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Top pimple remedies that can easily do at home

Updated on April 15, 2015

What is Acne ?

Acne or pimple is known as painful gel rise on the face .It’s very annoying because it bring discomfort to you. There are numbers of various methods to treat your acne and get rid of it quickly. Don’t ever squish your pimple ever, this might goes bacteria further in to your skin and it will be the reason of infection your skin or lead in to a scar on your face. This is something that everybody does and it leads to scar on your face so hands of and do not pick the acne. Following are the best 5 homemade pimple remedies witch can use to cure your pimple problem immediately.

  1. Use of benzoyl peroxide
  2. Pimple Treatment using warm towel
  3. Pimple Treatment using Manuka Honey
  4. Zeno Electronic Device for Pimple and Acne
  5. Pimple Treatment using Asprin

Hope that mentioned home made remedies will useful to eliminate the acne in your face fast. I will briefly explain how to use these home made remedies to instant cure this unnecessary pimples. There are hundred's of remedies which use to get immediate relief from your pimple.

Use of benzoyl peroxide

Using of benzoyl peroxide cream is on e of the good option and great pimple remedies to treat your skin. You can find benzoyl peroxide cream at your pharmacy easily. Generally these preparations are range up to 10% of benzoyl peroxide; it will dry the pimple or acne very well. So the benzoyl peroxide will be your better treatment of your choice for acne. Benzyl peroxide reduces bacteria and salicylic acid help to unclog pores .so use cream which contains benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Beware that benzyl peroxide bleach cloths, so you have to careful if you apply benzoyl peroxide at night to your acne will touch your cloth or bed sheets.

Pimple Treatment using warm towel

There are several treatment options to treat your pimple in proper manner. The most ancient pimple remedies method is take towels put it in to some warm water and apply the towel in specific acne or pimple area of your face. Do the above procedure for 3 to 5 minutes. Remember don’t apply to hot water, as if your apply too hot water it will create some other issues on your skin. So the use of just warm water is fine by putting a towel. The heat of the towel will use to decrease intensity of the acne. This is a very easy and effective method to use and there are no such sides effects from these pimple remedies.

Pimple Treatment using Manuka Honey

Take some menuka honey from health food store and apply it on small bandage and stick it on your pimple before your bed so the pimple will far less notice by next day, if it’s difficult to find menuka honey you can also use tooth paste and apply small amount of it on your pimple before bed. Take care not to spread tooth paste around your pimple so that skin area of your will also get dry out.This honey or tooth past can find very easily from your nearside grocery and you can easily do this remedy at home.

Zeno Electronic Device for Pimple and Acne

There are other good pimple remedies options such as electronic device called Zeno. Zeno will create a heat so you have to apply that direct heat create by zeno to your acne. Zeno provide a deep heat in acne’s and remove 50% of acne. You have to use the Zeno electronic device as soon as acne pop out. So you can chose and apply any pimple remedy method to treat your acne in proper way at home.It is wiser to consult a doctor and get the advice from him before you use Zeno Electronic Device.

Pimple Treatment using Asprin

Get aspirin then crash it and apply few drop of water and mix it with aspirin. Soak it with a tip of cotton or cotton cloth and hold it on your pimple area for 15 second. This won’t make pimple disappear but it can reduce the redness of your pimple.This is also a useful home reedy tips to reduce your pimple at home. Before using any of the above and following home made remedies it is wiser to consult a doctor and get a idea about the stage of your pimple and skin.

Best 5 Pimple Remedies

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Some Pimple Remedy Tips

There are so many home remedies available to cut the acne and pimples that you got. Before do anything its better to consult a doctor and check whether above remedies were suitable for your skin. Some of these remedies not get better scientific explanation but it may good medicine for some problems in your skin. Hope you get some idea that how to reduce the pimples and I am plan to post more demises regarding pimple care in my future posts.


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