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Top 7 Most Shopped Fashion Brands of 2016

Updated on April 12, 2016

1. Forever 21

Want to look like a total fashionista, but low on funds? Forever 21 is the store ranked #1 for peoples choice brand. Luckily for shoppers, they have both store and online purchasing availability. Every fashionable person knows about the trendy high-end designer-inspired clothes at extremely affordable prices found at Forever 21. When people want to look great, feel great, and inspire a fashion trend, Forever 21 is where they go.

2. H&M Brand

Have you checked out H&M lately? If not, you may be missing out on some fashionably great deals. With both online and in-store shopping offered by this company, people are finding themselves up to date on the latest fashion trends. When shopping at H&M, people know that they can be sure to stand out and make a big fashion splash at any occasion. H&M is full of trend-led collections and high-end fashion collaborations. Shoppers feel that this store is a valuable source for the latest fashion do's.

3. American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters is an American company offering trendy fashions including apparel and accessories. People just love the quality products that this store offers. One reviewer on wrote "By far the best store to get jeans for at a great quality and affordable price. I've never been disappointed with their jeans ever, That's all I go for." If this store offers quality products, this means that with every purchase, people are making a long-term investment to their wardrobe. They can wear these jeans years from now. They can even pass them down generations. People who purchase items from this store like to bring out their American inspired cool side.

4. Zara

This store is so popular that Forbes ranked it the World's Biggest Fashion Retailer. Most people know Zara for its Spain originated products. People who do in-store shopping get the feel of high quality from the functuay of the store. There is no doubt that the creator of such a store is going to have nothing less than the best for their customers. This is why people have chosen Zara as one of the 7 most shopped brands of 2016.

5. Gucci

If you thought Gucci ran its course in the fashion industry, think again! Gucci is still on top in the fashion industry. The in-store experience at Gucci includes champagne while you shop, to help ease those shopping nerves. Lets face it, people can not resist the Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods that only Gucci offers. With exquisite detail applied to each item, this clothing store has attracted the attention of many people who exhibit perfectionism in their style.

6. Hollister Co.

If the beach and fashion had a baby, it would be named Hollister Co. This store is for the free-spirited surfer. Surfers want to look fashionable too! Not only surfers love Hollister, but so does beach lovers. Hollister Co. provides apparel and accessories for both women and men. Many couples find this helpful when shopping together. The in-store location is filled with nice beach-like fragrances. Most shoppers find this store as a great resource when they want to wear the latest beach fashions.

7. Tiffany & Co.

Still considered a "stationery and fancy goods emporium", Tiffany & Co. has paved the way into the hearts of fashion fans worldwide. Because of Tiffany & Co., a little blue box is a symbol of luxury, love, & diamonds. A majority of shoppers find their products to be irresistibly designed. This store is a great place where people purchase nice jewelry for loved ones.

Fashion is not a trend until creativity, luxury, exquisiteness, high-quality, fun, freedom, and individuality take over. At these top 7 most shopped brands, people are finding what they need to express who they truly are.

Overview of Most Shopped Brands of 2016

Most Shopped Brands
Average Cost
Forever 21
Teenage Girls & Young Women
Women, Men, Young Boys & Girls
American Eagle Outfitters
Classic American
Italian Luxury
Hollister Co.
Free-Spirited Surfer
Tiffany & Co.
Jewelry & Home Decor

Top 7 Most Shopped Brands of 2016

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    • Melissa Goldman profile image

      Melissa Goldman 20 months ago

      I believe your choice always little fancy like and I think this is a best place for it .... I love this collection

    • Kymberly Butler profile image

      Kymberly Butler 20 months ago from Jacksonville, FL

      Yes, they have exquisite pieces. That is exactly why I absolutely had to add them to this list.

    • cristalpower profile image

      Vaishali Agrawal 20 months ago from Gurgaon

      I love Zara's collection.