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Toy Watches Ladies

Updated on February 21, 2011

The ladies' Toy Watches have made popular by star endorsements such as the above watch worn by Sandra Bullock in the Blindside. You can buy this and all other Toy Watches for Women at Amazon. Click Here to See the Entire Selection of Ladies Toy Watches on Amazon

The ToyWatch watch company has exploded in popularity as a result of some high profile endorsements. Everyone from Oprah to Miley Cyrus to Michelle Obama have been seen sporting one of the different Toy Watch styles. And after Sandra Bullock was seen wearing a white Toy Watch in the blindside, you can believe that everyone went to check it out.

And while there are many Toy Watches for men, the majority of these watches are designed for women. They offer numerous different styles that take advantage of their high tech plastics to produce watches of all colors and style. So if you're looking for a high fashion yet cheap Toy Watch, the following watches are your best bet.

Below is a ladies Toy Watch review that showcases some of the most popular toy watch styles for ladies. While researching the different watches for this article, we discovered that Amazon had the best price on ladies Toy Watches for sale online. In addition to having the lowest prices, they offer free shipping on just about every watch and for a limited time they are providing 6 month no-interest financing on any watch over $149. You can see all of the watches in their Toy Watch Sale using the link in the caption above. We've also outlined special deals in the product displays below.

Ladies Jelly Toy Watches

One of the most popular of the ladies toy watches are the Jelly watches.  These watches utilize their specialized rubber design to create a very lightweight and flexible watch.  The Jelly Toy Watches utilize bright colors to provide a highly noticeable fashion watch.  They have just about every color imaginable from white to black, purple to pink and blue to orange Toy Watches.  The cool thing about the jelly watches is that the watch body can be popped out to change straps so you can mix and match any color.  Plus, they have diamond studded watches you can pop in to provide that extra bling.

Ladies Plasteramic Toy Watches

Another popular series is the Plasteramic Toy watches.  These watches have the look of a nice dress ceramic watch, but are actually made out of plastic.  This gives the watches a completely different feel that is both lightweight and comfortable.  And just like the Jelly Toy Watches, the Plasteramic watches offer a full range of different colors and styles.  The watch that Sandra Bullock wore in the Blindside was a Plasteramic watch.  Anyhow, these watches look less like a toy and more like a legitimate watch.  The fun thing is that these watches come in many different colors and you can all sorts of accents from rotating bezels to diamond covered bezels to chronographs to make the watch you want.

Ladies Heavy Metal Watches

The Ladies Heavy Metal Watches are where the Toy Watches are no longer considered just a fashion watch and are accepted as the real deal.  These watches are a beautiful and stylish mix of the plasteramic material and design with tasteful metal accents.  These watches look like true luxury watches and many of them offer the same features as luxury watches but are a fraction of the cost.  These watches have the option for everything from a rotating bezel for timing to chronographs for use as a stopwatch to a tachymeter engraves right onto the bezel so you can time how many units per hour something occurs.  And while all of these features might not be useful to you, they certainly add to the prestige of the watch.

Ladies Pearlized Toy Watches

Then there are the Pearlized Ladies Toy watches.  These take the Plasteramic watches, including all of the different colors, and add a pearlized finish to it to provide an opulent look.  The pearlized finish is similar to the mother of pearl reflectiveness and gives it a very unique finish to the watch.  You really have to see these watches.  Click on any of the watches to the right to get a better picture and learn more about the watch.

Ladies Zebra Toy Watches

For those who are looking for something a little wilder, the Zebra collection takes the fun of the toy watches and adds some animal flair to it.  The major difference between these watches and the classic collection is that the Zebra watches put a zebra stripe pattern on the face of the watch.  The Zebra watches focus on the zebra watch face, but offer other accents such as the diamond studded bezels and the dive watch rotating bezel.


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