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Top Women's Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 2, 2014

Dark Heart Queen

Dark Heart Queen Halloween Costume
Dark Heart Queen Halloween Costume

It is never too early for Halloween, at least to start preparing for it. When the time comes most people know where and with whom they will spend their Halloween. Will it be an open party? A family Halloween get together? Will children be part of the party? (I would hope so on that).

Halloween is a season to share with friends and family. It is a time for fun and doing things that go slightly away from the ordinary. Normally you wouldn't think of going around scaring people - actually maybe I would, but I am not necessarily the best example. The point is that this celebration is the perfect excuse to move away from the ordinary while at the same time keeping up with an old tradition. A tradition that also includes your own family circle - its traditions and peculiarities.

Amongst the various things that Halloween implies, one of the most enjoyable and "must do" things is dressing up in fancy clothes and putting on costumes. When you add a little creativity, be it with make up - and boy you can get away with some great experiments make up wise - with additional items (dark glasses, a walking stick, a bloodied handkerchief, an extra but hidden eye, a buzzing hand shake, a wig, platform shoes), in short if you can think of it you can probably use it as part of your disguise.

Costumes and Creativity

Costumes are made to impress, conceal our identities, make us look good - even downright scary, good looking, sexy and fun. And costumes come in all shapes and sizes which is good news for most of us. At least for me as I won't be paid to model in any magazine I know of.

When to comes to dressing up for Halloween you can be anything you like and those few extra pounds donĀ“t matter at all. You can go with home made costumes, make-up and perhaps a wig, or you can easily find something from ages past, ages to come, heroes and heroines, comic characters, pirates, a geisha and much more.

You can go exotic, historical, geographical or animalistic. The choice is yours.

Women and Halloween Costumes - Choices

But for many women Halloween is the perfect opportunity to wear a costume and be absolutely stunning with it. And this is not said lightly - the range of available costumes, in many different themes, is mind boggling as my science teacher used to say!

Sexy, good looking, attractive, even provocative costumes are in vogue. They make you look good, feel good and by golly you are good (although maybe, just maybe, with a tinge of wickedness - but then that's what Halloween is all about).

This year Women's Halloween costumes are fantastic, sexy and gorgeous. The top 4 best selling Halloween costumes are:

1. Batgirl Halloween Costume

2. Dark Heart Queen Halloween Costume

3. Racy Robin Hood Halloween Costume

4. Vixen Pirate WenckAdult Costume

The top four positions are very close together as these costumes all look brilliant - the difference is marginal and it is based on the consumers real choice - i.e. what they actually bought in the week of 17th October.

Geisha Costume Make Up

Top 4 Women's Halloween Costumes

Simple really - Which of these is your Top Women's Costume?

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