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Toy Watch Sale

Updated on February 20, 2011

The Toy Watch brand is an up and coming fashion brand out of Italy.  These watches have been exploding in popularity as they gain more and more exposure.  They 've gotten boosts from big names like Michelle Obama, Oprah, Miley Cyrus, and Randy Johnson to name a few.  Then they got another big jump when Sandra Bullock wore the white Toy Watch in the movie the Blindside.  Basically, these watches provide sound timekeeping devices that provide bold and colorful style. 

The Toy Watches pride themselves on bold colors and wild styles.  They run the gamut from all black watches to wild orange Toy Watches to very stylish yet mainstream Heavy Metal watches that combine their proprietary plastic with highly polished stainless steel.  And while they cater heavily towards the ladies toy watches, there are surprisingly just as many Toy Watches for men on sale.

Now if you are looking to buy Toy Watches online for the best price, your best bet is to buy them from Amazon.  From all of my research, Amazon has the lowest prices on Toy Watches and are seemingly always running a Toy Watch sale.  You can find numerous watches on sale up to 50% and sometimes more.  Plus nearly all of the ToyWatch watches qualify for free shipping.  And if you act now, you can get any watch over $150 with 6 month no interest financing. 

Click Here to Check Out Amazon's Selection of Toy Watches

Toy Watch Sale

To try and help you find a Toy Watch you love, we've provided just a small sample of the Toy Watches on Sale at Amazon.  You can click on any of the pictures to the right to learn more or buy the watch.  Happy Shopping

Jelly Toy Watch Sale

The Jelly Toy Watches are best known for their jelly like rubber watch bands. Similar to the jelly purse craze, these watches are made with a similar material and come in all sorts of bright vibrant colors. They use a quartz movement which keeps time impeccably and are water resistant up to 100 meters. What's great about the Jelly Toy watches is that they are very light and comfortable. Who says fashion has to be uncomfortable?

Plasteramic Toy Watch Sale

The Plasteramic Toy Watches are an innovative approach that borrows from the typical ceramic watch design and creates a solid plastic version.  The Plasteramic watches are very durable and look just like a ceramic watch.  But they are much more comfortable and provide much more flexibility and options than a ceramic watch.  What's fun about the Plasteramic collection is that they provide a wide array of vibrant watches that capture the essence of a high fashion luxury watch but are offered at just a fraction of the price.


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