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Top 5 Fall Nail Art Ideas

Updated on November 12, 2013
Autumn leaves nail art.
Autumn leaves nail art. | Source

1. Autumn Leaves

Although we have total confidence in you creating autumn leaves on your nails, it might be best to leave it to the professional as they will be able to be more detailed.

  • Think about falling orange and dark yellow leaves, pinecones and of course some sparkles!
  • Paint the nail with a light brownish color and let dry.
  • Have your nail tech create falling leaves accentuated with some glitter and have her throw in a couple pinecones.
  • Another design to consider would be a funky French manicure with a sparkly gold color as the tip. Gold is the perfect Fall color and sparkles, well, they never hurt! Have your nail tech create 2 to 3 leaves on the nail bed. Apply a clear glossy polish to finish.
  • If you want to DIY, purchase autumn leave stickers and apply them yourself. It will look professionally done but for half the cost!

2. Halloween Candy Corn

Candy corn is the sweet symbol of Halloween. Creating candy corn nail is so simple, you could do it yourself! Halloween and fall nail art has never been so simple!

  • You will need a white, orange and yellow nail polish. Try Essie or China Glaze.
  • Decide whether you want to do just the tips of your nails for a jazzy French manicure or paint the whole nail.
  • Start with a triangular application of white nail polish at the cuticle.
  • Under that, apply a strip of the orange nail polish.
  • At the tip, apply the final layer of yellow.
  • Apply a clear layer of topcoat to give it that ultimate shine.
  • Wait until each layer has dried before you apply the next one, you don’t want the colors to run.
  • Warning: your nails may look good enough to eat but please don’t.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? If it’s not candy corn, try a Fall nail art design in honor of your favorite candy!

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkin nails.
Nothing says Halloween like pumpkin nails. | Source

3. Gourds Galore

Pumpkins are the staple of the Fall and Halloween season. Gourds are also fun because with so many choices, you can totally get creative.

  • Do you want regular pumpkins or pumpkins with faces?
  • Paint a pumpkin on your nail with a cute happy face and paint a gourd peeking out. The background should be lighter color to really make the pumpkin and gourd stand out. Everyone will be so jealous of your nails!

Just Fall colors, that's all.
Just Fall colors, that's all. | Source

4. Simple Fall Colors

It’s okay to be simple!

  • Consider orange, yellow, dark yellow, dark green, auburn or sparkly black.
  • Alternate two colors to really give your nails a nice pop!
  • Try any of these colors with sparkles or as a kick-ass French manicure.

Gobble gobble.
Gobble gobble. | Source

5. Thanksgiving Turkey

Go to the nail salon and have them create a Thanksgiving turkey that will be adorable and fun.

  • Apply a white base coat of polish and let dry. Creating the turkey on a white background will really make the turkey stand out and pop! Make him complete with a little nose, eyes and hat.
  • Head online to find the perfect turkey and show your nail tech the photo so he or she can recreate it. Or to DIY, using a brown nail art polish brush, simply draw an oval head. Add a yellow triangle beak and two white dots with smaller black dots inside, for the eyes.

Fall Nail Art Poll

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      3 years ago

      I have nuthin aginsat giving hickies or gettin them it's just that i dnt lyk gettin them. I'd rather have ma dude constantly lick ma neck passionately and wildly rather than just suk it. Itz fun an all but i dnt like anyone in ma business so i keep it on the minimum + the 1st hickie i got that ma muther saw geesh i got my ass whopped by mother and punishment lol .by the way just becuz u get hickies doesn't mean that ur a slore (slut +whore) and it doesn't mean that u had sex 2 get them

    • NailSuperstore profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Franklin Park, IL

      Thanks Jasmeetk. I hope they work our for you!

    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 

      4 years ago from India

      Great hub!!

      Your nail art designs are really fresh and yeah!!! I wanna try them soon :)


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