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Top 10 Professional Hair Care Tips

Updated on September 15, 2011

Hairs are the most important part which enhances the individual personality. Everyone has a wish list and having beautiful hair is on the top of that list. Every human being is concerned about their hair care. People always look for various products which help them to grow their hair healthy and shine. Now a day the market is flooded with various hair care products. It’s extremely tough and confusing to decide which product will be beneficial according to the hair texture.

Taking care of your hairs is significant because of hygiene and health both. Here we are talking about our scalp hair. It’s important to clean the scalp on regular basis otherwise the dead skin cells gathered and can cause infection because of germs, bacteria and chemicals which are toxic by their nature. Pollution makes the situation more crucial.

Hair Care Tips
Hair Care Tips

Want To Get Healthy Hairs ?

Human beings are the most beautiful creation of God and hairs are said considered to be God’s most priceless gift and is equally important as the other parts of the body. Even if a single part of the body is missing then life seems to be a disaster. It may give an ugly look to the body and this ugliness becomes the reason for the inferioty complex in human beings. A person without a leg or feet is called lame or a person without eyes is called blind similarly the person without hair on the head is called bald-headed. Specially by a woman because it is one of its main beauty symbol. A woman without hairs looks more horrifying compared to man without hairs. So it is very important to take good care of the hair. There are many tips and ideas that give you the direction for hair care. But consulting some specialist would surely show your intelligence and ponderings for hair care.

The most common problems that have been observed by the specialists which are the main cause in spoiling the beauty of hairs are

  • Hair fall
  • Dandruff
  • Roughness
  • Split ends

or could be some other problem. The reason for this may differ as per your diet, routine, the products like oil, shampoo and conditioners that you bring in use for hairs.

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Great Tips for Hair Care

Here are some tips given by hair specialists for hair care.

  • Selection of proper and good hair products according to your hair type is the first and most important step because using any type or any product without proper consult may damage the hairs and could be the reason to loose your hairs as there are various types of shampoos and conditioners launched in the market.
  • Health of your hair depends 60% on the diet that you follow in daily routine. Eating fresh fruits, green vegetables, wholegrain, food containing a good amount of protein and lots of water would give hair a proper nourishment and will keep them hydrated which will surely make them grow in a healthy way.
  • Every body of us tries to look good by making various experiments with the hairstyles but it is been advised by the experts to avoid tight hairstyles in which the hairs are tied tightly which weakens the hair after a certain time and as a result the hair becomes thin and eventually sheds.
  • Excess use of hair product such as gel, conditioner, hairsprays, mousses and colors can damage strands and even cause hair loss.
  • Always maintain a distance from lifestyle factors like smoking, pollution or stress building activities. Stress can be good in small amount but excess amount of stress and smoking may cause to have negative effects on health as well as on the cells responsible for the growth of hair. Talking about the pollution we all know that you can’t always prevent it so to protect your hair wearing a scarf or a hat may be a good option and wash hair frequently using good conditioner will increase your hair’s life.
  • Hairs are very delicate and sensible part of body use of any harsh thing may damage it quickly. Experts advices to avoid excessive use of hair dryer, hair straightener or equipments used for curling hairs because these liberates heat, they are fine for hairs only till a short term, over use causes heavy shedding .
  • Proper brushing and combing is also a part of hair care. Incorrect or forceful brushing is one of the reasons for damage of hair. Brushing wet hair must be avoided and if required you can use a comb instead as suggested by specialists.
  • Hairs should be protected while swimming as the water contains chlorine that takes away essential nutrients by which hairs become dry and rough so to protect hair always wear a swimming cap while swimming.
  • Take out time form the busy schedule to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment once a week this would give hair extra nourishment, strengthen hair and will prevent it from dryness.
  • Last but not the least be in touch or visit your hair dresser on regular basis this will be helpful in solving problems related to hair and maintain a healthy hair condition.

These were some of the tip that will definitely help you to improve your hair health and have beautiful hair as you always wished to have. Hairs are the best ornament of a woman. After all it is said by a famous writer Khalil Gibran that “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”. So always take care of your hairs look gorgeous.

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Tips For Getting Beautiful Shining Long Hairs

Regular shampooing -Always choose a mild shampoo

Now every one of us must have the question in their mind that what to do for keeping long, shiny and stronger hairs?

The answer is simple that a regular shampooing for hair cleaning is essential. It helps in removing pollution, dirt and sweat. Shampoo with mild composition is recommended for regular wash. Always select the shampoo which suits your hair texture or type.


Conditioning is equally important

Without conditioning the process of hair washing is incomplete. The conditioner works as the tonic for your hairs. The conditioning gives better manageability to the hairs. Not only this but also conditioners nourish the hairs and help to prevent breakage because of tangles.

One should know the right way of cleansing the hair and also the appropriate way to dry them. Let the hair to air dry do not rub the towel to dry them and also do not blow dry them frequently as all this weakens the cuticles of hairs.

How to select your shampoo/conditioner

Before choosing shampoo or conditioner products for your hair ,you should consider the followings

  • Special formulas (for different hair types)
  • Recommendations from hair cutter/stylist
  • Recommendations from doctors
  • Ingredients of products
  • Price of products


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