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Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen Review

Updated on May 23, 2013
Touche Eclat radiant Touch
Touche Eclat radiant Touch | Source

Radiant Touch - The Best Highlighter on the Market?

Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat is claimed to be the best highlighter on the market. A huge favorite within the fashion and celebrity world. Touche Eclat can work well as a concealer due to it's light reflecting particles but I must stress it is not a concealer but rather a highlighter.

If you have dark rings round your eyes or have large pores this will not benefit you fully as it won't conceal, it will however make the area look brighter and fresher. As it's a highlighter it will make the dark rings and pores less noticeable. First and foremost Touche Eclat is a highlighter.

Once you buy this highlighter you will never buy anything else. YSL customers are extremely loyal to the product.

Touche Eclat was developed in the 90's but the formula for making it today is different. The reason for this is due to the Inventor leaving Yves Saint Laurent and taking the patent for product with her.

YSL had to quickly come up with a new formula to equal what was previously invented. This issue doesn't seem to have affected sales in any way as the highlighter is claimed by many to be the leading product in it's field.

On this page you will see my review of Touche Eclat including the best way to apply it, the shades available and an alternative review video.

What Will Touche Eclat Do for You?

As previously stated Touch Eclat is a highlighter and not a concealer. Many people have bought Touche Eclat on the basis that it will conceal. It doesn't. It can however work well as a very light under-the-eye concealer, this is due to the light reflecting pigments within the product.

Touche Eclat will eradicate the signs of fatigue and will brighten up the complexion of your face. The luminizing pen form will make you look radiant and fresh, making your face light up. It will waken up your eyes and cover any light blemishes.

The smooth luscious texture will not cake your face and leave your face feeling and looking light and fresh.

Is Touche Eclat the Best Highlighter Pen?
Is Touche Eclat the Best Highlighter Pen? | Source

The Shades of Touche Eclat

Until fairly recently Touche Eclat was only available as 1 color shade. There are now 12 in the range to choose from but blend from a shade 1 through to a shade 7. You can see these shades below.

Make-up artist feedback forced Yves Saint Laurent to develop and provide new shades. It seems that they are listening to their customers and working on the feedback.

The shade variations seemed to be very much required.

1 Luminous Radiance:The ultimate highlighter
1.5 Luminous Silk: For fair complexions with pink undertones
2 Luminous Ivory: For fair complexions with golden undertones
2.5 Luminous Vanilla
3 Light Peach: For warm and golden-beige complexions
3.5 Luminous Almond
4 Luminous Coffee
4.5 Luminous Sand
5 Luminous Honey: For Mediterranean complexions
5.5 Luminous Praline
6 Luminous Amber: For Mixed African complexions
7 Luminous Mocha: For dark complexions

Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat
Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat | Source

How to Apply

There are a couple of variations but this depends on how much you want to apply. Your really don't want to apply too much as the product is good enough to make a difference in small amounts.

Rather than drawing lines where you want to apply the highlighter make a dotted line instead. Apply in these areas:

  • Under the eyes
  • Just above the brow
  • The creases along your nose
  • Outline of your lips
  • A little around the chin

With one or two fingers pat the dotted line of the Touche Eclat into your skin until you have the desired affect. Apply to areas of the face where dark shadows appear, Touche Eclat will brighten these areas up.

Another method would be to apply as normal and dab lightly with your fingers and then use a makeup brush to blend into the skin.

A Great Video on How to Apply YSL Touche Eclat

Comparing Touche Eclat and Maybelline DreamLumi Highlight Concealer

Touche Eclat & Others from YSL
Touche Eclat & Others from YSL | Source

A Review of Touche Eclat Radiant Touch

As a man, I haven't used Touch Eclat, but my lovely Partner has and has been faithful to it for years, even after trying many alternatives.

First of all I believe Touche Eclat to be rather expensive, but as my partner has put it "it lasts ages". She has tried alternatives but the feel and the results suit her. I suppose it all depends on your skin type and what you wish to get out of Touche Eclat. If it's highlighting then it seems the only one you should have.

As it's more of a highlighting pen than a concealer it wont do what a concealer is supposed to. This product is probably not suitable if you have very severe dark under-eye circles or large pores.

Although it is a highlighter it will help if you have minor dark under eye circles as it wont conceal but help minimize their appearance and will truly brighten up your face.

It's not thick and creamy and blends in very smoothly, you wont get thick gummy cream. It lasts a long time. My partners last over a year.

One of the main benefits of Touche Eclat is that it looks natural. It's not something painted thickly so the blend to your natural skin tone look incredible. When you step into natural light your face will glow and you'll look awake and alive. A real booster to confidence.

The packaging is also great as it can can easily be transported. It is a pen after all. It has it''s own applicator as well and your can blend in with your fingers if need be. This means you can touch up wherever and whenever.

Touche Eclat Radiant Touch is a fantastic product which no women should be without.

The only negative point would be the price. But compared to other similar products and the length of time it lasts I feel this negative can be overlooked.


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