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Tramp Stamp: The Lower Back Tattoo

Updated on September 2, 2013

The Truth About the Lower Back Tattoo

Let's examine the Tramp Stamp. Many women are getting them; many guys are drooling over them. The lower back tattoo, also known as a tramp stamp or ass antlers, is wildly popular.

Since so many people are getting the lower back tattoo, we must ask...have tramp stamps gained any class over time? Have they become acceptable for "good girls"? In a word: No. Ask any group of guys, "What do you think of a girl with a lower back tattoo versus a girl without one?" You will quickly find your answer.

Pop culture has embraced the tramp stamp. But then again, over time, pop culture also embraced the mullet, flannels over t-shirts, parachute pants, stirrup pants, leisure suits, and virtual pets. Hindsight is 20/20. The difference is that these items could all be thrown out or changed. A tramp stamp is yours until it's a gramp stamp!

(Photo by dolar)

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Tramp Stamp Poll

Hmmm....some telling results. Take a look at the difference in opinions between men and women.

What is your opinion on lower back tattoos?

See results

From the Urban Dictionary - Tramp Stamp Terminology

In case you haven't heard them all, these are the terms often associated with the lower back tattoo. I won't put the definitions here, but feel free to also look up bullseye, target, and splat tat.

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Tramp Stamp Links - Tattoo Info Online

Here is some of what people are saying about Tramp Stamps including some message boards with many opinions listed.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs

The Muffin Top

Often a accompanied by the Tramp Stamp are the Whale Tail and the Muffin Top. Some women even sport the trifecta!

Learn more about the Muffin Top:

Your Opinion on the Tramp Stamp

Do you think people consider a lower back tattoo to be an indication of promiscuity?

Yes, I believe they do.

Yes, I believe they do.

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    • anonymous 3 years ago


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Tramp stamp are you for real. For sure it makes a female look like a slut. A cheap one also. I don't think women are 100% when they get them and by the way 50% of women with tramp stamps are tramps and they say they are so what are we debating for.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I believe society feels they do scream Slut however I know a lot of chics with Tramp Stamps that are prudes compared to me. I don't have any ink at all and you'll be hard pressed to find a woman as promiscuous as I am. So does this mean since I admit to being extremely promiscuous I should run out and get a Tramp Stamp?

    • anonymous 4 years ago


    • fivestead 4 years ago

      Yes, I believe most people do consider the lower back Tattoo an indication of promiscuity. I think it has to do more with how men view the sexiness of the female anatomy more than the Tattoo itself. I'm not sure the Tattoo itself or what is depicted in the Tattoo matters, its the place.

    • CruiseReady 4 years ago from East Central Florida

      I think a lot of people of my generation consider tattoos unladylike, and that, even on gentlemen, they should be applied with utmost restraint, and in places easily covered. I am admittedly prudish and old fashioned, however.

      It's a good lens, though!

    • Dan 4 years ago from CNY

      Just look at how the guys voted....ladies this should be a clear indication that if you are not a tramp DO NOT get the stamp.

    • arabwomennow 4 years ago

      awesome collection of tattoos

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Yes, I call mine the "Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Yes...whether it is understood or not.

    • DrJeff7 5 years ago


    • tricomanagement 5 years ago

      slut on the butt - could be - but I hate to judge people - the question is, why would you wear your pants low enough to show it off??

    • AlexTedford 5 years ago

      of course

    • bechand 5 years ago

      uh - yeah ...

    • pcgamehardware 5 years ago

      Men do but women don't, I got that from your poll results above... :)

    • spellbindingsis 5 years ago

      Well, yes most ppl probably do (I personally don't think so) But, it isn't fair to be judged solely on if you have a lower back tattoo. Having one automatically puts you into the "Hoe" category not cool, not fair but, I still have one! ;)

    • Miominmarte00 5 years ago

      I wanted one of these a couple of years ago, but I have never regretted that i didn't go through with it! And i never will :)

    • Ivylee2122 5 years ago

      I'm with Steve :) I think it shows a lack of judgement, because when you're older they really do not look good. Plus, I prefer if people didn't do it anyway because it doesn't look right. It just isn't natural.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Actually, I think any tattoo is an indication of bad judgment. I prefer real people who look natural.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      i'd just like to overemphasize that this is the most hilarious thing i've read; (in a while, at least:) and the women that think that they're not sending the wrong message should either check the working girls' prison aisle, or check themselves in the mental care one. like the article (and some some apt commenters) have already said (alongside funny and delusional) do your homework beforehand (and think thoroughly about it). a straight fat male friend of mine carelessly got a claw tattoo, and now every other hairy gay dude that spots it makes a pass on him. if you don't believe me check this out:

