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Top Two Monthly Cosmetic Box Subscriptions

Updated on September 21, 2015

Hello Beauty Lovers

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?? I know! I have been, testing products like crazy! I have so many things to share and new make up tips. I have decided to start doing a few, make up tutorials! I am so excited, I love sharing how to make a beauty look. So, be watching out for some new twist on some classic looks. I have found some new favorite items, that I will be sharing very soon. I think you will be adding them, to your must have list too. Just because, I haven't been blogging, doesn't mean I haven't been working. Trust me, I have tried just in the last week, like fifteen new products. Yes, I have been busy! I do it all so I can share and can help all my fellow beauty lovers!

Are You With The New Trend

So, do you know the new hot thing right now? It's subscribing to beauty product boxes or packages. Have you tried it or know about it? If not, it's basicly like subscribing to a monthly magazine. Most of the boxes have surprise items in them, a few let you choose what you receive. I have tried both types of boxes and packages. Not sure if this is for you? Find out here, what's worth the money!



BirtchBox is my second place box. This is one of the orignal cosmetic subscriptions. This box does come in both genders female and male. So, ladies if your looking for something different for a gift, for your man, boom here you go. With this box you receive four or five products and usually a extra something. They call the extra a lifestyle extra. Like a hair accessory. A lot, of the BirtchBox products are more like skin care or nail polish. Their main focus is not make up. I do love the price just, $10 dollars a month.


Ipsy is my first place subscription! I am newest to Ipsy and already love it! I get so excited to receive my package each month. You normally will receive five products. The products consist of mostly make up and sometimes, skin products. All your products come in a cute make up travel bag, that's a nice bonus. Yes, each month is a different bag! You do take a quiz and they hand select items for you! Once, again I love this price $10 dollars a month!

Beauty Blog Giveaway

I do want to remind everyone to please, check out my blog titled, Beauty Blog Giveaway! I have decided to do this and need help picking what, to giveaway to one lucky winner. Check this blog out and vote and find all the details! Look out this week for how to enter the giveaway, it's going to be fun! I hope to do another giveaway in the future so, help me out!

Comments And Question

I do want to add, I am in no way paid, by any cosmetic company, to write reviews. I love trying new products and even telling about old favorites. If you have questions about todays product or even want a review about a different product, please feel free to ask! ~LillyRose


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