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Top Five Wristwatches of the Season for Stylish Men and Women

Updated on April 29, 2015

The Microsoft Band – Large (4M5-00003) 

The Microsoft Band – Large (4M5-00003) is compatible with Android 4.3-5.0 smartphones, Windows Phone 8.1 and higher, and iPhones with iOS 8.1.2 operating system. The watch has a full-color touch screen, and is especially designed to track the wearer’s wellness parameters. One of the most advanced features of this product is the GPS-enabled run mapping function, which tracks the runner’s route, pace, and distance tackled accurately.

Aside from telling time, the watch can assess your sleep quality, track the number of calories burned throughout the day, and monitor your heart rate 24/7. Automatic activity counting is also an available feature. The watch is equipped with a UV sensor as well. The watch even offers Guided Workouts as well as tracking a person’s running and biking performance. Users have direct access to Actionable Insights for healthier living through the Microsoft Health Intelligence Engine. Microsoft Health is downloadable. All you need to secure is a stable Internet access.

In addition, the Microsoft Band also provides calendar and e-mail alerts, text message previews, weather updates, and social media updates. It makes it easy to keep abreast with current events and communicate with friends and family members. Moreover, if you are the adventurous type, modifications have been made on the hardware so that the device is water resistant and able to tolerate extremes in temperatures.

Casio Men's AW80V-5BV

The Casio Men's AW80V-5BV 

The Casio Men's AW80V-5BV is a water resistant modern watch with glow in the dark hands that tell time accurately to the second. Hourly time signals are given off so that they wearer is never late for an appointment. It offers accurate time readings and provides you with the correct information about the time in nine time zones, which includes 30 key cities around the globe. The Casio Men’s AW80V-5BV watch is unparalleled in this respect, its scope of time zones wider than that of watches within the same price range. It is a good investment for frequent flyers and men whose work takes them often to different parts of the world.

The watch offers at a glance calendar data, as well as auto-calendar features that are pre-programmed until 2099. If you prefer, you may also turn on the daylight saving time function, or turn it off. Additional time functions offered to users are the countdown timer, digital stopwatch, countdown range, and daily alarm. This Casio Men’s watch may have sophisticated functions, but everything is easy to set up.

Meanwhile, the strap is very comfortable and easy to adjust to fit your wrist. The watch comes with a one-year warranty and is fitted with a battery that is guaranteed to last for 10 years. The Casio Men's AW80V-5BV is relatively lightweight and has an elegant face and a structure that is not bulky unlike other men’s watches. It can be used as a dress watch, and fits the requirements of casual wear as well.

There is no need to remove the watch while showering and even during swimming in the pool or in the ocean. It is even suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving because it is designed to withstand underwater pressures of up to a depth of 165 feet.

The Nixon Ladies The Small Kensington Gunmetal Multi Watch  

The Nixon A361-1698 Ladies The Small Kensington Gunmetal Multi Watch offers wearers a stylish and high-quality timepiece to women who are into trendy accessories. It is a petite three-hand analog classic wristwatch from a trusted global brand. This Kensington watch is equipped with top-of-the-line Japanese-quartz movement. The stainless steel bracelet has a touch of elegance that is not too showy, but still stunning in its own right. Apart from looking great on the wrist, it also offers plenty of useful functions for daily life. It is a casual, high-quality product from a reliable manufacturer of dependable modern-day chronographs.
The black dial of the Nixon A361-1698 watch for ladies is made from mineral crystal. Because of the high-quality material, you may view the time easily and without straining the eyes in many different lighting conditions. The Small Kensington Gunmetal Multi Watch from Nixon has a custom stainless steel snap-fit case back. The manufacturers have invested time and effort to provide customers with no less than the highest quality stainless steel housing and watch strap.
This petite Kensington watch is a versatile choice that you can wear on different occasions. It is also appropriate wear in aquatic environments because it is water resistant up to 165 feet in depth. The watch comes with a two-year warranty when you buy it online.

The Seiko Women's SXDA26 Le Grand Sport Diamond Watch  

The Seiko Women's SXDA26 Le Grand Sport Diamond Watch is a water resistant and stylish wristwatch that boasts of precision time-keeping. The elegant color combination of gold and silver makes this dress watch one of the most luxurious in the market today. The stunning diamond indices make the watch a stand out from similar watches that have silver-tone and gold tones. Another distinctive feature is the gold cabochon crown that definitely adds to the aesthetic value of this Seiko watch.

This Japanese-quartz movement chronograph analog display of the Seiko Women's SXDA26 Le Grand Sport Diamond Watch is made from sapphire crystal. It is scratch resistant and very durable. The dial is made from mother of pearl, while the case is from high quality stainless steel. The silver band, equipped with push button clasp, is made from the finest stainless steel and comes in women’s standard length. A brand-new Seiko Women's SXDA26 Le Grand Sport Diamond Watch comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Lad Weather

Lad Weather
Lad Weather | Source

The 5-Lad Weather  

The Lad Weather Sports Watch is a multi-functional chronograph and altimeter that also provides reliable temperature, compass, and GPS readings. The compass is particularly accurate and provides comparable readings of magnetic north when set against other compasses. You should be aware that the altimeter function is based in readings received from GPS satellites, and may vary from -33 to 55 feet, which makes the readings less accurate than the reading from a barometric altimeter.

The watch also functions as a target heart rate monitoring tool that provides information about your speed of movement, the distance covered, and the amount of calories burned. The watch has a pacemaker function as well. Each unit comes with a six-month warranty.

The Lad Weather sports watch comes has a polyurethane band, or alternatively a stainless steel gold band. The watch band comes in a variety of color options. It has a round face that offers users a digital display of time, date, and day of the week. The 5-Lad Weather is water resistant for up to 100 meters. The watch is a tad bulky, but it is surprisingly lightweight.

One of the stand-out features is the dedicated USB cable that enables USB charging and PC connection. Another top feature of the watch is the fact that it has plenty of customization options. Also part of the package is a cleaning brush, and a heart rate chest belt for your own personal use.

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