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Top 5 Bonfire Snowboarding Jackets For Sale Online

Updated on July 2, 2011

The snowboarding world is full of different brands, all of them competing for the general market, wanting to be accepted by the snowboarding population.  Because to be accepted is to be bought and worn; and to do that is to make money. 

One of the best snowboarding brands, at least in quality and popularity, is Bonfire.  Bonfire has a array of apparel to choose from, ranging from Bonfire jackets, to Bonfire pant, all the way to Bonfire beanies.  One of the more popular types of Bonfire clothing, however , are Bonfire snowboarding jackets.

There is a wide selection of Bonfire snowboard jackets to choose from; jackets such as the Bonfire blur jacket, the Bonfire Aero snowboard jacket, to the ever famous Bonfire Mt Hood jacket.  Cheap Bonfire jackets?  They have that too. 


Top 5 Bonfire Jackets:


Bonfire Men's Titan Jacket Ski & Snowboard Jacket

One of the best Bonfire snowboarding jackets, and for sure one of the top 5, is that titan snowboard jacket; it's also one of the best Bonfire jackets 2011. 

It has a sleek design that borders on simple and creative, giving you a cool look for the slopes; white stripes, with a black patter, make the overall look appealing. 

It has great insulation, with a soft twill stripe for relaxed stance; the flannel lining will keep you warm in even the coldest of conditions; and it is completely waterproof, with pockets for goggles, cell phone and iPod. 


Bonfire Blur Jacket

One of the most searched Bonfire jackets last year, as well as for the start of 2011, is the Bonfire blur jacket. The number one reason for this is not because of any features it has, or the price, but of the look. It's one of the best looking Bonfire snowboarding and ski jackets, hands down.

It comes in two colors, yellow and black, giving you versatile options.

The shell is waterproof and very breathable, so on those warm days, where you don't want to feel too warm, it's perfect; it's a great jacket for the park, too. Other cool features include a collar zip that allows you to layer a neck warmer when it does get really cold.


Bonfire Aero Snowboarding Jacket

The Bonfire Aero skiing and snowboarding jacket is a bit different in style than other Bonfire jackets.  It goes for more unique patterns than it does color; with the Aero jacket you'll get bold box patters.  This is a good thing if you want to look more flashy out on the hill. 

It also has everything you need all the way from a lift ticket loop to tricot fleece lining. 

The result?  One of the best Bonfire jackets around. 


Bonfire Volt Ski and Snowboard Jacket

A newer Bonfire jacket 2011, the Volt is also a different looking jacket.  Where the Bonfire Aero jacket goes for patterns and complexity, the Volt jacket goes from colors and simplicity.  This Bonfire jacket comes in distinct colors and has no patterns whatsoever. 

It does have the features, though:

  • Made of leather 
  • Dry level 1 waterproofing
  • 5K breathable
  • Tapes seams
  • Pit venting 
  • Lift ticket loop


Bonfire Men's Arc Jacket

Finally is the mens Bonfire arc jacket.  This one doesn't need much explaing.  It's one of the top Bonfire jackets.  

Just check it out,

  • Hickory weaved
  • Tough fabric.
  • Waterproof
  • Venting
  • Body Insulation 
  • Collar Zipping
  • Pit Venting 



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