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Top hair packs of long and thick hair

Updated on November 10, 2013

You take care of your body, but often forget to take care of your hair. Just like your body it too needs care to make it healthy and shining.

My mother always tells me that today’s youngsters spend a lot of money visiting beauty parlors for facials, hair treatment which they can have it done at home. You visit beauty parlors in the hope they might make you hair shiny and lustrous and sometimes you are cheated as they use high chemicals which proves harmful for your hair in the long run.

You can take care of your hair through simple and time proven packs which makes your hair long and thick. It is not costly and it does not contain any chemicals either .But you should not apply the pack once in a while and feel you see no improvement. Your persistent care in applying these highly effective packs is going to do the trick in making your hair grow. Here we go.

1. Fenugreek pack.

Fenugreek makes your hair soft and shining and it is widely used in India where it is very common to see women having long hair.


1.Fenugreek-2 tablespoon

2.Curd-4 tablespoon

White of egg-1

Soak fenugreek for two hours and blend it into a smooth paste. Add curd and well beaten white of an egg.Mix well and apply on your hair and leave it for half an hour. Add a little water for consistency. Wash thoroughly in warm water. Your hair will feel so soft and silky. Fenugreek is difficult to wash, so you should take time to rinse it completely.

2. Curd pack.

Curd conditions your hair and is very effective in giving your hair the much needed moisture.


Curd-1\2 cup.

White of egg- 1

Henna powder-2 table spoon

Mix all the ingredients well and apply all over your hair. Wash after half an hour. Do this once a week.

3. Amla pack

Gooseberry or amla as it is called in India is very good to make your hair grow and regular use of it will give your hair the much needed sheen and shine.


Amla powder-2 tablespoon


Henna powder-2 table spoon.

Mix all the ingredients and make a smooth paste. Apply over your hair and wash after half an hour.Henna has the tendency to give your hair a slightly brown tint, but it is very effective in making your hair grow.

4. Hibiscus pack

Hibiscus is another main ingredient in the packs Indian women use to make their hair grow long and thick

Take the leaves of the ordinary red hibiscus and five red flowers and make smooth paste. Add water if you want or you can use curd also. Apply throughout your hair and wash after half an hour. Run your hand over your hair and feel its smoothness.

5. Brahmi pack

Brahmi is the key ingredient to make your hair grow thick and long and regular use of it makes you see visible difference.


Brahmi powder-5 table spoons

Curd-\2 cup

Henna powder-3 table spoons

Amla powder-3 table spoons

Mix all the ingredients and apply over your hair. Wait for twenty minutes and wash your hair in warm water.

You should use the packs once a week regularly to see good results. Who would not want long and thick hair? Do not use chemicals which will damage your hair. There are so many wonder treatments available for you to have lustrous hair. All you need is will and the drive.

© 2012 mathira


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    • profile image

      indu 3 years ago

      Thnx a lot 4 sharing dis, im gonna try doing dis, lemme use it 1st den i ll post ma experience in d follow comment

    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 5 years ago from Texas

      Thank you for sharing this... I'm always interested in new ways to care for hair and I have not heard of these before...My hair is a mess right now! Thanks again.. voting up!