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Best Wall Mounted Towel Warmers 2015

Updated on June 13, 2015

Best Freestanding Towel Warmers

Some of the best freestanding towel warmers have been reviewed in this article to help you in finding the right product.

Few things in life are more relieving than a warm towel that waits to cover you when you step out of the bathtub. This is the reason more and more people are including towel warmers in their bathroom inventory. When it is humid, a towel warmer will keep your towels from growing mildew and stinking and when it is cold it will warm the towels as it warms your bathroom. All in all, it is an affordable luxury that will add much to your lifestyle as it enhances the way your bath looks. Choosing the right towel warmer will allow you to enjoy warmth for the next few decades. To help you in this decision, I have brought together the best selling wall mounted towel warmers in this review and listed their pros and cons in a detailed and evenhanded manner. It is up to you to make up your mind about the towel warmer that will best fit your needs.

Why a Wall Mounted Towel Warmer?

Wall mount towel warmers are suitable for people who own their home and will be using the same bathroom for the next few decades. Once mounted, the towel warmer will not occupy the floor of your bathroom and will not bear risk of being toppled. Moreover it will better blend in with the décor of your bathroom and will reflect a more mature I'm-here-to-stay image rather than the tenant image associated with the freestanding towel warmer. Depending on the model, mounted towel warmers can also be hardwired, removing the need to deal with a cord and making your bathroom even neater.

Choosing the right Towel Warmer

The basic purpose of a towel warmer is to warm things and the best towel warmer is the one that warms things the best. No matter the type of towel warmer you are looking for, the first thing you have to pay attention is how much and how quickly it heats up. A towel warmer should reach maximum temperature in a reasonable time and the maximum temperature should be high enough to make your towels really warm, rather than just speed up the drying process.

That being said, there is also a very important difference between buying a freestanding towel warmer and a mount towel warmer. The freestanding towel warmer is much easier to get rid of if you do not like it for some reason. It can be sent away for service and even if it breaks and the warranty is over, you can just throw it away and you will lose no more than the initial cost of the product. Wall mounted towel warmers are different. You have to drill holes in your bathroom wall to get them operational and if they have to go away for some reason you will be left with broken tiles. The idea is simple. When buying a wall mounted towel warmer, do not go for the cheap. Do not destroy your beautiful bathroom wall for a Chinese knock-off that will have to be replaced in a few years. Pay a few more pennies to get a towel warmer you can use for decades.

Jerdon HSKC Warmrails Kensington Wall Mounted Towel Warmer

Jerdon HSKC and similar models of the Warmrails brand fill the first few positions as the best selling fixed towel warmers in the market. This should however by no means be taken as a sign that they are actually the best. The reason for the popularity of the brand appears to be the fact that in the past it used to manufacture some high-end bathroom accessories. Everyone who has had an encounter with Warmrails towel warmers stress that their products became very low quality starting with sometime in 2010, when the company got turned over to some low-cost Chinese supplier. Presently, the towel warmers of this brand bear several caveats that need to be pointed out.

There are many issues with this towel warmer that customers complain about. First, its chrome or nickel finish is counterfeit. Instead, the towel warmer is covered in low quality paint that peels off before long. Many complain it went dead after a while and one customer says she had to dismantle it after it began to rust. There is even someone who reports that plastic switch-on button melted away. They all complain that they have to tear away the towel warmer from their bathroom now and find a way to fill the holes in the wall. And one says the contractor refused to put it on the wall for it was something like plastic.

Another big issue with the Jerdon Warmrails towel warmers is that they hardly dry the towels, let alone warm them up to levels to give you a comforting embrace after shower. Most accounts on customer experiences point out that towels were hardly at room temperature and dried a little quicker than they would have on a regular rack. The product description states it takes 30-40 minutes to reach optimum temperature and 2-3 hours for maximum heat. This is a very long time and according to the customer reviews even if left switched on for hours a considerable heating effect does not materialize.

The power consumption is quite low: 105 watts for the big one that is the same size as most other mountable towel warmers and 50 watts for the small one that is half the size. But low power consumption is not going to get you anywhere as long as you don't get the warm towels.

As for the warranty, it is just one year while most brands give two years.

Jerdon HSKC Warmrails Kensington Wall Mounted Towel Warmer and the similar but smaller brother, HSRC could be of any value if the cost had been a fraction of what it is. Perhaps then I could have recommended them as low cost alternatives but with the current price, I see no reason for not preferring the Amba towel warmers reviewed below.

MySon Pearl WPRL10

WPRL 10 is the best selling towel warmer of MySon Pearl series and indeed, it is a decent item. There are not many incidents where this thing broke or went dead after a short while. It is made of hard stainless steel and there is a two year warranty. Here, we have a product with some durability and the price is also not bad.

