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Top 7 Foods for Healthy Glowing Skin

Updated on June 19, 2015
Best foods for healthy glowing skin
Best foods for healthy glowing skin

To have beautiful and glowing skin, you may be taking the time to use masks, scrubs and moisturizers? But what about your diet? It certainly does not surprise you by telling you as food and beauty of the skin are related! Indeed, having a beautiful skin is also betting on food rather than on others. So Which foods should you focus on?

1) Tomatoes: Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, and they are also an incredible source of antioxidants. Building on the tomatoes will allow your body to function smoothly and make your skin radiant and refreshed.

But this is not the only benefit of tomato and studies have shown that a diet rich in tomatoes reduces the risk of prostate cancer and other digestive tract.

2) Citrus: Beta-carotene is essential for the youth and skin tone, it is the most natural form of vitamin A.

Lots of citrus and other tropical fruits like mango, nectarines and peaches, can really help bring a natural shine and your skin radiant.

3) Avocados: Its richness in vitamin E, carotenoids and fatty acids is a real boost for the skin beauty. But the avocado is not content to be eaten! You can also prepare a beauty mask with ground meat of a avocado. Leave on for half an hour and rinse with warm water, it leaves skin soft and illuminates the complexion.

Only downside: the avocado is not exactly a health food par excellence ...

4)Shellfish and crustaceans: Selenium and zinc, the two most trace elements present in seafood are outstanding: they regulate sebum production and reduce skin problems (dermatitis or acne). For skin nor too oily nor too dry, add oysters and mussels to your menu.

5) Potatoes: Potatoes and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of vitamins (especially A and C), and full of antioxidants. Adopt a diet of natural and healthy carbohydrates can improve your complexion in less than a week.

Often snubbed because of their caloric intake, potatoes and starches are nevertheless key to a healthy diet that can have beautiful skin.

6) Eggs: The eggs of chickens can protect the skin against aging and cancer. The carotenoids, orange pigments and other nutrients found in egg yolk, which have a great antioxidant protect the skin.

Please do not avoid it, however, because in addition to carotenoids, they also contain much cholesterol.

7) Fish: Fish, especially cold sea (salmon, tuna, mackerel, etc..) Remain the best sources of omega-3, and can incorporate any good diet. They also are full of other goodies for your skin, such as vitamins A, D, B6 and B12, and contain much iron and calcium as well.

You now have all the cards to have beautiful skin, then your turn and cook meals for reviving the splendor and beauty of your skin.

But we almost forget the most essential nutrient water. Water removes toxins from the body and helps the skin fight against external aggressions (pollution, UV, cigarette smoke etc.). As a tea, bottled water or tap water, drink at least 1, 5 litres per day, starting with a full glass of water upon waking.

Include these healthy foods given above as part of your regular diet and you will be on your way for a healthy and glowing skin making you look much younger and glamorous.


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    • profile image

      SarahBodo 5 years ago

      That is right. Foods like cucumber, berries, watermelon also are very good for our skin. They contain a lot of water, which eventually flashes out toxins. great hub honey. Am glad that more people are now concerned about how their skin looks.

    • How? profile image

      How? 6 years ago from Delhi

      Will try for sure

      nice hub