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Top 5 vibrant colors for menswear

Updated on September 3, 2016
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Felishiya started writing at the age of 10. Since then, she has produced various articles in English and Spanish and few in French as well.


Black, brown, sky blue and lighter shades of some colors were used to be the most common choice of many fashion designers while designing clothes for men, but not anymore. With men fashion industries progressing at a fast pace, fashion designers have found out ways to make trendy pieces out of colorful fabrics. At present, these pieces are, no doubt, quite fashionable and popularized among men. Here is a list of five vibrant colors which are liked by the majority and have proved to be successful in enhancing the overall appearance of men.


1. Cobalt blue: With so many shades of blue already popular in the market, it looks like cobalt blue dresses have also made a great impression in the fashion market and giving a tough competition to others. The color is famous for its boldness, elegance and sophistication. The shiny look in cobalt blue dresses gives a refreshing look and is quite appealing. The color is highly recommended more for casual days. A full suit or shorts along with off-white shirt and red canvas can give a look that will surely turn many ladies' heads. Shirts and coats made in this color are already known to many people. They look good with contrast and neutral colors, mainly black. For a formal look, wearing cobalt blue shirt teamed up with black tie, trouser and shoes can make your appearance presentable and also, stylish and formal at the same time. Already famous among lots of fashion designers, it is expected that this color is soon going to be available in different prints and designs.

Blue is a color of peace, calm, tranquil, relaxation, loyalty and trustworthy...


2. White:White is known to be the purest of all the colors. White color enhances your mind with optimism and thus, known as a symbol of successful beginning. Sometimes wearing white makes it tough to maintain the aesthetic look all day and thus, some people who wear white from head to toe are known to be very bold. It can be a little disappointing to know that white dresses look more elegant on slick and thin people than fat people. Some people present themselves in an elaborate gerontogeous white silhouette while some choose to wear white jeans and T-shirt with a dark colored baseball cap. You can also wear sunglasses with your white dress to bring more dimensions to it. If you like to roll up your jeans, then it will also give a cool look. If you are wearing a white T-shirt or shirt, then adding denims and canvas shoes will give you a perfect look. Wearing white trousers or shorts teamed up with bright or dark color, never combine them with light colors, shirt looks quite casual and amazing.

White is a color of purity, empowerment, lightness, cleanliness and goodness...


3. Vermillion red: Red is a radiant color known for passion, leadership and sexuality. Vermillion red is a brilliant red mostly found in women’s dresses. It is very much in trend and is one of the most attention-grabbing colors. With men’s fashion week 2016-17, fashion designers have tried this color for men’s apparel as well. Being a less masculine color, you need to be careful enough to choose the right shade to prevent the exaggerated worthless look. Unlike white, wearing red head to toe is not at all appealing and can degrade your appearance unless the color chosen by you is a little dull shade of red and is mixed with other usual colors like dark blue, white and black. You can avail this trend by wearing a red T-shirt or red sweater along with dark denim. You can also try wearing a red coat with white T-shirt and trouser. If right shade of red is chosen, then a full suit with blue or black shirt and leather shoes can give you a funky look. Also, wearing a casual jacket of this color with neutral color shorts or trousers and sneakers can make you look fabulous.

Red is a color of passion, warmth, attraction, energy, courage and action...


4. Emerald green: Emerald green is a bright green color. It is the most calming of all the colors. It encourages peace, balance and growth and also known for fertility and healing. Wearing the dresses of this color will give you a soothing and calm look. Due to its profound brightness, it is a favorable color choice across the globe for street style and an ultimate shade for autumn and winter wear. The color is very much popularized in statement jackets, suits and accessories as it can be easily paired with traditional hues. Scarves made of emerald green are also preferred by the majority as it helps in amplifying the looks and gives a simplistic casual wear look. Emerald green coats paired with a white shirt and blue denim can give you a classic look. You can also pair your emerald trousers with a neutral color shirt layered with staples and footwear of your choice can also work very well.

Green is a color of refreshment, optimism, verdant, health, renewal and growth...


5. Neon: Neon colors are quite famous for giving a cheerful, optimistic and bold feel. It is also a fun and tricky way to welcome some serious hues into your wardrobe. It is preferred to wear neon clothes while going to a beach or for a night-out. Due to its shiny, wearing neon clothes during job interviews and formal meeting is a big no. At a fashion show a combination of tangerine and royal blue outfits were shown by the famous designer named Salvatore Ferragamo, though not relevant for formal wears, yet the outfits were quite vibrant and stylish. Moreover, neon colors are also being used in designing shoes, sweatshirts, accessories and hats. Neon color can also look elegant if you wear them from head to toe depending on the color chosen by you as not all colors are good in giving you a perfect look. Wearing full neon clothes is not at all recommended, instead go for a neon trouser and shirt of different color or vice-versa; right choice of colors will surely enhance your look.

Neon is a color of today's generation. It symbolizes youth, brightness, fun and enjoyment...

Though these colors are very much prevalent and wore by many men, including celebrities as well. You must be careful while making a decision to buy dresses of these colors as a slight mistake can make you look overdone and will ruin your entire appearance. For corporate wear, white, cobalt blue and emerald green paired with dark hues are favorable choices and will enhance your appearance. Many fashion designers also presented menswear in colors like yellow, neon pink, tangerine and light green shades, but they failed to make a great impression.


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    • egeciftsuren profile image

      Ege Ciftsuren 8 months ago from Montreal, Canada

      Great content! Cobalt blue style ftw. Check out my website for similar color combinations.