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Top 5 Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for This Year

Updated on March 10, 2014

Top 5 Sexy Christmas Costumes for any Budget

Est. Reading Time: 5-10 minutes

Whilst the merry time of Christmas is known for great kids events, it has become a great time for adult partying, going out and festivities. So much so that adult Christmas fancy dress is no longer just about Santa and elves. Christmas costumes now feature sexy versions of traditional Christmas outfits, to skimpy snowman and a wide variety of sexy Santa costumes. In fact for girls general sexy fancy dress is one of the most popular themes for Christmas parties.

Christmas parties are a superb excuse for girls to let loose and put on a sexy outfit, in many cases just something red and short tends to go with a bit of tinsel to make it Christmas themed! If it looks good and you have a fun night that is all that truly matters at Christmas. However if you want a great costume whatever your budget here are the top five sexy Christmas costumes for this year for all budgets and parties. Enjoy!

Sexy Santa

5. Envy of Christmas - Sexy Santa

If you are going to go down the sexy Santa costume route, at least make it a good one. This is a stunning costume. Featuring a simple sexy Santa costume with fur trim and a smart buckle. There are many cheap versions of this outfit, but you get what you pay for and as you can see this is an incredibly hot sexy Santa which you can happily wear for parties, out on the town or for fun!

4. Christmas Mistletoe Girl

Everyone loves the Oktoberfest look, and this Mistletoe girl costume does a great Christmas spin on the idea. It is a definite sexy look, and ideal for all shapes of girls. The costume includes the apron, but unfortunately the festive sexy stockings are extra. Still it is a great Christmas fancy dress outfit. The many variations on it mean you have good choice on what is available, so you can be different from the rest.

3. Sexy Elf Costume

Santa's Favourite Little Helper
Santa's Favourite Little Helper

Sexy Elf Costume for Christmas

A great twist on a classic. The knee high boots (not included) definitely make this costume stand out. This Leg Avenue Santa's little helper costume is fantastic! It features really detailed trimmings which make it stand out from the rest and is definitely worth the price if you can afford it. As with all of their costumes, this Christmas Leg Avenue number is really well made! Great simple costume idea done well. Again it is available in various sizes.

Eskimo Kisses Party Costume

Sexy Christmas fancy dress
Sexy Christmas fancy dress

2. Sexy Eskimo Outfit

Bit of an odd name, but there is no doubting this is a hot outfit for Christmas parties. This Eskimo Kisses costume features a detailed native style design around the zip. Whilst the Eskimo theme comes from the faux fur trimmed zip front, hooded dress and mittens all included. It is definitely on the short side, but if you can pull it off it is a superb costume choice, and something a bit different for a Christmas Party! It's a good alternative to a Mrs. Claus costume which looks similar but in the red. Both are sexy fancy dress but the Eskimo idea is something more unique!

1. Sexy Snowman Costume

This is a really well designed costume. It is fun, easy to wear, practical and sexy at the same time. You can really get snowed in with this Christmas outfit. The actual snowman part features an off shoulder mini dress, and the outfit includes the crinoline, wrist cuffs, scarf, and even the hat. This is a great example of a classic Christmas costume designed differently! Available in several sizes too!


So there you are, some fantastic costumes for you whatever budget you have and whatever your shape or size. So make sure you have fun at whatever Christmas party you go to, or if you are out on the town. Take pictures and have a great time! Merry Christmas!


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    • theelhub profile image

      theelhub 6 years ago from UK

      Definitely a great costume for Christmas

    • profile image

      Sexy Christmas Costumes 6 years ago

      My favorite is the Envy of Christmas Sexy Santa Costume. Simple and chic!