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Top 5 Picks For Fall Fashion You Can Wear Every Year

Updated on March 21, 2011

There are some people who manage to aways look stylish even when they don't have much expendable income to use for clothing purchases. How do they manage to look great without dropping a mint? They purchase good clothing items. Here are the top five fashion items to splurge on this fall season:

1. Classic Accessories

A great handbag or pair of shoes can easily help you update your existing clothing pieces. For fall, keep your eye out for a structured handbag made of black quality material with tailored, yet simple hardware - no embroidery, chains, flowers or quilting - and wear it with every outfit.

2. Premium Denim

Purchasing a pair of higher-end jeans means they will fit perfectly and can be worn all year-round with pretty much anything. For a casual look, combine them with a pair of flats and a cute cardigan, or be ready for a night out by throwing on some sassy heels and a light, airy top.

3. Great Shoes

Regardless of everything of else, shoes are always noticed. A good pair of boots are a great investment, particularly if you choose neutral colored ones. You can wear them with anything from trousers to dresses to skirts. Another fantastic investment for transitional seasons is peep-toe shoes.

4. Classic Handbag

A contemporary hand-held purse will as relevant and stylish in 20 years as it is today. It's the best accessory you can buy and it immediately establishes you as a fashionable woman.

5. Versatile Jacket

With the cooler days of fall you will need some type of jacket to keep you warm. Keep it mid-length with a collar or hood that can be turned up. Again, choose an item in a neutral tone that can be paired with any outfit and worn year after year.


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