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Top Five Hairstyles for Men

Updated on November 20, 2015

Men of today era aren't behind the race in any field, whether it be fashion, hairstyles, clothes or makeover, they are at forefront to prove that they are also a big fashion geek. It is said that men don't usually have many options and choices when it comes to hairstyles and dresses but it's wrong because the creature has much more options in fashion than anyone else on the world. Look at the fashion and trends of some modern male celebrities, you will discover that they are just worshiping the fashion after God and have become a true inspiration for teens, boys and men alike.

The most notable Hollywood celebrity and football player is David Beckham-everything related to him gets on the posters or in the magazine within few hours when he is seen. If he has seen wearing a text printed shirt saying "I am a legend", his all fans will get to the internet to buy a shirt like he worn and so on.

As for David Beckham's hairstyles, I can say that he is truly versatile- he can wear anything from braided hairstyles to cornrows to double ponytails to updo. He has gone far away in the fashion and it seems that nothing can stop him from becoming more gorgeous now not even his age which is increasing in number every passing year.

Let's discuss what are top five hairstyles for men and what types of men wear them

Spiky hairstyles

If you go out to take a dinner at a good restaurant of the city you will notice that almost every other guy is sporting spikes in different forms- some will have it in a trendy criss-cross patterns while others will show off their blunt razor cut bangs in a nicely spike format by styling it upward. You can do a lot of styles with your spikes by moving them back or fro and up or down just about any direction to look sexy and stylish.

Spiky hairstyle with orange highlights
Spiky hairstyle with orange highlights

Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Only a few mature yet rational men wear buzz cut hairstyles which are usually cut 4-5 inch from the base. The cut can be too short, too long or medium according to face type and face shape. If you have a round face with refined feature, your hair stylist will suggest you to go for a short cut buzz because it can add ambiance to your personality by showing off your face features more diligently.


Braided Hairstyles

You might have heard that black men wear a lot of braids such as tree braids, cornrows, micro and zillian braids but now many Blonde men are wearing blonde french braids or go for pinned up braids. And surprisingly, these hairstyles don't look bad on them.

Beautiful braid for blonde men
Beautiful braid for blonde men | Source

Layered hairstyles

Those who are blessed with long, shinny layers usually sport big layered bangs and they add a bit of more charisma in their bangs by including light colored hair highlights.

Long chopped layers for men
Long chopped layers for men

Pompadour for men:

Pompadour has become one of the most trendy hairstyles of the 21st century. You can make it with medium or long hair easily as short hair is not easy to be brushed back and if you do it can get back to its position sooner or later. So what you need to do is just apply small amount of wax on your hair and brush it back and when your front hair is nicely tucked in a good position, you need to press a little in the middle of the head to get a pompadour in it. That's it.

Pompadour hairstyle with shaved sides
Pompadour hairstyle with shaved sides


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    • Sally Madison profile image

      Sally Madison 2 years ago from Los Angeles

      Very nice....the braiding one is very cool !!

    • majida123 profile image

      Majida Liaqat 3 years ago from Pakistan

      It is up to you, however we have to upgrade our self with time

    • alikhan3 profile image

      StormsHalted 3 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

      I would rather like a simple one ..... :)