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Top Trends for 2012: Cover Ups

Updated on January 8, 2013

#1. Fringe

Why does everyone love fringe? Well besides being the most coveted embellishment among the pages of both high fashion magazines with couture editorial shoots as well as the pages of tabloid magazines with candids of celebrities grocery shopping, this trend is just plain fun. Almost transforming you to your childhood years, wearing this trend really tests your self control when it comes to swaying and swinging to see just how the fringe moves with you. Bloggers obsess about it, celebrities adore it, and we’re simply loving it.

Our top pick for fringe cover ups is the Ava Beach Taupe Poncho by L*Space Swimwear. This style features fringe detailing along the entire hemline and sleeves. Poncho sleeves create an easy, slinky silhouette and a luxurious material makes this draping beauty feel like butter against your skin. A bronzey taupe color looks fabulous against your skin tone before and after the sun.


#2. Rompers & Jumpers

Don’t let this look fool you, it’s not your ‘old school playground’ romper any longer. Rompers and jumpers can be chic and sweet or sexy and sultry, it just depends on the look and the way you wear it. These silhouettes are the perfect choice for cover up your bikini during the day whether it be to play with the kids or to grab some lunch. It’s chic, comfortable, and an easy style to put on and wear without any fussing. These styles come in so many varieties, we know it’s hard to choose!

Our top pick for Rompers & Jumpers cover ups is the Burnin’ Up Jumper by Beach Bunny. This style features a shorter boyshort design and an adjustably low neckline. Unbutton the bodice to reveal more of your suit, or button it up for dinner. Slight ruffle detailing at the leg holes, arm holes and neckline add the perfect feminine touch to this royal blue beauty.


#3. Maxi Dresses

Maxi length dresses and skirts burst onto the scene as a return performer last year and this trend has now slipped into beachwear with grace. What better way to cover up after wearing a skimpy bikini than to wear something with a low neckline and a long, long hemline. This old thought is still 100% true: low necklines mean long hemlines and high necklines mean short hemlimes. We love the maxi length look along the beach, especially in the cool ocean breeze, and it’s an easy option for comfort and style for your day and night.

Our top pick for Maxi Dresses is the Ibiza Camilla Dress by L*Space Swimwear. This style features the signature maxi length silhouette with a unique center bodice cut-out. To walk through the breeze in this dress makes you feel like the goddess you are. A bandeau style top features a slight v cut-out at the center bodice with gold hardware detailing, to show just a hint of cleavage. Sheer fabric allows this dress to be the perfect amount of coverage without being overwhelming.


#4. Crochet

Delicate detailing rules in times of spring and summer. If your style is more simplistic, but it needs at least a little ‘something’, this trend is for you. Most crochet adorns a monochromatic style to add some texture and enhance a plain silhouette. Crochet produces a truly unique look without causing excessive attention. Don’t let this detailing’s delicate and sweet side fool you, it creates the perfect powerful and sexy look when desired.

Our top pick for crochet cover ups is the Sweet & Chic Short by L*Space Swimwear. This style features a crochet overlay throughout the entire silhouette. A beautiful design with some sporty inspiration makes this pair of shorts comfortable enough for a run while the delicate crochet detailing allows it to be feminine enough for a classy dinner at sunset.


#5. Jumpsuit

Similar to the rompers & jumpers, but a tad sexier, jumpsuits are the perfect option for some serious high-fashion drama. Surprisingly, these styles help elongate your legs so they look great on petite or tall women. Especially when paired with a low neckline, this style exudes confidence and grace. Pair yours with your favorite pair of wedges and you’re ready for a day full of shopping, lunch, cocktails and dancing; it’s an all in one silhouette for an all in one day.

Our top pick for jumpsuit cover ups is the Siren in Love Cover Up by Paradizia Swimwear. This style features perfectly draped pants gathered at the ankle and a tantalizingly low v-neckline. This halter style combined with the low neckline shows off just the right amount of skin to be paired with floor length pants. Embroidered detailing along the neckline allow your eyes to follow it up to them best part of your body: your smile, of course!


#6. Mesh

Wanting something different for the beach than your regular ensembles? Try a style with mesh fabric or detailing. Utilizing mesh ensures a little ‘peek-a-boo’ of your skin without exposing too much, and it’s the perfect look along the beach. Whether it’s solid or printed, mesh provides such a different texture to those ‘regular’ fabrics. This fabrics moves ever so gently in the wind and provides a sultry look…perfect for your exotic getaway locale.

Our top pick for mesh cover ups is the Mandalay Summer Dress by Sabz Swimwear. This style features a completely mesh construction with layered bodice and a draping overlay at the bust. Cinching at the waist with the complimenting belt creates a skinny waistline. A beautiful ethnic print to match any solid suit, this dress is destined for your next exotic escape.


#7. Harem Pants

This trend is not just for tomboys anymore, pants can now be chic and luxurious. These new versions of harem pants in classic saturated colors and luxurious prints allow for your look to be fashion forward yet comfortable. With the perfect pleats highlighting your curves in all the right ways, these pants are an excellent look whether they gather at your ankle or your calf: adjust them for your desired style.

Our top pick for harem pants cover ups is the Oriental Affair Pant by Sav Summer. This style features a purely bohemian print for an overall relaxed feel. Chic, yet sophisticated, these pants are the epitome of casual elegance. Gather the pants at the calf or the ankle for variable looks. A thick waistband ensures comfort and the perfect fit with these easy, swaying pants.


#8. Ruffles

Ruffles are a girl’s best friend. This embellishment adorns a simple silhouette to add some flirty fun. Whether you’re looking to add volume in some areas or cause attention to your assets, ruffles aid in creating the perfect look. It may very well be true what they say, ‘ruffles make you want to dance’. Don a ruffled skirt or dress with your favorite, trusty heels and hit the city for a night full of dancing; trust us, you won’t regret it!

Our top pick for ruffles cover ups is the Bendito Fortaleza Skirt by Agua Bendita. This style features ruffle layers across the entire skirt and an intricately detailed thick waistband. Layers of mesh fabric ruffles add the perfect swing and sway to each step with this exotic skirt. With various prints and a mixture of saturated colors, this skirt is easy to pair with your favorite bikini for some fun in the sun.



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