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Best Lip Balms

Updated on November 3, 2012

Number 9: Burt’s Bees

When I went to Florida with my friend, I needed a new lip balm because I naturally have very dry lips, and with the sun and the wind I knew that they would get even worse. So we were walking through CVS and came across the Burt’s Bees section. I purchased the Super Moisture Formula which was clear, for around 3 dollars. I was really surprised at how well it moisturized my lips however the texture was not my favorite. After application, the chap stick felt like water on my lips and gave them more of a lip gloss shine than a matte lip balm. There was no taste but a very light scent, almost fruity. The moisture level was nice, even though it only lasted on my lips for around an hour. I don’t think I would repurchase this, unless I need a cheap, fast way to keep my lips in good condition.

Number 8: Lip Smackers

Lip Smackers are one of the classic lip balms. They have such a great variety of flavors and scents and cost around 50 cents to a dollar each. I purchased a 12 pack with, strawberry, mango, kiwi, cupcake, raspberry, fruit punch, cotton candy, coconut etc…The texture is creamy and applies very well. The moisture level is great at first, I feel that they moisturize my lips for around 30 minutes but then it begins to dry them out. However I did not buy them for the moisture, I just bought them for the cute packaging and the amazing scents, and everything else was to be expected. If you want a good tasting good smelling lip balm this is the one for you, because you can get 12 flavors for around 7 dollars.

Number 7: Nivea a kiss of...

I first bought the Nivea a Kiss of Moisture, and then bought the Kiss of Milk and Honey Nivea lip balm. The kiss of Moisture was a very thick, clear lip balm with okay staying power and no noticeable scent. It had a very good level of moisture, yet it seemed to just create a film on the lips and does not sink in. Also, I love matte lips, and this balm gave me a very glossy look. It also, did not have any sort of taste or smell. On the other hand, the Kiss of Milk and Honey balm is very different. It is a yellow color yet shows up clear on the lips, and is not nearly as thick or glossy. It also has a very light, milky scent, which I happen to love. It moisturizes, in my opinion, better than the kiss of Moisture because I could actually feel it sinking in and healing my lips, and it seems to last longer (around 2 hours) Overall, I would repurchase the Kiss of Milk and Honey.

Number 6: Maybelline Baby Lips

I am only going to be reviewing the Quenching Formula which is one of the 2 clear balms in the blue and pink package. I bought this because so many people were telling me how amazing they were, and I thought the packaging was cute, and for around 2 dollars I was like “why not?” When I first tried this balm, I liked the consistency, its rather smooth, and the fact that I could feel this balm sinking in my lips. Again, one issue is that it left a very glossy sheen, unlike the matte look that I am going for with balms. The smell is hard to pinpoint, but it is sweet smelling, and does not taste like anything. The staying power was around 2-3 hours for me. After using it for 3 weeks, I realized that my lips were plusher, and seemed to dry out less when I was not wearing anything. Overall I would repurchase this balm.

Number 5: Eos Smooth Sphere

This is the one balm that I use every single day during school. My first one was the Summer Fruit, then the Strawberry Sorbet, then Melon and Lemon Drop, and lastly the Sweet Mint. I love the smell of the strawberry, the melon, the smell and tingle of the mint, yet was not impressed with the Summer Fruit or the Lemon Drop. The consistency is waxy and does not feel like it is soaking in, yet when I take it off…yes I have to take it off because it lasts forever…my lips feel soft and supple. Overall they all smell pretty good, yet the summer fruit and the Lemon Drop do not taste good. Also, the Lemon Drop seems to be a different formula, and is yellow yet shows up clear on the lips, and has a liquidy like consistancy unlike the others. Another plus is that the packaging is so cute; however it is hard to fit into a pocket so you would need to put them into a purse. I use these daily, and my lips feel nice and moisturized. They are also matte. I would repurchase all of them except for the Lemon Drop, because they give you great moisture and are overall quality balms.

Number 4: Lip Junkie by Urban Decay

I know this is considered a lip gloss, yet I love is so much that I just had to review it. I got a free sample of it with my Naked 2 Palette and just had to buy the Naked color in the full size tube. The packaging is very pretty; it has a fancy cut metal like top that is a screw on, a plastic applicator, and is in a squeeze tube. It is a very pretty, pinky nude color, and has an amazing lip gloss consistency. It is not sticky at all and goes on smoothly. It smells like vanilla mint and tastes the same, which is super yummy. I really love this gloss because, unlike many others, it is actually super moisturizing, and it plumps over a period of time. It has a soft minty tingle, yet no harsh cinnamon feeling like other plumpers. It will not plump instantly, but over time you will see a difference in your lips plumpness and moisture level if you try to wear it around twice a day. I love this gloss so much and will defiantly by another one…probably in Midnight Cowboy.

Number 3: Smiths Rosebud- Minted Rose/Strawberry

I bought both of these as an impulse buy while standing in line a Sephora. First off I have to say that they moisturize very very well, and because of that I used them both as a night balm. Also, you do not need much of it, a little goes a long way. The strawberry one smells soooo good and is a bit harder, and the minted rose one smells more minty than rose-y, has a very soft cooling feeling and is a bit softer and smother. They both look pink in the tin yet come up clear on the lips. The amount of product you get for the money is amazing. I have been using them nightly for a year, and am nowhere near out. My only problem with them is the tin they come in, seeing as how the product is on your fingers, and this could make the gloss dirty. Yet they do have a tube option, I have never tried them though. If I ever run out I would definitely repurchase all of these..

Number 2: My Favorite Night Balm by C.O Bigelow

This is by far the best night balm ever. I love it so much. I have been using it for a month, every night and still wake up to find that my lips are perfect. You can buy these at Bath and Body Works for around 7 dollars a tube, and trust me it is well worth it. This balm has no smell or taste, but it is a night balm. Also, when you wake up in the morning, I will bet that it will still be on your lips because it is rather thick. It takes my lips from bleeding and cracked to beautiful overnight. It does all that it is supposed to do and more; it also makes my lips cushion-y and plump. The only complaint is that there is not a bigger tube of it, so I would recommend buying 2 because they run out rather quickly.

Number 1: Sugar Lip Treatments by Fresh

These are the best day balms in my opinion. I own the Advanced Therapy which is clear, Honey which is a pretty nude, Coral, Plum, and Rose. I love all of these. The consistence is the smoothest of all lip products I have ever tried. The Coral and the Honey balms are not very sheer, and apply a lot of color to the lips, while the Rose and Plum are very sheer and build able. The Advanced Therapy one in the white tube is by far the best one because it smells like lemons and sugar; it hydrates perfectly and is just amazing for a treatment. it also slowly plumps your lips, without any sort f tingle. The tinted balms smell a little different than the clear ones, yet this is not a bad thing, both smell delicious. The container is also amazing. It is a metal screw on cap so it is impossible to break the tube, and it will not come undone in your purse. The only issue is that they are all very soft, so they tend to melt in mild heat. I would, and have repurchased these numerous times.


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