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Top 5 Children's Nativity Costumes for School Plays

Updated on March 10, 2014

Top 5 Childrens Nativity Costumes for any Budget

Est. Reading Time: 5-10 minutes

Christmas is a great time of year for school plays! Everyone loves to see their children dressed up for nativity productions, and there are some superb costumes available to buy now. Natvity plays are not just about baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph outfits. The whole class gets involved and can play a big part in the school play. Costumes range from farm animals to shepherds and the three kings.

So whatever your child is in the nativity play and whatever your budget, there is a costume for you here. With this is mind here are five great children's nativity costumes to cover the wide range of ideas for nativity outfits you could use.

Five Great Kids Christmas Costumes

Great cow nativity outfit
Great cow nativity outfit

Kids Cow Costume

This is a great way to stand out amongst the crowd. Cow costumes not only look very cute, but are a perfect fit for the nativity scene. They feature an easy in and out jumpsuit design which is useful for active children. Every kid would love this costume, I can recommend any of the similar cow's as they are great for toddlers and children alike.

Shepherd Costumes

Classic Nativity Shepherd

There are tons of different varieties on the shepherd costume. It is one of the most popular outfits for nativity plays around the world. It is also useful as it can come in handy for any biblical or ancient Egyptian dress up. Because of its versatility and the sheer number of different styles of outfits available to buy, it is a highly recommended costume for children of all ages. An example is shown below.

Children's Lamb Costume

Kids Lamb Costume

Again another classic which is made for younger children who can really help fulfil the nativity scene atmosphere by providing a great looking side character. This lamb nativity costume is easy to get in and out of due to its jumpsuit style, and looks fantastic. There are many different styles suitable for all ages but I have picked an adorable baby / toddler costume. It may be expensive but as a memorable nativity costume it is almost without equal. It is highly detailed and the design is superb with its furry skin and bow tie.

Wiseman Outfit

Wiseman Costume

We have talked about the 3 wise men, and this is a superb costume for that nativity role. It features a detailed colourful robe, with full accessories such as a belt and headband to complete the outfit. The costume is available in different sizes, and all you need to finish it off is a stick. This highly detailed costume comes highly recommended for any nativity play.

Mary & Joseph Nativity Outfits

Mary & Joseph

No nativity costume top five could be complete without a good Mary costume. This set has not only Mary but Joseph too. An ideal purchase for school plays, you get two contrasting costumes of equal quality, made in a style to go together. Sashes and headscarf are also included. Having a full costume set like this would bring any nativity play to life. The children will also enjoy dressing up in these fantastic costumes, whilst also learning the bible story. The costumes are also available on their own if you already have a Mary or a Joseph.


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