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10 Spring Style Items that can roll over into the Summer

Updated on May 28, 2013
Spring Trees in Full Bloom
Spring Trees in Full Bloom | Source
Fashionista Fixing Collar
Fashionista Fixing Collar | Source

Buying clothes for the summer time, can be troublesome, time consuming and expensive. Keeping up with the latest trends while saving, and planning for summer vacation can make your summer clothes shopping difficult. Even so, this is not so bad when you thing about it. You don’t have to go shopping for the summer. Instead you can roll over spring wardrobe items for the summer. Of course this all depends on what these items are and the weather but this is actually quite novel and budget friendly solution. And with summer just around the corner why not save time, money and priorities by rolling over some items from your spring wardrobe for summer. What’s the difference between spring and summer anyway, other than the fact that summer weather is hotter and less wet than spring weather? There’s pretty much no difference.

This list mostly depends on the weather/ climate where you live in. Even so, for those cool, windy, chilly and rainy summer days you can pull these out your closet and wear.


A lighter and classier alternative to jeans jacket, cardigans are pretty uni-seasonal. Cardigans are perfect for summer days. Whether going to church, going to work, or going on a date. Cardigans are a classy and sophisticated approach to summer. Summer isn’t just about booty-shorts, tight shirts and bandeau/crop tops. Summer is about wearing as little clothes as possible and cardigans are closer to that philosophy without becoming vulgar or trashy.

Man wearing Jeans Jacket
Man wearing Jeans Jacket | Source

Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are practical alternatives to cooler, less hot, windier summer days. It provides a casual cover-ups that keep you warm and in style.

Tuinbroek Overalls
Tuinbroek Overalls


Overalls are an interesting and bold not only for the summer, but in general. For the risqué fashionista, why not wear overalls? Whether long ones or short ones, overalls make for a nice outfit. You can wear them under a bandeau, t shirt or tank top or over a light sweater. Instead getting stressed out over picking from a vast combination between tops and bottoms; overalls offer a fashionable, less complicated and time consuming solution for a quick fashionable outfit. Playing on themes and vibes overalls also give a southern/western feel to summer.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are cute whatever the season, whether paired with leather boots, flats or gladiator sandals. While depending on the accessories, shoes, make-up and shoes, Maxi can go from classy to casual, day to night depending on how you fashion it. While depending on the color, material and how you style it up they can be with you for the hottest and coolest summer days alike. Maxi dresses are season-prove and all the more reusable. Did I mention fashionable too?


Like jean jackets are good alternatives for cooler summer days, except for your feet. Your toes can’t be out forever. What if you don’t have time to paint your nails or go to the nail salon? You can’t go outside with chipping toenails. Its ratchet and is also no no. Besides what if the weather is chilly that day, your toes don’t have to suffer. So if you don’t have time to prep your toes; or if it’s chilly out, throw on some moccasins. Plus the whole native American/Southwestern vibe matches with the vibrations of summer.

Black Cowboy Boots
Black Cowboy Boots | Source

Cowboy Boots

Like its cousin, moccasins, Cowboy boots are stylish, chilly weather friendly, and convenient for those days when you want to be casual. It’s also for those days when you feel like wearing a bit of heel without breaking out your five-inch heels or platforms. It has a sort of lawless, western feel that allows you to feel bad without being hauled in by the summer fashion police.


Depending on how you look at it, oxfords are a safe or risky choice for a summer wardrobe. You can play it safe and wear your low-heeled version or if you have it in your wardrobe already you can wear the big spiky oxfords with built in heel wedges. Depending on the style you can have a casual day out or go all out for summer parties and clubbing.

Girl with Sperry Top Sider boat shoes
Girl with Sperry Top Sider boat shoes | Source

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are for those wet rare summer showers that seem to appear randomly. They don’t require bulky socks and are not heavy and hot like regular rain boots can be. Plus if you feel like it you can go sailing afterwards, you can, they are boat shoes after all.

Scarves!!! | Source


Scarves are a rare accessory that can also be an essential part of an outfit. Whether you wear it on your head or on your bag, scarves can give you a bit of color and detail to an outfit. Scarves are also good for layering, so those days when the weather starts out cold and gets hotter as time carries on scarves are functional and stylish and the way to go.

You Choose!!!!

This is up to you. What do you think should be number 10 should be? Is there anything that I forgot to mention? Mention and comment below!!

I hope you enjoy this article tell me what you think? I hope you enjoy this article tell me what you think?

What is your favorite Spring fashion item?

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  • danicole profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago from United States

    @Patsybell: Aww thank you!!!! Fashion and being a fashionista has no age!!! :)

  • Patsybell profile image

    Patsy Bell Hobson 

    4 years ago from zone 6a, SEMO

    I'm no fashionista. So, I was curious to see what young people are are wearing. Fun Hub.


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