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How To Get Caught Wearing Women's Lingerie

Updated on October 13, 2009
this dude actually got caught stealing netflix dvd's,  not wearing lingerie, but I think many men would benefit from emulating his style
this dude actually got caught stealing netflix dvd's, not wearing lingerie, but I think many men would benefit from emulating his style

Who doesn't love to get caught in lingerie? The looks of horror! The enraged mobs! The possible arrests and indecency charges! Getting caught out there in lingerie is possibly one of the most fun things of all time ever.

Here are the Top Five ways you can get caught out in lingerie. I recommend them all highly, but I take no responsibility for the fall out, whether it be being mobbed by beautiful models, or being lynched by angry truck drivers.

1.Forget Your Pants

That dream where you're walking along and all of a sudden you realize that you forgot to put pants on? Make it a reality! Pop down to the local shops wearing a shirt, tie, jacket, and pair of lacy pink panties. Your secret should be out long before you're trying to decide between the 2% and the fortified milk.

2.Utilize The Whale Tail

Teenagers have been pulling their thongs up over their waistbands for years now. You can use the same technique to achieve a similar effect. To maximize your chance of getting caught, try this technique in crowded public places, like subways and court proceedings.

3.Air Your Laundry

Single men can reveal themselves to the world by hanging their panties and bras out on the line. At first neighbors might think that you have a girlfriend, but if you combine this tactic with endless sobbing about the loneliness you feel deep in your soul, people will soon come to the right conclusion.

4.Get the Mail In Your Panties

Stumble into the front yard wearing just a pair of nylon panties. People will soon get the message. This works particularly well if you are from a confirmed redneck region and happen to have a couple of burned out cars up on blocks in your yard. Crowds can form, pitchforks can be found, and burning torches can begin to light the night sky.

5.Make a Commercial /You Tube Video

Use the power of the media to get caught out there in lingerie. If you're on a budget, a You Tube video can have a similar effect in spreading your 'hey, look, I wear women's lingerie' message to the globe. Is it technically 'getting caught' if you put it out there like that? I guess it depends whether or not it shows up when your future employer googles your name or not. The important thing about getting caught wearing women's lingerie is that it should occur at times of great inconvenience to you personally.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This "getting caught" subject is really interesting, considering that we men who like garments etc traditionally considered women's uniforms will some of the time communicate with the world in an indirect way. So let's enjoy this too and further elaborate our strategies. It's a fun way of thinking about it in everyday life ;-)

      In relation to living with my wife, I have long had this scale of ways to deal with both underwear, other garments and jewellery:

      A wearing it

      B having it lying around (often, included in the laundry which is a wonderful scene for flashing it in a sequence of nice settings!)

      C talking about it, occasionally discussing it. Something you can name is less taboo then else, and when you are outside direct provocative situations, dialogue may be opened. Just microscopic advances can count a lot, don't be impatient.. and "getting over it" may be supported in this way.

      D wearing something way out when she arrives home "too early".

      So there is always something to do or plan ;-)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Well done St. Hope. You are officially our Patron!

      I love wearing silky, frilly feminine panties. Just like my other talents, I didn't ask for this blessing. All I know is that they feel damn good. As a teenager, I was magnetically drawn to lovely undies. Once that forbidden fruit was tasted there was no turning back. The delicious sensation of pulling wonderful delicate underthings up your legs, or secretly wearing them under conventional male clothing is unbeatable. So is sliding into bed with one you love, also dressed in stockings and suspenders. As they were at least partly designed to appeal to us men, is it so wrong to also want to wear them? If you browse the Japanese male underwear retailer sites, you will see that our eastern brothers have well and truly adopted panties as regulation underthings. There's an American company (Comfilon) enjoying booming business selling tights other items for us men. There is no shame in loving satin, silk, nylon or lace, or even wearing pink. I used to think that I was cursed with some kind of affliction, being a heterosexual male who also liked lingerie. The truth is that it perfectly normal, and we don't have to feel shame or ask permission. Just go ahead, and do what feels great, and thank the Lord that there are women like Hope who not only accept but encourage us. If your wife, parent or partner has a problem, the suggestion is "get over it." I am entitled to feel happy.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I just love wearing panties to work.....

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Girls often see my thong or panties prrking over my jeans waistband!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi. I have been wearing panties so long now that it doesn't seem abnormal at all to me. I only have panties so I wear 24/7/365. I wear them to the doctors but choose to wear nondescript panties when I will be undressing around others in a professional setting so as not to minimize any distractions. But I really enjoy panties with lace and other embellisments which I generally wear. I have seen where others have been concerned about panty lines that others might see. Well, one of my favorite things is to go shopping with very lightweight white shorts or pants and pretty floral print panties on underneath which show through. No one needs to guess about the panty lines then as it will be plainly obvious that there are indeed panty lines. I am just sorry about losing all that time in boring cotton mens underwear before I tried panties. But once I tried panties I never went back. An additional bonus is how much more enjoyable shopping for panties over mens underwear is due to the huge selection of styles, colors, materials, etc.

    • profile image


      10 years ago from Downingtown, Pa

      My favorite way to get caught in women's lingerie is to go to the Doctors while wearing pretty silky and lacy lingerie. This would include panties, bras, camisols and sometimes even pantyhose. I often like wear a silk shirt that allows my lingerie to seen through it or at least leaving it unbuttoned enough to let my lacy camisole to peek out. I love to be asked to unbutton or remove my shirt or undoing or lowering my pants leaving me in only my lingerie.

    • profile image

      Just Me 

      10 years ago

      This is just too funny

      you can be silly sometimes Hope, though most of your writings are on the spot

      That's one of the reason I read you quite aften


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