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Touch Screen Gloves

Updated on April 2, 2015

Touch Screen Gloves

Touch screens are no longer a novelty; they're a common part of everyday life. As things like cell phones and tablets have replaced just about everything from address books to newspapers, it seems that one of the first things we grab in the morning is a touch screen device.

Anybody who resides in colder climates understands the frustrations associated with wearing warm gloves while still having the hand mobility necessary to accomplish simple everyday tasks. Touch screen gloves from Agloves are ideal for maintaining warmth while not being too bulky as to disallow free hand and finger movement.


Why we need touchscreen gloves

Touchscreen gloves are no longer a novelty... they are a necessity. In today’s technologically advanced times many have become reliant on texting with their cellular phones or browsing through E-mail on the Ipod; this can be made more difficult while wearing gloves during a frigid day.It's just not convenient while you're waiting for the bus or waiting for the car to warm up to remove your gloves to conduct these tasks.

However, other more traditional tasks such as handling and using keys, thumbing through mail, or giving a simple handshake are also proven trickier while wearing poorly designed gloves on cold days. Not only are touch screen gloves effective during the winter, they are also quite useful during sweltering summer days as well.

Touch screen gloves won’t become uncomfortable during any time of the year as they brilliantly maintain a comfortable temperature for the hands regardless of the elements outside. They can also be worn for many years without ever causing internal sweat build up. Sweat build-up and its resulting stains are common problems with traditional gloves. Touch screen gloves are designed to breathe well. This design increases their lives as useful gloves.

The greatest benefit of wearing touch screen gloves is the amount of independence each finger has in terms of mobility. This allows for easily operating cell phones, laptops, cameras, or any other modern electrical portable device that requires free and accurate finger movement. Touch screen gloves are as durable as their construction suggests. Furthermore, they are designed to not smudge or scratch the sensitive screens found on many devices.

About AGloves

Made in the United States, these seamless gloves are made with a high level of craftsmanship. They are constructed of 60 percent polyester, 29 percent nylon, seven percent silver nylon, three percent spandex, and one percent acrylic. These gloves are remarkably form-fitting, particularly around the fingers. Their polyester base allows for quick drying, firm fitting, and all of the qualities often associated with the fabric. The nylon explains their incredible durability and long lasting qualities; the silver nylon is for the purpose of cosmetically highlighting the palms and fingers. The spandex greatly improves the gloves’ flexibility allowing the fingers to act freely of each other while being able to operate naturally. This is why it is believed that the gloves are at their best when they fit snugly onto one’s fingertips. In a show of confidence, Aglove offers their touch screen gloves complete with a 90 day warranty so buyers know they have plenty of time to fairly judge the gloves before making their own decisions about their quality. Touch screen gloves are available in the two unisex sizes of S/M and M/L.

Touch screen gloves are extremely convenient during any time of year. They are great for staying warm during winter months but also perfect for summer days and they do not smudge the screens of portable devices. Touch screen gloves make a great purchase for anyone seeking quality gloves without sacrificing hand mobility.

Agloves - how to make gloves work on touchscreens, iPhones, Androids


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