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Top Tips For Keeping Hair Damage Free

Updated on March 26, 2016

1. Wide tooth comb's save the hair!

This one seems quite obvious, but without a wide tooth comb i would be lost! When out the shower i like to brush through my leave in conditioner. When hair is wet, it is in its most vulnerable state, meaning it is not good to brush hair wet. The name of the comb gives it away- it has wide tooths therefore does not drag through the hair while splitting it.

If you brush your hair with an ordinary hair brush when wet i would definitely purchase a wide tooth comb to do so to reduce damage. Also, another tip is to brush your hair before you wash it in the shower, this minimised damage afterwards as you are not trying to get the knots out when its at its most fragile! It also makes the conditioner sit better in the hair.

You can purchase a wide toothed comb from so many places online and in stores, they are easy to find.

2- Don't make the water to hot!

I always have my shower boiling and i forget heat can damage hair and this counts as the shower water. If the water is very hot for you, then it is for your hair as well. Simply make the water cooler when your hair goes under to reduce damage from heat. It can make hair weak and brittle.

The same applies for heat styling to. I always let my hair dry naturally however if i do not have time then i will blow dry it with the heat setting to cool. This reduces damage greatly.

Natural is better!

This one is quite obvious when you think about it. By going natural i mean not to many products used, not to much hairstyling, and trying to find a more natural shampoo or conditioner. I know some people who make their own shampoo and conditioner from house hold items and they have said it has worked wonders on there hair. You should research more into this if interested- i mean have you seen the amount of ingredients or chemicals in your shampoo! The more natural the shampoo the less stripping it will be and natural oils will balance on the scalp. A balanced scalp means a healthy one!

Brush like your hair is made of gold!

Brushing, for me seems to just snap them ends of. If there is ever a time that i stay indoors, my hair ends up in a bun for a few days and does not get touched. Great at the time, but when i go to brush through it before a shower it is honestly like a birds nest and i cannot stand it. But gotta get the knots out right?

I use a wooden hair brush. I ordered it online and it is said that the wood absorbs oils and distributes them equally through the hair, and the bristles (or whatever you call them) are thick meaning then do not split the hair and pull it apart roughly.

I also try to take my time when brushing it- however usually i get impatient and end up yanking through it and then regretting it after!

Leave longer between washes

I usually leave my hair at least 3 days before i next wash. You may be thinking gross, but it really isn't. I used to not be able to last 1 day because my hair would get greasy to quick, however your hair definitely does get used to it and the oils balance allowing you to leave your hair longer before needing a wash.

Remember every time you wash your hair you strip it of its natural oils and these oils are what is making your hair healthy. It might be ok for your scalp who get these oils all the time, however your poor ends remain dry all the time and do need a break. Hair can become brittle leading to hair breakage and making it look thinner and dull.

Oil treatments

I have always read how you should do a hair mask a week. Honestly, the best hair mask is coconut oil. Ditch any drug store chemical hair masks and just use oils. Oil treatments really do work.

I love Coconut oil- it is the only oil that really can penetrate into the hair cortex. This is because of its make up and fatty acid chains. I put the oil all over dry hair(which isn't the easiest) and then put it in a bun and put a t-shirt over my head and sleep on it. By morning, i make sure i wash it out as it usually smells funny! I usually have to shampoo twice to get it all out, and afterwards my hair is so soft and feels tonnes healthier.


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