    • writerkath 5 years ago

      Given the preponderance of sexual-themed names for this type of tattoo pretty much says that people do consider it that way. But, I think to go all out saying that it's an indication of promiscuity might be a little harsh and extreme. As for myself, they kind of just seem to be more of a sign of youthful immaturity. That is, perhaps someone get one at a young age when she's still learning who she is.Just my observations over the last few years, especially when I worked with young people in a variety of situations (career help, help when people were on public assistance, etc)

    • miaponzo 5 years ago

      Not necessarily.. but perhaps usually...

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Nothing says slut like a tattoo on the butt, I want that image, ink me up....

    • RocketSteel 5 years ago

      Of course it means that. What nobody else ever seems to realize is that they're almost always in the shape of a woman's uterus. Ever notice that? It's like they're unconsciously showing you their most private and important part.

    • victoriainthesea 5 years ago

      men do. women...some do, but not as many as men.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Yes I believe to Many people think the lower back tattoo is slutty tbh it depends what you get there. I'm planning to get something meaningful or nice there so does that imply I'm gana be a massive slut highly bloody doubt a tattoo should change what people think of you society and humans are fuming retarded and should accept what people do without judgement bloody humans all need a slap in the head

    • Showpup LM 5 years ago

      Society judges... it's what they do. And with a term like 'tramp' stamp...

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Promiscuity? Maybe not. That implies _indiscriminate_ sexuality. But putting out? Yes. And rather indiscriminately at that. A tail tat and clothes that flash it are conscious choices that invite folk to notice what your're flashing: why make that choice if you didn't want your butt looked at by everyone behind you?

      Yeah, I know; a) it's just pretty and b) you only want to pull the guy you want, and you gotta advertise widely to find him. But sorry ladies; that tail tat is an invitation to look and it ain't a selective one.

    • Rankography 6 years ago

      yes, but hey are so sexy.

    • Jereme Causing 6 years ago from Philippines

      Yes because it's something symbolic that tells guys to go further.. or something like a stamp that says 'approved'..

      furthermore.. it gives guys the provocative feeling.. if it's not promiscuity, it is not supposed to generate those kind of thoughts.. talk about majority

    • phoenix arizona f 6 years ago

      Tramp stamp is a household term. What more does anyone need to know? They are called this for a reason.

    • mahimattphoto 6 years ago

      Yes sometimes but they are faddish so i think some just get it to follow the trend.

    • Khiky93 6 years ago

      I like these tattoos :)

    • FuzziesFriend 6 years ago

      It's not an issue for me 'butt', listening to the men I associate with: YES

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      Yes they do. Often women with them give every appearance of being trashy and skanky. It's one of those cases where the stereotype colors people's impressions. I'm sure not everyone with that type of tattoo is sleazy, but the one's who are tend to be so noticeable that everyone associates it with strippers and porn stars. case in point, I was visiting a bar in the Dallas suburbs and an older drunk woman with a Dallas Cowboys tattoo with a halo on it (?) threw herself at my boyfriend. Thats who everyone associates with those tattoos.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      A book is often judged by it's cover. A woman can never make a first impression twice. If I were male, I would never even entertain the thought of a woman with a tramp stamp as something serious. Maybe for a little fun but not to spend a grand or so on a wedding band set.

    • kimark421 7 years ago

      Men? Yes. But we men, for the most part, are pretty ignorant when it comes to the ins and outs of the opposite sex. The old saying, "you can't judge a book by it's cover" will always be true.

    • June Campbell 7 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      I don't personally think there is a link between lower back tattoos and sexual promiscuity but based on the results of your quiz earlier on, I would have to say that apparently other people do. Especially guys. Jeessh guys, get over yourself. There was a time when showing an ankle was thought to indicate sexual availability. I hoped we had moved beyond that sort of thing.

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      I agree with your conclusion.

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      5 star! Excellent work

    • lumpy22 7 years ago

      I think people should keep in mind if you grow as in gain any weight so does your lower back tattoo.

    • kab 7 years ago from Upstate, NY

      anderw, they are lying to your face and laughing behind your back. And promiscuity is personality trait describing a person with a tendency to sleep around. Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      I can appreciate what monarch13 says. I will be "getting" a lower back tattoo in a couple of days. As monarch13 so well put it, hers was about "moving on thru the painful times to new beginnings." For me, it will also be a moving on thru some painful times and not letting them get the best of me.

