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Top ten ways to remove wrinkles in your face.

Updated on October 11, 2013

Keep wrinkles at bay.

Wrinkles can make you look elderly and mature beyond your age. Can wrinkles be avoided and removed? Once wrinkles appear in your face, it is very difficult to remove them and the best you can do is to make them less obvious. But day to day skin care can keep wrinkles at bay.

  1. Sun can damage your skin as nothing else. You should apply sunscreen at least twenty minutes before venturing out in the sun. Most of you take sunscreen lightly and go out in the sun without protection. The damage of ultra violet rays can make you look aged and wrinkled.
  2. ‘Do not frown as you might develop wrinkles’ my mother used to advice me always. You misuse your facial muscles in the worst possible way. You squint, pull your lips down and when wiping your face you use rough movements with the towel. Be gentle and kind to your skin.
  3. Always have a happy mindset and keep smiling. ‘What is there to smile about in my hectic life style’ you might lament. But when you are happy you smile a lot and your face looks young and fresh.
  4. Night creams are very essential to moisturize your tired skin. When your skin loses its moisture it gets dried up and wrinkled. Slash a good nourishing night cream liberally over your face and blend well. Use gentle strokes and always use upward movements.
  5. Take the white of an egg and beat it to a frothy thickness. Add besan flour to it and blend well. Apply over your face evenly and let it dry. When the pack gets dried, apply another coating and let it dry completely. Wash your face in warm water. This pack cannot be removed easily and do not scrub your face roughly to remove it. Wash patiently till the pack is completely removed. Pat your face dry. You can see visibly your skin looking young.
  6. You should not forget to take care of your neck and concentrate just on your face. Your neck is very prone to wrinkles and you should take extra care to keep it hydrated and moisturized. The egg pack is very good for your neck also. Use it regularly to see good results.
  7. Eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of water as it keeps your skin hydrated and youthful. Green leafy vegetables, fresh juices, butter milk, coconut water are all excellent for youthful skin.
  8. Good sleep, avoiding alcohol and smoking and leading a healthy life style give youthfulness to your skin.
  9. Exfoliating your skin regularly removes the dead cells and exposes the fresh and youthful skin underneath. Always be gentle in your movements.
  10. Use a gentle face wash which is kind to the natural oils of your skin. When you use harsh soaps it removes the protective layer of natural oil of your skin and makes it dry and wrinkled.

You should not start your skin care regimen after you see wrinkles in your face. You should begin strict care of your skin from your young age itself so that you can maintain your skin and avoid unwanted wrinkles.


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    • profile image

      Jennifer Suchey 4 years ago

      Your hub provides some good information. Easy to read and informative list. I would encourage you to punctuate your titles properly, leaving off the period at the end and capitalizing the appropriate words. A good way to check which words should be capitalized is this site: You simply enter your title and click a button and it shows you how to capitalize it. There are variations in rules for capitalizing titles, but I use this to take the guess work out. I was given this site by a company I do freelance writing for and am required to capitalize all my titles and subtitles with it.

      Again, very nice hub. :)

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      Thank you for the visit,prasetio30.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 4 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Very informative hub. Thanks for writing and share with us. Voted up!