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Top Stylish ,Trendy and Branded Watches for Women

Updated on December 7, 2013
Elegant watches for women.
Elegant watches for women. | Source

Watches Complete Women’s Look

Now a day, we get watches of various brands, features and fashion. Accessories play a great role in creating a look and unique style. For the same reason people spend hours for choosing the right details that match their outfit. Watches have a very important place among accessories. Both men and women use this accessory not only for punctuality but also for its looks, to be trendy and to be up to date with fashion. Watches that are produced now are much more chunky and fashionable and are more in demand than earlier days. A fine watch is capable enough of creating a distinctive manner of the wearer.

If you have a basic idea of where to start, buying watches for women would be great fun. Each woman has a unique personality and while selecting a watch it should be taken into consideration. Which general style of watch suits her most must be decided first and then consider the colour and material she prefers. The price should also be taken into account while taking the final decision


Most Common Watch Styles for Women

Casual Watch
Sports Watch
Dress watch (Fashion Trendy Watch)
It has a neutral style and hence can be worn in many situations.
Use more aggressive styling compared to casual watches.Generally come in bright colors.
Generally they are worn as a prestigious jewellery piece .Usually have metallic finishes.
Low level of water resistance.
Has high level of water resistance.
They often feature elegant analogue hands and numbers
Most of them display time using traditional clock hands
Many of them use digital displays.Most of them have additional features like chronographs and countdown timers
Most of them are not resistant to water.

Top 10 Best Luxury Watches for Women

5 Best  Watches For Women
5 Best Watches For Women | Source

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6 Tips on How to Select the Best Watch for Women

  • Mechanical movement type of watches is used the most by women. Since they involve careful engineering they can become a piece of inheritance. Though many women prefer this type of watch they are expensive and more difficult to look after. But it would be the one that would impress a woman the most if you give it as a gift.
  • Choosing the style and shape of women’s watch is very important. Though round is the classical shape, masculine square, chic rectangular or curvy extraordinary dials are also preferred by women. Current trends are used to design dress watches and hence are available in various colours and shapes.
  • Material is important consideration when choosing watches for women. The appearance of a watch is greatly influenced by the type of finish. Gold jewellery watches are always in demand. Now gold accessories are available in various shades like classical yellow gold, rose gold, pink gold, platinum, etc. Stainless steel is mainly used to give more masculine and solid look to the watches of women. It is designed in such a manner that it matches a wide variety of clothing. There are also ceramic watches that don’t scratch and gives a polished and spectacular look. Sports watches are usually made using plastic or rubber and hence look misplaced when worn with non-athletic apparel.
  • Decision on whether a bracelet or strap for women’s watch is also of importance. Bracelets provide a classy and formal look to watches. On the other hand leather straps are up-to-date and extremely stylish. Rubber straps are long lasting, can be easily cleaned and won’t be damaged by perfume.
  • Dial decorations are also very important as they are capable enough of adding some elegance and grace to the jewellery watches. A mechanical watch with Chronograph function would really surprise a woman if she is gifted with it.
  • Women’s watches are available in a wide range of prices. Dress watches are typically the most expensive ones with prestigious brands. If brand is not given much importance, many off brand watch are available that look elegant, but are not excessively expensive. Sports watches are the least expensive watches.

Let’s have a look at few watch brands which really go well on Women and make them feel special. After all, every woman needs a stylish watch, not only to tell the time but also as a fashion accessory.

To start with, let’s see 4 top brands of watches and why they are in demand.

Top Branded Watch for Women

1) Guess: Guess is a brand that not only specializes in bags, cloths and jewelry, but also in very elegant watched for women. Guess is an American clothing line brand which also owns the line Marciano. On their completion of their 28th anniversary, they have produced one of the most finest, and fashionable watches this year. To name a few would be, GUESS Petite Sport and Sparkle Watch Box Set, this one a 3 in 1 grab. In this set, you get a Guess watch with 2 more interchangeable straps of peppy colors to match your looks. The next of my choice would be GUESS Crystallized Romance Watch, its bow shapes, pearl beads and sparkling crystals bring a girly touch to the petite wristwatch.

2) Gucci:

Who wouldn't want to know anything Gucci? The house of Gucci or better known as Gucci is as all know and Italian fashion brand specializing not only in Purses, Perfumes, etc but also in Watches specially for Ladies. Having a Gucci watch is a million dollars. My choice of Gucci watches would be Gucci Women’s Tri-Colour Twirl, which is a statement of Gucci’s style and practical luxury. Gucci Women's Twirl Green Red Green Acetate Bangle Watch features an eye-catching striped watch band and also serves as a bracelet. The round dial offers a minimalist style with simple silver-toned hands. The Twirl collection of Gucci watches has been a remarkable produce from the House of Gucci. The Bamboo Brown Sun-Brushed Dial Watch is another favorite. This timepiece comes in black, brown and silver. Why this is so popular is because of the presence of Bamboo around the bezel and on the bangle. It gives a very sophisticated look and goes well with any attire.

3) Longines:

Longines is a watch brand based in the Swiss town of St. Imier since 1832, and celebrating its 180th anniversary in 2012. As we all know, recently their advertisement where Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kate Winslet, Chi-ling Lin worked together was very famous and liked by many. Their most Longines DolceVita collection, for which Aishwarya is the brand ambassador, is one of the much appreciated brands and design. The material used in this design is stainless steel and 18 carats pink gold and the buckle is a triple safety folding clasp and push-piece opening mechanism.

4) Titan

Titan ranks 5th largest and India’s leading producer for watches. Titan started its watch division in 1987 and since then, has never looked back. Speaking of their collections, Titan Raaga, being the latest is inspired by the modern women and the different roles each woman plays in her life. Having Katrina to brand this collection, Titan really plays the game well. My favourites from this collection are the Women’s Watch 9901YM01, and the Women’s Watch 9902WM01. Both these watches are designed in a manner that it fits every occasion, be it formal and party.

To complete any look, a good watch is a must and in today’s world, when you have a choice of brands and variety that each brand provides, it is just a right hands play to get the right pick to give you that extra cool, elegant look. Don’t waste time, grab the best today!!Selecting a perfect watch would be very easy if you go through the tips included in the hub. More over the top brand watches for women are included here


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