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5 Best Armani Watches

Updated on July 21, 2016
Their marketing campaign
Their marketing campaign

Emporio Armani Watches

Emporio Armani Watches are now at the height of fashion, where they deserve to be. Their iconic, sophisticated and relatively affordable prices are key factors in the explosion of their popularity. Their look, which is stylish and the watches themselves which are comfortable to wear, make them an excellent investment for all men, irrespective of age. As a proud owner of three, I have decided to compile a list of the five best models, in my opinion, and links to their purchase as cheap as possible can be found along side them. This is only my personal opinion and only provides an exquisite slice of what the brand has to offer, so please do comment below with your favourites! Enjoy!

1. AR5857

This Emporio Armani watch, model AR5857, is stunning to behold with its bright gold strap, with the iconic Emporio Armani butterfly clasp comfort, and looks quite dissimilar from the majority of the watches in the range. This is stark contrast to its black chonograph dial, measuring 43mm in diameter, making it stand out on anybody's wrist. Apart from being stunning it is very functional as well - the watch is water resistant to fifty metres, has glow in the dark hands and a scratch resistant glass, meaning the watch can be worn all the time without fear of wear and tear. It features a chronograph stopwatch and a date dial too. The reason I chose this watch to feature in this article is twofold: first it reminded me of a rolex submariner (Rolex fans can read my other article here) and this conotes class, reliability and minimalist style, but also I love its striking colour and I think it would be an excellent addition to anyone's collection without any doubt at all.

2. AR5878

The second watch I have chosen is a sporty mens' black dial chronograph watch, model A5878, with a silicone strap and striking orange colourings. Its Japanese Quartz Movement keeps great time and the watch also features a chronograph with three subdials, each measuring 24-hour, 60-minute and seconds respectively. The hands are glow in the dark, but their most defining feature has to be the striking orange second hand, matched with the top left chronograph dial and edge of the watch dial in the top right hand corner of the face; all of which contribute to a great contrasting look, making it a unique timepiece. The watch also has a date dial between four and five o'clock, a useful feature that many of the watches in this brand do not have. The watch is also 50 meters or 165 feet water resistant an excellent feature as this is a watch that could be comfortably used in sports. I chose this watch for this article as I really noticed the striking contrasting colours on the dial and the strap make it a comfortable wear.

3. AR0385

The third watch on this list is Emporio Armani's classic leather chronogrpah, model AR0835. I was drawn to this watch by its elegant and old fashioned dial and contrasting black and white colours which would make it stand out when worn. I also love the deployment buckle on the strap which makes this relatively inexpensive watch have a real luxury feel. This dress watch boasts a quartz movement from Japan and unusual two dial chronograph with a sub dial for 60-minute and a sub dial for continuous seconds. The two tone silver hands are luminous and can be seen in the dark. The watch also features a date dial, close to the four o'clock marker. The strap is black and of genuine level with the previously mentioned stainless steel silver-tone deployment buckle. The watch is resistant to 50 metres or 165 feet of water too.

4. AR2448

The fourth watch in this article is the watch that originally drew me to this brand, the blue chronograph stainless steel bracelet AR2448. Armani describes this watch as a fusion of tradition and 'adventurous spirit'. The watch is scratch resistant and water resistant to fifty metres and this means the watch can be used everyday without fear of causing it wear or tear. The watch has not only a good timekeeping japanese quartz movement but also a three dial chronogrpah comprising a twenty four hour, sixty minute and chronograph seconds subdials, complete with a date dial between the four and five o'clock markets, all set on a striking navy blue dial and silver tone stainless steel round case. These features combine to make a stunning watch and an excellent purchase.

5. AR2411

The fifth and final watch on this list is the striking all black leather chronograph watch AR2411. The watch appeals to me for its simple design but one that looks great and would look great with a wide array of styles and looks. The watch has a 43mm round stainless steel case with black dial. The watch has a black leather strap and stainless steel buckle. The watch has a Japanese Quartz Movement and is water resistant to 50m. The watch also has a cool date dial above the 6 o'clock marker.

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Where else can they be bought?

Despite arguably being cheapest to purchase on Amazon and Ebay, you can also buy these watches quite readily elsewhere. The most obvious and well stocked example would be the flagship Emporio Armani stores, which can be found on Fifth Avenue in New York, Bloor Street West in Toronto, Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver, Biscayne Boulevard in Miami and in countless other cities across the US, Canada and globally too.

My Reiew

I have been surprised by just how light these watches weigh, despite their appearance. Having always worn chunky stainless steel bracelet watches, it often doesn't feel like I am wearing a watch because they are so light, which has really impressed me.

My watch has a stainless steel bracelet with lots of links across and looks like a mesh. This has always attracted compliments because people find the watch very striking.

I have had my watch for more than two years now and it still keeps time perfectly. I also worried that the delicate butterfly clasp would break after a while, but despite me constantly opening and closing it (its what I do when i fidget!), it has not lost any power, been warped or broken at all.

I have been more than impressed with my purchase and have recently purchased another watch as I have enjoyed the first so much, therefore I recommend its purchase!


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