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Top 7 Types of Men Shoes

Updated on January 11, 2016

It is no secret that unlike women, most men do not have a wide variety of shoes in all colors and styles in their wardrobe. That said it is unlikely for one pair of shoes to work for all occasions and every man should generally have at least 7 pairs of shoes that can be worn with different outfits. As a rule of thumb, quality when it comes to footwear is everything and while the best types of men shoes normally come at a cost the investment is well worth it and a good pair of shoes can be worn for year with only minimal maintenance. Among the shoes for men available in the market today here are top 7 types of the shoes that are both unique and trendy and a must have for every man.

Dress Shoes for Men
Dress Shoes for Men | Source

Dress shoes

These shoes go well with formal wear. A black, brown or grey pair of dress shoes is a must have for every man and should be stylish enough to compliment any formal wear in a man's wardrobe. These shoes are normally made using leather or suede though leather seems to work for most men and black leather dress shoes seem to be the ideal choice for most men.

Dress shoes come in a variety of styles that range from oxfords to dress boots. The choice of dress shoes to have depends to a large extent on the taste of the wearer. It is however important to choose a pair that one can wear to a wedding or a funeral and still complement a suit worn to a formal dinner or a job interview.

Men Sandals
Men Sandals | Source


A nice and comfortable pair of sandals is another must have for every man. Sandals are generally casual and work well with casual wear. Sandals are characterized by an open front or back that allow the feet to breathe and comfortable soles. Sandals may also have a strap or two that connect the ankle and back of the foot section.

Comfort when it comes to buying sandals is key. A comfortable pair that can be worn to the beach or to a summer party is ideal. Just like other shoes, sandals come in a variety of styles and types. Every man can therefore get a pair that will suit his taste and preference and work with most if not all casual wear.

Running Shoes
Running Shoes | Source

Running shoes

Given that most men enjoy outdoor activities, a pair of running shoes is a must have. Running shoes as the name suggest are designed for running and work great for professional athletes. You do not however need to be a professional athlete to own a pair. If you participate in any outdoor activity either to keep fit or just for fun, a pair of running shoes will work to ensure that your feet are well protected and you perform to the best of your ability

Premium Sports Shoes
Premium Sports Shoes | Source

Sport Shoes

Running shoes and sport shoes are often lumped together but while running can be a sport, not all sport shoes can work as running shoes. Depending on the sport involved sport shoes are designed to keep the feet well covered and protected when ensuring that performance is in no way affected by the choice of shoes. Shoes for different sports are uniquely designed for example basketball shoes are generally heavier and designed for enhanced traction while soccer cleats are designed to ensure that agility and free leg movement among other physical demands that are associated with soccer are met. Sport shoes should generally fit well, be relatively light and have a sole and insole that can protect the feet against injuries. A good pair of sport shoes is essential for every man who loves sports.

Boots for Men
Boots for Men


Boots can either pass as both formal and casual wear. Some common boot types include;

-Chukka boots

Also known as desert boots, these ankle length boots can be either formal or casual depending on the make and color. These boots are usually made of suede or calfskin and are generally long lasting and age gracefully.

- Lace up boots

This boots are generally higher than chukka boots are and can go as high as the knees. The boots can be worn with casual pants and also work well with jeans and other casual wear. Most are made out of leather though this is not always the case. Lace up boots are both comfortable and functional and are mostly built to last.

- Chelsea boots

Otherwise known as Australian work boots, Chelsea boots are characterized by an elastic panel on the side that make it easy to slip the shoes on and off. Some pairs also come with a zipper to replace the elastic panel. Chelsea boots can be worm with semi-formal attire or a casual outfit.

Blue Loafer for Men
Blue Loafer for Men | Source


Just like other shoes in the above categories, loafers can be both formal and casual though most work with casual wear such as chinos and jeans. Loafers are quite diverse and given that they are quite trendy now there is quite a variety available in the market. Loafers generally have no laces and are easy to slip on or off. Some models available now however have a single or a double monk strap.

Men's Flip-Flops
Men's Flip-Flops | Source


While flip-flops may not seem like such a big deal for most people, no man should have to walk around the house barefoot. A pair of flip-flops that will keep the feet protected from cold floors are a necessity and the good thing is that they come cheap and every man is sure to find a pair that will meet all their need. Flip-flops should be easy to slip on and off, easy to clean and generally comfortable.


These are the most popular or common types of shoes for men. You can easily buy all of these trendy or fashionable men shoes online at various shopping stores such as, flipcart and amazon according to your needs.

So what are you waiting for Folks! Just search online stores to full fill your fashion needs.

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