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Top Incense Brand Reviews

Updated on July 17, 2015

Why Stick Incense

There are many different options when it comes to making your house smell beautiful. Candles, plug-ins, and oils are only a few of the options. Stick incense is a much less talked about but still very popular way of getting your home to smell the way you want it.

Stick incense is both cheap and fragrant but unfortunately the stores buy the cheap junky brands. This gives most people a bad first impression of stick incense. When your purchase incense online you can get the good brands for even cheaper than the stores sell the low quality brands for.

Contrary to popular belief good stick incense does not smell like something is burning or sickly. High quality incense can produce some of the best fragrances available and burn for a good amount of time while still providing a good looking accent to the room and an interesting conversational piece.

Satya Sai Baba

Satya Sai baba is one of the more well known incense brands. They are also one of the best incense brands and my personal favorite. Their incense sticks are some of the highest quality incense that you can find.

Their sticks are a bit shorter than most other incense brands but they also burn longer at the same time. The incense sticks are usually a yellow or a yellowish gray burning material wrapped around a light tan stick. They brand has higher manufacturing standards and the different sticks look uniform.

These incense sticks are the easiest incense sticks I've tried to light of any other brand. They light right up and burn smoothly each time. I never have problems with getting them lit or getting them to stay lit like I do with many other brands. The sticks produce a good amount of smoke while burning as well.

I am going to have to come right out and say that this is THE best brand of incense on the market. I absolutely love these sticks they have the most pleasant and relaxing smells and they burn for a good amount of time. The scents don't smell like smoke or like something is burning either.

This brand is my number one recommendation when it comes to incense period.


The Wildberry incense sticks make up the middle ground when it comes to quality for incense. They seem to have a different focus with the types of scents they use but they have many good scents. The sticks burn well and for a good amount of time.

The best part about the Wildberry brand is the number of scents that they have. This brand has tons of different scents and many of them are unique to Wildberry so you won't find them else were. The sticks also give off a strong scent that can easily fill up a room without being over powering.

Wildberry has a very good line of water based scents. Their water based scents are very tranquil and relaxing. They are a great way to unwind. They water scents range from oceans to streams and dew.

Wildberry also has other great scents. Their best two scents are by far pixie dust and magical forest. I have never smelled anything like either of those two anywhere else. They also have good scents like lemon and fizzy pop on top of various standard scents.


InScent has a clever play off the word incense for it's name. Don't let it fool you though, this is the lower end of quality when it comes to incense. You can find this brand for cheap and frequently even at dollar stores.

The brand InScent some times has trouble burning properly. The sticks can be hard to light at times. Some times the sticks will burn up real quick. Other times the sticks will just go out before it is done.

The scent of this brand isn't bad though. InScent does have as strong of a scent as some of it's more expensive competitors do. It's scent is still strong enough though and with how cheap these sticks are you can easily afford to burn multiple ones at once.

This brand doesn't have many unique scents. They stick to the main popular scents. Their scent fresh rain is a very good scent though that I would personally recommend.


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