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      it's not it's a regular tattoo ppl just enjoy the art the way it looks it's only an indication of promiscuity if the person that got the tattoo got it for that reason and carries themselves in a way that comes off negative

    No way.

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      • anonymous 3 years ago

        "Promiscuity"? "Tramp"? Let's turn it around, is a shoulder tattoo an indication that a guy is a hustler or incapable of being in a committed relationship? This is bullshit. It's okay for a guy to sleep with as many women as he can, but if a woman does, she's a tramp? The 1950s called, they'd like their backward morality back.

      • Namsak 3 years ago

        It's not the tattoo - it's the woman it's on that makes it either 'yes' or 'no'

      • Loretta Livingstone 4 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

        They appear to, but shouldn't. It is merely a form of decoration, when all is said and done. And no, I don't possess one, but I sure as heck wouldn't judge anyone who does. Some of the ones pictured above are very pretty.

      • BrainDroppings 4 years ago

        I think it depends. Some lower back tattoos can be classy, sexy, and artistic. Others truly are TRAMP STAMPS.

      • MuffinPuffART 4 years ago

        That's completely ridiculous. Tattoos have are no indication on whether someone is promiscuous.

      • KReneeC 5 years ago

        I have a lower back tattoo and have never been like that, nor do I think all other women that have one are like that.

      • YogaAngel 5 years ago

        Didn't Frank Sinatra sing a song about ladies with Tramp Stamps?

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I do think that some people do consider it to be an indication of promiscuity, but I personally do not. I think that a tattoo is just a piece of artwork and people should be able to put them where ever they feel like decorating their body.

      • Chocolate Pickney 5 years ago from Jamaica

        Maybe in the beginning they indicated that, but now..No,not all. Most now is done as a style and also copying others

      • JohnMichael2 5 years ago

        Nope! Perhaps an attention getting graphic, but hardly...

      • E L Seaton 5 years ago from Virginia

        Hmmmmmm don't know, as for me no more than a lack of tattoos makes one one hundred percent verifiably virtuous.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Why does a tattoo on that part of the body have to indicate promiscutiy? How come a girl just can't get it because it looks good? That's so stupid to think that a girl is a slut just b/c she has a piece of art on her lower back.

      • hydroelectricenergy 5 years ago

        there are awesome

      • Morgannafay 5 years ago

        Who am I to judge another persons self expression. If everyone is different, I'm sure they get tats for different reasons.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I think I really depends on the person, not the tat. it is wrong to make assumptions about women just based on where they have a tattoo without knowing them as a person. though personally im not a fan of the cliched kind of designs that heaps of others have i think tattoos should be meaningful. if you like it and it means something to you then go for it. there will always be the ignorant fuckers who judge but screw them don't let their opinions shape how you live your life :)

      • Tagsforkids 5 years ago

        I don't think it necessarily indicates sexual promiscuity....just bad judgement! Sorry, but I'm not a fan of them!

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        not promicuity but a lot of flirtation or conversation piece not evry tattoo soemone has will you see I have inner thigh lips nd a butt tattoo of a butterfly but you never see it unless I'm nude and only my boyfriend see that much its expression of uniqueness and idividuality! All of my tattos (7) stand for something and thy are all large instead of passing judgement ask why or ehat they stand for

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        The lower back is a good place for a tattoo. It's less painful than most places, and changes relatively little with weight fluctuations. I understand that back in the day tattoos were for bikers and prostitutes, but way back in the day showing a bit of arms or legs was inappropriate. Tattoos are becoming far more ubiquitous, so people who sleep around and people who are chaste have tattoos. Some of them will be in the lower back. Is it never for attention? No, I wouldn't say that. I only say you can't automatically judge. Honestly, I'd rather wear the most cliched tribal butterfly "tramp stamp" for the rest of my life than wear the misogynistic or judgmental attitudes I'm seeing posted.

      • cheech1981 5 years ago

        i don't think a tattoo necessarily is a sign of promiscuity, but perhaps it is a sign that the person is comfortable with his or her body and showing it off (not necessarily that they want to have sex).

      • ScareYouDiva 5 years ago

        Oh come on - a body decoration = slut? I don't think so. People who think that are more about stereotypes than reality.

      • cocktailsexaminer 6 years ago

        Sure, it's fun to joke about the owner's perceived promiscuity - especially if you see a particularly cliche or poorly done tramp stamp - but I don't think you can assume they are, in fact, promiscuous.

