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Top 5 Things to Consider when buying a Moo Moo Dress

Updated on March 1, 2011

Buying a Moo Moo Dress, what to consider

Buying a moo moo can be a daunting tactic. There are many things to consider, and many questions you need to have answered before you make the purchase. Yes, a moo moo is targeted more to the obese individual, but they are worn in many different occasions as well. Allow me to share the top 5 things to consider when buying your moo moo:

#1: What size is your body?

Do you have a hard time finding clothes that fit? Do the Big and Tall stores have limited options for you? Sometimes do you have to have custom clothes that can fit? If this is the case then your body type is probably atypical. This is a good indication that you can and should buy a moo moo dress. Dressing into them is incredibly easy and a lot more simple then wearing traditional clothes. 

#2 What is your budget?

The reason why this question is so important is because making custom clothes, especially with an ever-changing body size, is really difficult to keep up with and also difficult to keep with a budget. Customization of clothes with tailor's fees and material can be very expensive and cost-prohibitive. It is because of this that the moo moo clothing line is attractive. They are generally less expensive. If you do have an unlimited budget then you can get customizations for your clothing, but for the average person this is usually out of reach. 

#3 What is your mobility?

Mobility is something to consider for you or a loved one looking to purchase a moo moo. Generally speaking, the less mobile person would be more attracted to the moo moo dress to keep dignity as it is a lot easier to slip into. Having a larger body type makes it more difficult to dress in, but if you have mobility then you will have to consider the implications of wearing them outside of the house. If you can accessorize, then you should be fine. Otherwise, wear it within your own domain and you will be able to retain your dignity.

#4 What is your occasion

Travelling outside of the house there are different settings that need to be addressed. A moo moo isn't considered formal, but a more casual form of attire. This would be appropriate for a bar-b-que, a party, a trip to the grocery store, etc. This type of attire wouldn't be appropriate for a fancy dinner, church, or a wedding. 

#5 Tactful styles of moo moo.

There are some patterns and colors to avoid when buying a moo moo dress or other clothing. First off, purples and bright reds should be avoided as they do generally bring jokes of Grimace from McDonalds fame, The Koolaid man, and Barney the Dinosaur. Solid colors in general should be avoided. Floral patterns are fine so long as they are not bright as they are the cliché with moo moos. Generally the best patterns to purchase are the ones that are more dress-like with a mixture of floral and solid colors. 

Buying a moo moo dress used to be a daunting task, however, if you keep these tips in mind then you are certainly going to have a leg-up on many people. Keep your dignity and money in your wallet and you will be sure to remain a fashion icon with your new sense of style. 


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