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Top 2013 Swimwear Picks: Tankinis

Updated on June 19, 2013

The weather in Miami has been warming up nicely, meaning summer is just around the corner. In this edition we will be focusing on some marvelous tankinis! These swimsuits will be fabulous for any party, exotic getaway, or long vacation. Tankinis are two piece swimsuits that provide a bit more coverage than normal bikinis. They’re excellent for women who are more modest or new moms with some stubborn baby weight. There is an extremely wide variety of tankinis for you to choose from, in tons of colors and prints. Many are amazingly versatile and flattering on the body. What I love most about tankinis is that while they provide more coverage, they are still incredibly sexy and comfortable on women. If you’re itching to be a beach bombshell this year we have some fabulous styling tips for your swimwear picks!

Dancing Mesh
This tankini has a fabulous and fun print that’s incredibly youthful and vivid. The unique mixture of bold colors and shapes give off a flirty vibe that will surely turn heads. I absolutely love the see-through silhouette that shows a hint of skin. The full coverage on this swimsuit is perfect for women who’d like to conceal the belly, and it’s great as a beginner swimsuit for younger girls. An additional plus to this tankini is that it is fully reversible! You can easily mix and match prints to change up your style. Try adding some simple accessories to compliment the look, but don’t overdo it or you’ll distract from its vivid prints!

Dancing Mesh by Maaji
Dancing Mesh by Maaji

Oceanica Dreams
Show your fun side in this wonderfully colorful and vibrant swimsuit. The fabric is extremely soft to the touch and comfortable against the skin. The blends of different prints surely make it stand out from the usual. The top of the tankini has underwire to provide additional support and push-up. It enhances the bust and has a cool crisscross tie feature in the back. This tankini is for ladies who want to reveal bit more stomach. The style also elongates the torso to bring out a more elegant look. This suit is also fully reversible, so you’ll have four looks in one. To accessorize this piece, try adding a beautiful small brim hat and flowing cover up!

Oceanica Dreams by Maaji
Oceanica Dreams by Maaji

Rococo Rose Bustier
Here is a fabulously cute and sexy bustier tankini! The pastel colors and floral prints will definitely bring out your girly side as you stroll along the beach. The fabric is delicate to the touch and has adjustable straps and underwire for better support. This is a fantastic swimsuit for women with larger busts. I love how romantic it looks, and the bow on the bottom is absolutely adorable! This is the right tankini for women who want to show more of their torso. I suggest white accented jewelry to compliment this soft look.

Rococo Rose Bustier by Seafolly
Rococo Rose Bustier by Seafolly

St. Tropez Tankini
This is a gorgeous and incredibly elegant swimsuit. The hand beading at the top of the bust cleverly draws the eye’s attention, along with it's crisscross feature at the center. This tankini is a favorite among moms who just had a baby or just want to conceal their stomachs. Black is always slimming and timeless. You can’t go wrong with this suit because it will never go out of style and you can easily mix it up! Match it with another colorful bottom, or bring out the red in the tankini with rouge and gold earrings and bracelets.

St. Tropez Tankini by Badgley Mischka
St. Tropez Tankini by Badgley Mischka

A Beautiful Mind Tankini
Few words can describe how exquisite this tankini is. The colorful beading and hand stitching on both the top and bottom pieces truly make it one of a kind. I adore the vivid pattern that makes it pop from the rest of the crowd. You don’t have to show much skin in this swimsuit to be the center of attention. The print itself is a work of art and the fabric is incredibly soft. This tankini provides a great amount of coverage around the torso and wraps around the body amazingly. When accessorizing with this suit, try to keep jewelry and other colors to a minimum so that it won’t distract others from the fine details.

A Beautiful Mind by Maui
A Beautiful Mind by Maui

I hope one of these stunning tankinis has caught your eye, and that you’ll consider one on your next shopping trip! Don’t think being sexy means showing off more skin. Tankinis are absolutely gorgeous and all you need is a little confidence! I hope you readers have a fabulous summer this year and enjoy your relaxation time!


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    • Orchid B profile image

      Orchid B 4 years ago from Miami

      Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it! Happy summer :)

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      That's a hot look Great hub.