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Top Online Shopping Websites in the Philippines

Updated on July 8, 2014

Let's start shopping!

Don't you wanna just lie on your bed and shop your goodies online? If you are a 'house-folk' like me who is not comfortable shopping on actual stores and to be honest find it quite stressing (pardon ladies I'm a guy), then that would be a sure yes. Online shopping websites enable internet users to buy their ever so desired items in the comfort of their own homes. Just search it, click it, view it, add-to-cart it then confirm it. That easy people. How awesome was that, huh? Some sites actually have a COD (Cash on Delivery) payment option too, which is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! So let's get started on the list don't we?

1. Zalora

Where should I start with this site's awesomeness? Oh I know, they have the COD payment option people! For those who are not familiar with COD I'll try to explain it shortly. Cash on Delivery means that you can pay the the product you ordered only when the courier actually had deliver it directly to your house. That is very useful for a student like me who simply doesn't have a credit card that most online shopping websites usually require. Zalora offers a wide variety of products but they specialize on fashion and sportswear for both men and women. You basically earn yourself a discount of Php 200 on your first purchase just by subscribing on their newsletter and all orders over Php 1000 will be shipped free of charge. You can even return the product if you don't want it and you will not spend anything for it. They handle the shipment fee on product returns. Another remarkable thing is you can earn some money using this site by referring the site to another potential customer! Yes, you heard it right. Just apply for their Brand Ambassador Program and give yourself a chance to earn money by simply referring a customer to purchase a product by using your affiliate code. You earn 20% of the total money spent by the customer for every successful referral and in return the customer receive a 15% discount. All in all, the best online shopping site in the Philippines in my opinion.

2. Lazada

Well, if you are looking for everything packed in a single online shop then Lazada is your answer. Lazada has one of the widest range of of products an online shopping website offer in our country. From fashion to to electronic appliances, they got all you covered. To be exact, they currently have 11 unique product categories available and that is sure a wide variety. The best thing I like is they process and deliver your goodies rather quickly. I ordered once and it took only 2 days for me to receive it. That was done real quick considering that I am from Batangas. Another wonderful feature the site have, just like Zalora, is the zoom capability when viewing products. Meaning, you can easily see scan the product closely and see how it really look. Overall, an absolutely nice place to start shopping online.

3. Tomato

Tomato might not offer the widest array of products, but I got to say, they made sure it's affordable. The website's focus on on fashion retail. Their line of products includes tops and bottoms for both men and women. They also sell fashion accessories. Oh man their watches! I really fell in love with Tomato watches because aside from being affordable they have some which are super stylish as well. You can also ask them to customize some watches for you called SWAP watch which are really cute. It is perfect for giveaways because you can buy them in bulk. Oh and they have a free gift wrap option so you can just sent it straight to your friend during her birthday. Payment options include bank deposit, G-Cash, credit/debit card and Dragonpay.

Kindly vote your favorite site after you visit them to give new shoppers an idea. Thank you!

What is your favorite site so far?

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    • profile image

      AAaapple 22 months ago

      "Check out too. They offer interesting products, just browse your choices to their site and provide good quality of service. "

    • profile image

      Lilai 23 months ago

      Heart Press is becoming quickly popular within the Philippines. They offer custom T shirt printing and other personalized gifts. They even have sandals that can be personalized. The online shopping is easy, and they have a wide variety of payment options. It's great for making ur own unique items... I sometimes order from there for my shop, since they are so cheap and have good quality. I like having items that other people don't. If you want to see what else they offer, just go to If you make bulk orders like I do, shipping is free and usually arrives within a few days unless they run out of stock for some reason. But for the most part, they are really great and nice people. If I have an issue, they always replace the item for free... Really, great service and great prices!

    • profile image

      mimi 23 months ago

      may supplier in clothings very nice supplier

    • profile image

      Marry 2 years ago


      my experience at kily online shop : good service , fast delivery . the customer service is very nice , and the price is low , is my love! get the low price and good service , they are an wholesale online shop , but if you want to buy a retail you can contact there customer service , then they will talk you how to buy a retail

      my reseller business is starting from them ! very thanks to

    • profile image

      Brian Silverio 2 years ago

      try They deliver next day within metro Manila. I just purchased a 8gb micro sd card for 99 pesos only.

    • Don Garcia Jr profile image

      Don Garcia Jr 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      you can also check out an online shopping store Philippines. They offer the lowest price on great selection of products from trusted brands with flexible payment methods such as cash on delivery, credit card, paypal, banks transfers, eConnect, GCash and SmartMoney.

    • profile image

      blogwatch 3 years ago

      there are many new players in the industry this year. one of the comparable site is which offer very low price.

    • profile image

      Marielle 3 years ago


      Good quality of products.

      Very Affordable Prices.

      Great customer service.

      Free Shipping.

      Fast Delivery.

      Lots of Promos and Discounts.

    • profile image

      John 3 years ago

      Nice list. Zalora and Lazada are great.

      John of

    • profile image

      Resse 3 years ago

      Zalora is my pick too. Nice article bro :)