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Top five mistakes made when choosing a new hair color

Updated on April 15, 2013
Katy perry three different hair colors
Katy perry three different hair colors

Picking the right hair color

Picking the right hair color can totally complete your look. The wrong color or shade can do the opposite and can even make you look off like you have the flue or something. It can be hard picking the right color. You may have never done this before, you could be short on time, feeling impulsive or just don't know where to start when it comes to picking out the right color. That's okay these are the five common mistakes that are made all the time and they are super easy to avoid if you know what they are.

Hair color that clashes with skin tone
Hair color that clashes with skin tone

Number one

Picking out a color that clashes with your skin tone

This can make a huge difference. The right hair color will make your skin glow. The wrong color can make your skin looked washed out and even sick. The best way to determine the right colors for your skin tone is to determine whether you are warm or cool toned. Cool tones will look great with cool colors with blue and violet undertones. This means instead of a black with a red undertone you probably look one hundred percent nicer in the black with the blue hue. Warm tones look better in warm colors that have red and yellow undertones. This means that platinum might not be your shade of blonde but a nice warm honey blonde will look fabulous. If you are one of the lucky few who have neutral toned skin then you have many options. You do not have as many limits try picking out something that goes with your eyes.

Beautiful pink hair perfect for a pop star but maybe not for a cashier or bank teller
Beautiful pink hair perfect for a pop star but maybe not for a cashier or bank teller

Number two

To wild

Sometimes it can be nice to do something wild like cup cake pink. These colors are fun and exciting. The truth is that as fun as they are most jobs, places of business and even some parents are not all that fond of these colors. You may even get tired of the color and what I have noticed about bright unnatural colors is that they tend to fade more quickly. Now this may not matter or apply to you or situation in that case go on and try out that rainbow look for me. If the above does apply to you have no fear you can use things like hair chalk and temporary dyes to get the same look. Even if you plan to go with a bright shade permanently try the color in a temporary dye first to see how it goes.

Wrong color for skin tone
Wrong color for skin tone

Number Three

does not make your eyes pop

This may not seem like a such a deal but the right color is going to compliment your natural beauty and make your eyes whatever the color look gorgeous. You might love the color on the box but that picture on the front is a model and you may have a completely different look. I have to remind myself of this all the time. Think about your favorite eye shadow pallet. These colors usually make your eyes look beautiful and stand out try using that color pallet to help you out.


Number four

Buying the cheapest box

Not all box dyes are created equally. No matter what the commercial or advertisement may have you thinking think again. What I really like to do is go to the beauty supply store and ask them. You can also check out reviews and see what other people who have used the dye have to say about there experience. Then make a choice that suits your budget but does not make you settle for poor quality. It takes more money to correct and redye or remove color than just buying a decent product to begin with.


Number five

Picking out a color to quickly or rushing

This is the one that I am most guilty of myself. It is all to easy to get over whelmed by choices or in a hurry. When you don't get much time to do these kinds of things it is easy to just rush and pick out a color that looks alright or just think well I will just see how this one turns out. Wait! Don't do it. If it does not turn out it will take more time and money than if you just take your time. Get a second opinion really think it through especially if this a permanent color. The more mistakes you make the more you have to do to correct it and hair can only take so much damage and still look pretty.

The perfect hair color
The perfect hair color

The right hair color

When choosing a new hair color try to remember to...

  • Take your time
  • Make sure it makes your skin glow
  • Makes your eyes pop
  • Suits your life style not just personality
  • You buy quality dye

When you follow this checklist your hair color will be dazzling for sure.

Hair coloring mistakes

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