The maximum temperature for MySon Pearl WPRL10 is 135 ºF or 57 ºC. I would say this is not the hottest towel warmer but some customers think otherwise. They are happy with its warmth and some even complain it gets too hot. This makes one think that the real maximum temperature of this towel may be higher than what is claimed in the product description. The problem with the Pearl seems to be that it takes a long time to heat up and after a while it sort of overheats. Also, the towel warmer reportedly heats unevenly. The horizontal rods heat more than the vertical frame rods. At first this seems to be good feature because horizontal rods are the ones that heat the towel. But reportedly, they can get way too hot sometimes to the degree of leaving marks on towels. Concerning the heating performance, Myson towel warmer could be called somewhat capricious.

WPRL 10 cannot be hardwired. It is only available in plug-in variety.

Considering power consumption, WPRL10 is 185 watts, which is really much more than an Amba towel warmer with similar size. This is strange because Myson Pearl is actually a bit lighter than Amba and lighter stuff is supposed to take less energy to heat. I don't know what it does with all the electricity. Anyway, this does not mean WPRL10 is a bad choice. It is quite a good towel warmer and many people end up happy with this product. Yet, my personal advice is to have a look at the Amba Radiant Series first and then make your final decision.

Amba Radiant Series Towel Warmers

The towel warmer you see here offers an optimized performance for the price range it belongs to. Hence, this product earns the recommended badge for this review.

Amba Radiant Series heat up evenly and very quickly. This is done by an innovative heating technology included in the design. Nothing fancy really, they simply put electric wires throughout the towel warmer so all parts get hot at the same time. These towel warmers do heat up in 15 minutes and up to a decent 149ºF or 65ºC. This is the best temperature attained by any towel warmer at this price range.

Radiant towel warmers do this with a power consumption of 150 watts. This is also a good energy performance when compared to similar products of other brands.

The warranty is two years.

Amba Radiant Series Towel Warmers are available in plug-in and hardwired versions. Options include curved or straight bars with brushed or polished finishes. In total, there are eight different varieties of which two are displayed below.

Prices wary but in general, Amba Towel Warmers are slightly more expensive than other brands, for instance the Myson Pearl reviewed above. The highly dependable warming performance should more than compensate for the difference. But there is also another important and neglected point.

All Amba Towel Warmers including these ones are made of grade 304 stainless steel, while MySon Pearl series is grade 201 stainless steel. What is the difference? Suffice it to say that 304 is more corrosion resistant while 201 is cheaper. Needless to say that rust resistance is important for something you will place in your bathroom. So the point here is obvious. You are going to drill your wall for the towel warmer so get the one that is sure to last longer even if it is going to cost a little bit more and in the long term you are going to rejoice your decision.

Thermique Wall Mounted Heated Glass Towel Warmer

What is seen in the picture is the ultimate towel warming device that caters to people who desire the best of everything. The product has even won design awards such as the Best New Bath Product award at 2005 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.

Thermique is a brand that specializes in products that employ an innovative heating glass technology. Their towel warmers use a glass bar to heat towels instead of the metal rods used by conventional towel warmers. This makes Thermique more effective than other products because the more extensive contact with the towel allows the heat to be transferred to all parts of the fabric at the same time. Thermique wall mounted towel warmer will also heat up faster than all other towel warmers and reach an unrivaled 170°F or 77°C. This is the best wall towel warmer if you want to get pampered by hot towels when your bath session is over.

Needless to say that Thermique heated glass towel warmer is equipped with a timer and a 2-hour auto turn-off feature that helps save energy.

Another plus with Thermique towel warmer is how great it will look on your wall. There are two size options and several metal finishes to choose from and all of them will prove to be a beautiful addition to your bathroom décor.

Weight of the towel warmers was not discussed so far in this review because they will be stuck to a wall and will no be carried around. But this one needs a mention. This towel warmer has an enormous weight of 48 lbs! No reason to freak out, just talk to your contractor to see if something has be done on your bathroom wall for it to be able bear the load. Thermique towel warmer has no plug-in model and it must be hardwired by a professional contractor.

All in all, if you have the finances, furnishing your bathroom with a Thermique wall mounted towel warmer is a serious investment that will add a luxurious touch to your lifestyle and much value to your home.


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      3 years ago

      Your review of the Amba RWP-CB states it is constructed of grade 304 stainless steel. When clicking on the product name and being switched to the Amazon site, the information on Amazon states it is constructed of 18/8 stainless steel. Why the difference in material from one site to another?


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