      • hottmomma 6 years ago

        I have a lower back tattoo and i am not promiscuous. Also the tattoo has personal meaning and my mother drew it for me so it really has absolutely nothing to do with sex.

      • james g pete 6 years ago

        As an expression they are genderless, joyless and free. Oh, God, they are just wonderful.

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        not actaully !

      • careermom 6 years ago

        No I think it's an indication of keeping up with the jones. Everyone else has one so I need one too. (I don't have any ink)

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        Just because some girls have a tramp stamp doesnt mean that they are whores. I think they are awesome btw and convienient. I'm still a virgin and I'm 18 and I'm still getting one. I wouldn't care about what people think of me especially if they don't know me. Guys should get kicked in the nuts if they believe that. You can't judge a girl without knowing her first. What I think is, the only person who can judge me is God.

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        Besides, the term promiscuity is an outdated term for outdated false morality.

      • RobGrawberger 6 years ago

        Society has changed drastically over the years. Years ago tats were only worn by cons and sailors LOL

        These days they are seen everywhere. The human body has become an artists canvas. I do not believe at all that it has anything to do with promiscuity at all. I will however not deny that the "tramp stamp" will definitely attract more attention. There will be those out there who will be quick to judge, but there is no truth that they promote promiscuity.

        I say ladies it you want one.... go for it! They are considered sexy these days. If you are concerned about what people will say.... toughen up or cover up! Great lens by the way!

        Happy New Year!!!

      • DallasNicole LM 6 years ago

        Well! I have a "tramp Stamp" and it's H.U.G.E.! And I love it! I love sex by the way! But I am far from a Tramp. I think that Sex is something special and sacred and it should be esteemed highly between two lovers in a committed relationship... But I am a "very" sexual person... So for all those who consider a woman with a tat in that region a tramp.. I am sorry you feel that way but you don't know what your missing! LOL

      • anonymous 6 years ago


      • anonymous 6 years ago

        People need to grow up. Come on now, I went to a tattoo parlor and asked them the best place to have a tattoo if you want to keep it hidden in a certain career field and they said lower back or shoulder blade. The lower back is a good place because no matter what shirt your wearing, you can hide it (unless your shirt decides to do a slip up) and instead of assuming that a girl is a whore because she has a piece of art on her back, why don't you do something like oh I don't know TALK TO HER instead of making yourself look like an ass. I bet if anyone called a girl a whore over the location of her tattoo, they'd get the spit slapped out of their mouth and curb stomped. There's people that are nice and not whores that have these too for a reason, especially if its a big tattoo that can't fit anywhere else

      • Petstrel LM 6 years ago

        Oh, come on ... Of course not. And even if they would - the world would be a much nicer place if everyone would just mind their own business.

      • Rhonda Albom 6 years ago from New Zealand

        Never really thought of them that way.

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        its ludicrous that you would encourage people to be so judgmental of others based on something you obviously dont even attempt to understand... that includes calling it a tramp stamp... the lower back is a beautiful curving area on a woman & a well done tattoo there looks wonderful

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        absolutely ridiculous... the lower back is a beautiful place for a tattoo & i am offended by the idea that it somehow indicates promiscuity... in what way? a well done & beautiful tattoo is just that & a terrible tattoo is just that regardless of placement... a tattoo is such a personal thing... rash uninformed judgment is indicative of ignorance... if you are lucky enough to see someones lovely tattoo then enjoy your glimpse of art & if you want to understand then get to know someone with ink & have a conversation...

      • nncyT 7 years ago

        no i do not think that.

        just because a girl has one does not mean anything.

        its like with guys and tattoos on their arms.

        they like it dont they? they think it looks good so they get them. same thing with girls. they like how they look so they want one. doesnt mean theyre going to be showing it ALL the time or get it for more attention.

        well thats at least me.

      • onegirlfactory lm 7 years ago

        No. People generally think that having a tattoo on the lower back is interesting; seeing a tattoo revealed underneath a shirt that rode up a little is quite a surprise. But it's hardly sexual and anyone with a lower back tattoo is being unfairly judged, as are people who have tattoos in general--unfortunately, there are still some people out there who think having tattoos makes you dangerous.

      • Diana Grant 7 years ago from United Kingdom

        I'm an overweight 70-year-old - do you think it would improve my chances :)

        Lensrolling to my 2 Tattoo lenses

      • OlgaZitner 7 years ago

        Great Lens! Love it! 5 Stars Given.

