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Top 10 Trends from Men’s Fashion Week 2016/17

Updated on September 3, 2016
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Felishiya started writing at the age of 10. Since then, she has produced various articles in English and Spanish and few in French as well.


Men’s fashion week, 2016-17 held in famous fashion capitals, London, Florence, Milan, Paris and New York ended with lots of new trends that are surprising as well as classic. Fashion designers displayed their work that ranged from a new hair color (platinum blonde) to the old seventies glamour. There were plenty of new and unique collections shown in different capitals by famous designers, out of them ten are listed below that are expected to be in trend for a longer time than others.

1.Platinum blonde: Platinum blonde is the most glamorous hair color which is already quite trendy among women and now, it looks like men are also adopting this trend. Zayn Malik, singer, is the latest addition in this category. He was spotted wearing platinum blonde hair at Paris Fashion Week and was appraised by lots of people for his new look. This year’s fashion week, many male models, also walked on ramp with a platinum blonde look. If your hair are dark colored, then you will need many hairdressing appointments to get this look. Not forget to mention that there will also be a requirement of getting your hair retouched after every six weeks to maintain your hair color. Though platinum blonde is a classic hair color, yet needs great care and nourishment.

2. Scarves: Scarves have always been quite trendy. Wearing a scarf with a plain top gives a very chic and clean look. This time they have been turned into a voluminous size with more pleats that has positively affected the look of a person who wears them. Scarves are built in different types like head scarves, bandana scarves, skinny scarves, square scarves, circle scarves, and so on. Emerald green scarves, along with a sensational color, enhance your look to a great extent and at the same time, giving your clothes a simplistic casual wear look.

3. Felt fedora Hats: Hats were used to be a vintage style that has come into today’s fashion trends with this year’s fashion shows. Felt fedora hats are the most talked about hats. These hats always have a slight sense of raffishness and are quite known for their superb classic style. According to some fashion designers, hats enhance a person’s overall appearance and speak about one’s sense of style. Most liked in colors like black, brown and charcoal grey, you can also go with the bright colors depending on the type of dress worn by you.

4. Dreadlocks: Dreads or dreadlocks are already known to many people and most of them wear them every day. The fashion weeks have made them more popular and stylish. It takes quite time for a men to grow their hair and make dreads out of them, one of the models took 20 years to get a magnificent dreadlock. Dreadlocks became quite famous, at a New York fashion show, by Maxwell Osborne, which were represented mostly by black models to support their people and fight for their rights to live.

Do not forget to check out the Armani's 2017 Spring Summer Menswear collection video, at the end of the article, that also features the model Nyle DiMarco, winner of ANTM cycle 22 and Dancing with the Stars season 22...

5. Wide leg trousers: After skinny silhouettes in trend for a very long time, wide leg trousers have given a fresh and unique direction to men’s apparels. In this, high waist trousers are quite appealing and will not let a person look overweight. Wearing tailored cropped jacket and big shoes would enhance the overall appearance of men and make them look trendy. Shoes with rugged and thick sole are highly recommended with this clothing. Fitted chunky sweaters make a perfect look with wide-leg trousers that also make your waist look thinner.

6. Seventies revival: The fashion shows seem to bring a highly fashionable throwback to the strongly evocative seventies. Rich color palette is the most trending style from the seventies on the streets. The main attraction in outfits is rusty brown and rich Bordeaux. Additionally, loose fitting button downs in amber oranges or gloomy tans are also fabulous. The main motive of showing these pieces on the fashion shows was to pay tribute to the seventies.

7. Pyjama dress: This is one of the most comfortable dresses for everyone; it is the one that speaks to everyone’s soul. With pyjama dress being in trend, it will be easy to make fast choices in what to wear and what to not. Brought in trend by New York and Paris fashion shows, Pyjama inspired pieces look great in baby blue color as well as in pastel tones with striped and plaid pieces. The pieces shown by Louis Vuitton use satin fabric and colors range from black and dusty brown to off-white. Due to heavier fabric used in making jeans, pyjama inspired pieces are more comfortable with their lighter fabric and there is an ease of wearing matching pieces.

8. Monochrome prints: Black and white clothes individually look quite fabulous and trendy. With monochrome prints in trend, a new direction is being given to the way these colors are used on pieces. Although these prints are the most subtle of all as well as elementary of all the color combinations, yet their bold, graphic and unusual designs make them extremely fascinating. In recent years, monochrome prints have also been making their mark in accessories, outer wears, formal wears and foot wears. There is no doubt that a combination of black and white will always be striking, no matter in what way they are combined to give the final look.

9. Statement gloves: Gloves are an extremely important part of clothing not only during chilly winter season, but also for giving the final trendy look to your clothing. Available in different fabrics and style, gloves have the power to affect your overall look and should be chosen according to the specific occasion. Leather gloves give a slick and retro look and also add shine and dimensions. On the other hand, knitted and woolen gloves give a more playful look.

10. Floral prints: Already famous for wearing them on beaches and during sunny days, floral prints are currently, highly popularized in jackets and shirts as well. They are good in adding brightness and lending more clear dimensions to your looks. You can use them in ties while wearing suits and can also add a pocket with floral prints to look trendy. From a teenager age to an age of 60 plus, boys and men, mostly prefer dark base floral.


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    • felishiyafiamma profile image

      Felishiya Fiamma 10 months ago

      According to me, men never looked so good and masculine in skinny jeans...So, i think it's good that this style is not so trendy any longer.

    • Pham Ryan profile image

      Ryan Pham 10 months ago from Tallahassee FL

      Prepare for the return of more relaxed pants, pleats & embroidery. Looks like the era of skinny jeans for men is coming to an end.