorite breakdowns are those from Ve Neil detailing the products used in the Hunger Games.

Mila Kunis as Theodora in Oz The Great and Powerful Make-up by Tracey Levy
Mila Kunis as Theodora in Oz The Great and Powerful Make-up by Tracey Levy | Source
Disposables | Source

Makeup Artist Supplies

Frends Beauty

All the Los Angeles makeup artist supply stores carry similar merchandise at similar prices. What makes Frends unique is their commitment to building a community and not just a client base. The Frends team is known for irreverent, fun and responsive.

Blue Bonnet Beauty Supplies

This is a small two person business run by a married couple who travel the country in an RV. They sell all kinds of products to help makeup artists organize and condense their kits. Be sure to check out the tiny 5ml and 10ml pump bottles. They are great for carry small amounts of products.


Makeup Artist Agency Information

Yisell Santos Blog

Yisell Santos is a working professional makeup artist who worked for many years in the New York publishing scene. She’s put together a list of agencies who represent makeup artists. The list has states indicated for ease of use.

Research Tools for Makeup Artists

Fashion Editorials

This website is one of the best for locating information on the photographers, models, and makeup artists involved in a particular editorial production. There a so many ways to use this tool.


Marketing Tools for Makeup Artists

Marketing Tools

Lee Freeman Media

Lee Freeman Media is a boutique marketing company that specializes in the needs of makeup artists and other arts and entertainment professionals. The Owner/Director is a former model and makeup artist that is an MBA and certified project manager. The best of both worlds


Business card websites would normally be nothing special. Moo is unique in many ways. The quality of the cardstock is excellent, the pre made templates are elegant and professional and the customer service is unrivaled. For makeup artists, the most notable thing about moo is that they allow clients to print multiple designs in the same order. So, you’re able to print separate bridal cards, industry cards in the same order. If you’re one who likes to print photos on your cards, with moo, you can print a different photo on EACH CARD. No more deciding which image to print. With moo you can print them ALL.


Business and Productivity Tools for Freelancers

Teux Deux

Time Management is probably the biggest challenge for most people who work for themselves. Teux Deux is a great tool for cleanly organizing activities for the week ahead.

Contact Me

Contact Me is a tool for managing all the contacts you acquire. Create categories for other clients, production contacts, publishers etc. Unlike some of the more involved tools available, this one is simple to use and FREE.


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