        If you are interested in lower back tattoo designs, make sure to check out:

        All the best.

      • Real-Tattooboy 7 years ago

        A few years back I would say yes but in today's age I don't think so. I believe that as a society we have evolved and that tattoo is not seeing as trashy anymore but more as an art. Promiscuity... NO. Cool and open minded Hell yeah.

      • anonymous 7 years ago

        hey im a 15 year old boy and idc wat ppl say ive got a tramp stamp and im not gay my girlfriend likes it it looks kool and most the boys at school say it looks kool and duz that make me a homo no it dont so ppls can say wat ever the hell they want but im mee and no one can change that. and ps i have no idea on wat promiscuity is so idk lol hahaha but ya so im just going to pick one but tramp stamps arnt just for girl they are for any one who wants one

      • anonymous 8 years ago

        It's just another fad. There aren't many places that won't stretch during pregnancy or sag with old age, so that limits you options a little. Of the areas remaining, this is that largest that's easy to show off but still easy to hide. If it wasn't for the unfortunate connotations, it would be a great place to get one.

      • monarch13 8 years ago

        I got a butterfly right after the funeral of my last remaining family member. It was a symbol of hope, new beginnings and moving forward in spite of pain and loss.

        It was personal, cathartic and certainly not sexual.

      • ElizabethJeanAl 9 years ago

        No. They've become a fashion statement for young adults. It has nothing to do with promiscuity.

      • anonymous 9 years ago

        no, i have one and the reason i got it there is because it is one of few places that doesnt show when ur in a dress (unless ur in something skanky)and is a less likely area to stretch during pregnancy.

      • Lily Link 9 years ago

        I think that "tramp stamps" are a sign of expression, not neccessarily a sign of promiscuity. I'm not a big fan of them, either way.

      Ass Antlers

      The creme de la creme

      These girls not only went for the tramp stamp. They went specifically for the ass antlers. This flaring upward shape is where the the name "ass antlers" derived.

      curated content from flickr

      Temporary Tramp Stamps

      When the weekend comes and you want to act like you've got tattoo, then try on one of these temporary tats. It's got all that trashy style, with none of the lifelong immense regret.


      Purple Cross Lower Back Temporary Body Art Tattoos 2.5" x 4.25"
      Purple Cross Lower Back Temporary Body Art Tattoos 2.5" x 4.25"

      What better way to show how much of a nice Christian girl you are than getting a cross tattoos just above your butt?

      I bet this wakes up the alter boys!


      Be Informed - Choose your tat wisely....Think about it first!

      Don't just get drunk and get a tat - know what you are getting into (and why). And for God sakes, don't pick something trendy...trendy will soon not be!

      Tramp Stamp Barbie?

      Yucky, Yucky, Yucky

      Under no circumstance is the male tramp stamp ever appropriate. We can't even call it a tramp stamp. What shall we call it instead?

      Asshole Accent?

      Teabag Tag?

      Butthead Brand?

      Unmanly Marker?

      curated content from flickr

      Random Act of Kindness

      If you know someone who is considering a lower back tattoo, perhaps you should send them this link. They are free to make their choice; their life and their body is their own....but they should have all the facts. This is how people REALLY view them.

      Tramp Stamp Vids

      If you don't already know Beth and Val, then this is a great intro to what they do.

      What I think...

      With this page, I am not trying to be judgmental towards all people with tattoos. I am talking here, just about the tramp stamp, not other well thought out, well designed, and well executed tattoos.

      I am simply using the terminology that is out there, and not trying to shy away from it. If you have a lower back tattoo, then you knew these terms (or for god sakes you should have) when you got it. It was your choice after all.

      I am not against tattoos. I simply feel that girls with this particular type of tattoo are sending out a message to the world, whether that is their intention or not. If that is the message they want to be sending out (for the rest of their lives) then fine...more power to them. But, if they think that this is just what everyone is doing, and that it is just something cute, then they should hold back.

      Regardless of what everyone with a tramp stamp feels about it, this is how other people react when they see it. If a person can read pages like this, and still chose to get a lower back tattoo, then it is right for them.

      How can I make a page like this?

      (and earn money doing it?)

      And, if you were interested in how to publish a page like this, it is really quite easy. Just Click Here to a free account and start your own page ("lens") here on squidoo on any topic of your choice.

      What do you think of the tramp stamp?


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        • profile image

          WinWriter 3 years ago

          Couldn't agree with you more. I think they're ugly in that location.

