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Top 8 unpleasant anti-ageing procedures going on today

Updated on July 8, 2016

Top 8 odd procedures to keep your face from aging

Have you ever been at a department store or drugstore contemplating on which anti-ageing cream to buy? Which small bottle or jar or tube that costs a fortune should I try today? These are some questions women ask themselves every time they pass a product that may bring them back their youthful face. Often women wonder, which one of these serums do the celebrities use to make themself look younger... how do they look better now than they did 20 years ago? Well once you find out some of the extreme, expensive procedures some of the celebrities have undergone to maintain that youthful glow, you may change your mind and stick with good old fashioned moisturizer, healthy diet, water, and a good night's sleep. In the name of vanity, some will go to the extreme to keep that ageless skin. Here are 8 examples of what many of the celebs are doing these days to keep that million-dollar face flawless as can be.... so they hope.

1. Bee venom facials - this is becoming increasingly popular, especially with celebrities. The facial Theory is that the Venom from a bee tightens up the skin by pumping up collagen, and vanishing the appearance of fine Lines, and wrinkles. This procedure can also be done at home, however it is very pricey. Just make sure you're not allergic!

2. Placenta! (Yes you read it right!) - a placenta facial can used from live Human birth, to other mammals such as sheep, pigs, and goats. Apparently, the placenta is full of proteins and enzymes, harvested from the placenta once it is freeze-dried. This is not a daily regimen, as it is mostly used to soothe the skin after a laser or exfoliation treatment. The price people pay for beauty!

3. Vitamin IV drips - some of the top celebrities swear by this procedure. This IV drip is a nutrient filled infusion which includes B12, magnesium, and vitamin C. Apparently, this costly procedure is not proven to give you more benefit then a healthy diet, however the celebs that is this healthy IV user claim to get an instant healthy feeling, and brings out great energy for a few days after.

4. The Vampire Facelift - step aside Dracula and check out this $600 to $800 treatment. This procedure separates the plasma from the red blood cells, then the plasma is used in a purified form to be injected back into the skin. The problem is there is really no specific explanation if it can make one look younger... except maybe producing a healthy pink color in the cheeks for a short while after. This procedure is not only painfully expensive, but it's a bit painful to have done. One might say that part "sucks".

5. Ceramic Crystal therapy - who doesn't love some fine Crystal... however if you want to look younger, you can get ceramic Crystal injected into your face. When one gets Botox, it is temporary however, these ceramic Crystal injections are permanent. Some might take this as a good thing. Who wouldn't want one procedure that is permanent? But it has its downsides. This treatment may come with more cons than Pros. The face is always changing and over time the loss of volume becomes noticeable and not only that, there is always a risk of putting a foreign object in your skin because the body might reject it. Quite risky for $1,500 per session!

6. Leech therapy - leeches actually have quite a multi-purpose list of uses. Back in those old days, leeches were used medicinally to suck infectious blood out of people who were ill. But leeches are also used to clean wounds and revive the skin after plastic surgery. But besides the clinical uses, "leeching" , as the celebrities call it, is used for anti-aging and apparently, there is an ancient belief that they cleanse the body and the soul. They help with the anti-ageing aspect because the leeches purify the blood giving a euphoric and revitalizing feeling. It is quite a rare procedure when used for anti-aging so some traveling may be in order to experience this blood cleansing Beauty secret.

7. I called this the"Yuck!" Facial. Or in layman's terms... The sperm facial. It is believed that sperm is rich in antioxidants that not only help slow the aging process, but also it apparently helps out with acne. As far as helping the face, it is said to make the skin more smooth and supple. If you have a man in your life this can be done at home. Rub the"contents" on your face and let sit for about 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. I guess the next time you're up for giving yourself an easy at home facial, this will be one your man will be happy to help with!

8. Last but not least, the bird poop facial! ( just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder) this is also known as the Geisha facial. This treatment has actually been used for centuries in different tribes to clean the lead from the paint off of their faces. To take the droppings of a nightingale bird and clean the face, it removes all toxins. It has later been learned that the droppings contain enzymes that help break down skin cells, cleaning the skin, and rejuvenating it with fresh skin cells. This cosmetic procedure uses sterilized dry powdered Nightingale bird feces. Go figure, this is one treatment that isn't full of crap!

Well there you have it! Currently some of the most bizarre, expensive, and popular with celebrities... these procedures or what is happening to keep the gift of Youth. All I can say is...WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT!!!???


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