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Affordable Face Masks to Try

Updated on July 21, 2017

Keep in Mind

Face masks are apart of skin care. Everyone's skin different, so taking care of it can be different for everyone. Always check to see what is in the product you're using on your face to make sure that it's not something that will do more harm than help.

So Fresh So Clean Groovy Green Tea Mask

This mask is self heating and leaves skin feeling smooth and deeply cleansed.

When I purchased this mask, it was because of two reasons: I liked that it came with 5 oz and it was self heating.

I prefer to purchase face masks that come in tubes or bottles. I used to be reeled into buying sheet mask after sheet mask, but I realized that it is much cheaper to buy it in the container versus a single use pouch.

This 5 oz jug of face mask was approximately four dollars. I've used this at least ten times and I have maybe gone through about half. A sheet mask or individual face mask is about two for five, so already this is a lot cheaper.

Not only did I buy it because it's cheaper in the long run, it said it was self heating. It sure does live up to that claim. I love this mask and I recommend it, but only if you can handle the stinging sensation. It's not painful but it's not very pleasant.

Freeman Beauty Face Masks

Generally, the Freeman Beauty face masks are amazing. I recommend purchasing them in the tubes, because more bang for your buck, and they are only about four dollars (Like I said for the last mask, it's cheaper to buy the tube versus buying the individual mask, however if you prefer individual masks, this brand sells those too). I've seen them at Walmart and Ulta. They're slightly cheaper (Maybe by a dollar) at Walmart, but there is more selection at Ulta. They come with 6 oz and they make skin feel very nice.

I think that the avocado and oatmeal, charcoal and black sugar, and sweet tea and lemon are very good, and I highly recommend those.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

This face mask is last because it is one of the best. It comes with 8 oz, is three dollars (Again, more bang for your buck), and tightens, refreshes, and clears up skin.

It smells minty, and even feels minty, if that makes sense. It tightens your pores, so if you like to do a face mask before applying make-up, I recommend this for that. It'll close up those pores and leave your face smooth for application.

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