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Top 10 WORST TO BEST WAYS (to instantly hem your pants)

Updated on October 5, 2011

So they don't turn out looking like this...


I've always thought that your jeans being ripped and torn at the heel from dragging was a problem to be solved preferably by somebody else, and being the lazy inventor I was I waited impatiently for someone else to come up with an idea. After struggling with the idea for some time,(and by that I mean it thought about it a couple times over the course a 2 years) | I decided to take it upon myself and just look it up. As if I had a choice, i googled it. I did my research. What I found is funny, sad, depressing and hopeful, and I realized that I wasn't the only one out there who had thought the same thing when looking at an old pile of jeans. I also found that they can make your pants look cool too, or terrible, they go both ways. Lets start with the worst of them...

10. HEM HELPER $20

The hem helper is basically a name tag lanyard wrapped around your leg and clipped to your jeans. The Video was uploaded in 2010 to youtube, but the website has been disabled for some time. I think we can do better.

9. CUFFUMS - $15

I found a few articles on this one, an inventor from Las Vegas came up with this awkward and oversized foam-shoe attachment. Other than some pretty racy myspace accounts with glossy photo shoots and a promotional video that looks eerily like the first one, Cuffums disappeared around 2008, never to be seen again....or will we? Im leaning towards not.

8. SOLE CLIPS - $15

Sole Clips are the polar opposite of Cuffums, a U-shaped hanger design that rips into your existing hem and then squeezes tight around the back of your shoe. Again, a promotional video that might have been taped on a VHS and a hint of it other places on the web, but Sole Clips biggest problem is that it comes with a powerfully google rated review that isn't very good and basically states it fails 75% of the time. Ouch.


7. ZAKKERZ - $30

Zakkerz is a ladies product that uses magnets and colored fabric to somehow make your pants roll up and stay. They have a really purple website and a mention in an InStyle magazine, but that's where they're popularity ends. Pretty useful you are a business lady I guess, but not for me.


6. PANTSFIX - 15CHF (swiss francs)

Swiss invention that is basically the ripped off version of Hem Helper. I really couldn't stand walking around with anklets on all day, holding up my pants. And velcro isn't failsafe. What if your running from the police? And Im sorry I don't know how much 15CHF is in real dollars, but probably too much for this sweet ankle chafer.


5. HEMLOCKS $9.99

Funded by a NASA led outreach program for young inventor/entrepreneurs, the Hemlock was invented by Californian student who is now selling his product in a kiosk in his hometown, with plans to expand soon. Just looking at the product makes me NOT want to attach this clear plastic hook thing-y to my shoe so it can (thumbs crossed), hold onto the back of my pants. And really......... NASA? Really?


Style Snaps are what your grandmother orders on a whim because she has that one pair of pants that maybe one time almost kind-of dragged on the ground were ruined. Style snaps are a made for TV product that is actually dominating the high heel and jeans wearing womens market, or the HH&JWWM for short.


3. SKILL CLIPZ about 9€

This is one of my favorites so far, but only for the promo videos. German hipsters in underground parking lots, and not one shot of their pants. Maybe they weren't wearing any...but the o likes and 3 dislikes on Youtube tell the truth of the matter. Also, the product is basically the Hem Helper and the PantsFix but instead of velcro it's a clip with a design printed on the back. its a pimped out Hem Helper, and Im still not tying it around my ankle. Oh, and its only in Germany and the EU. Great website though :)



Canadian company born out of an appearance on a show or something. Cool name, Scufflinks is a double pin thing with a design on the outside of the hem. The website doesn't work but has a countdown to Oct.5th 2011. It hasn't even come out yet and its already better than most of the others, so it's number 2. Great name too LOL.


1.CUFFCLIP - $75-100

These gems solve the problem of the jeans dragging on the ground, and they do it in style. For an easy $100 you can have these jeweler designed limited edition cuff clips. They attach to your shoe, and then to your hem, thus supporting the pant leg with the shoe. For all the ballers in the crowd who arent wearing suits, but scuffed jeans.


SO that's it. A shimmer of hope amidst a sea of dead and long forgotten products that all basically failed. Three of them were almost the same design, only one had a good name, and the best one costs 75$. I told you it would be funny. Until next time, keep your pants from dragging!

Which Solution to the frayed pants do you like best?

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    • profile image

      Pablo 5 years ago

      Great research. I too invented a device, and found almost all of these. You did better than me. Too bad you never had a chance to check out mine.

      They are coming out in January. If you want some, I will send you a set for free.