        • profile image

          Namsak 3 years ago

          It's not the tattoo - it's the woman it's on!

        • GregoryMoore profile image

          Gregory Moore 3 years ago from Louisville, KY

          No tats on me, but to each their own.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I got my lower back tattoo 14 years ago prior to being termed as "Tramp Stamp" which I absolutely hate. The reason I decided to have it placed there was because I knew when I had children that was the only place that wasn't going to stretch and it would only be visible to my husband, not the world. So after 2 pregnancies my tattoo still looks great.

        • shewins profile image

          shewins 4 years ago

          Tattooing the lower back became very popular among young women before it got that name. Plenty of nice girls got them. Tattoos on every part of the body are common on both genders and in all walks of life. People may think the presence of a tattoo tells them something about a person, but they are wrong. FYI, I don't have any tattoos.

        • profile image

          MasterDripper 4 years ago

          women with a lower back tattoo can be sexy but it is not for wll women...cheers

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I got my Tramp Stamp after I found this lens! If you can handle the "slut-shame" that comes along with this tattoo you will love it! (I would do it again without hesitation.)


        • Loretta L profile image

          Loretta Livingstone 4 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

          It is not how I react. I wouldn't assume someone with a lower back tattoo was a tramp, neither would I call it a tramp stamp. Some of the ones above were very attractive. I think everything depends on how they're worn, and how they are shown off.

        • CruiseReady profile image

          CruiseReady 4 years ago from East Central Florida

          I may be a little old fashioned, but I think tattoos in general are monumentally unattractive, and a huge turn-off.

        • BrainDroppings profile image

          BrainDroppings 4 years ago

          I have 3 tattoos and my wife has 11. None of hers are "tramp stamps" but I've seen some lower back tattoos that I really liked, and some that were just slutty looking. Depends on the design, placement, and frankly the girl that it's on. Great lens BTW, made me chuckle

        • Deadicated LM profile image

          Deadicated LM 4 years ago

          To each his own.

        • MrMojo01 profile image

          MrMojo01 4 years ago

          Nice lens, I think a tramp stamp looks very sexy on most women.

        • jupiter justice profile image

          Asher Socrates 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

          Time for a new lens! The trend now has moved around to the rib stamp! I think it sounds better anyhow.. Thanks Asher

        • KReneeC profile image

          KReneeC 5 years ago

          I think its just another area where people place a tattoo! I didn't want mine in the middle of my back, I wanted it on my lower back! And I'm sure nothing of a tramp! When I see other women that have a tattoo there I think it's beautiful! Tattoo's are just another way to express yourself. Unless the tattoo actually says, "HEY, I'M A TRAMP", then I wouldn't assume they are!

        • sockii profile image

          Nicole Pellegrini 5 years ago from New Jersey

          I actually think it's a shame that lower back tattoos have developed such a negative connotation, and such a sexist and derogatory name. (Ie, it's totally fine for men to brag about being sexual but any woman who wants to promote her sexuality is automatically a "tramp" or a "slut". It's kind of sad to see that still the case today.) I don't have any tats and I'm not actually generally a fan of them, but I actually do think a lower back tattoo can be one of the most attractive possible, especially given a woman's body shape and curves. I wish it wasn't yet another way that men (and other women) now choose to look down on other women for their choices with presenting their bodies.

        • YogaAngel profile image

          YogaAngel 5 years ago

          "The lady has a tramp stamp" Frank Sinatra

        • Spiderlily321 profile image

          Spiderlily321 5 years ago

          Interesting lens. I always thought it was funny that people called lower back tattoos "tramp stamps". I don't have a tattoo there but I know several people that do. I don't believe that everyone that has one there is promiscuous. There are also several promiscuous people out there with zero tattoos! Lol.

          Great lens. Thanks for sharing this

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          @anonymous: I agree whole heartedly. I have a tattoo on my lower back and I love it. I'm going to get part of it covered up though next month because I want to add a little bit to it. Anyway, there is no correlation between tattoo placement and sexual promescuity.

        • hntrssthmpsn profile image

          hntrssthmpsn 5 years ago

          This is hilarious. 'Round these parts, the "Tramp Stamp" is referred to as a "Santa Cruz license plate."

        • tricomanagement profile image

          tricomanagement 5 years ago

          great information - did not know the term but I think it fits

        • bensen32 lm profile image

          bensen32 lm 5 years ago

          First nice fun and informative lens.

          Second, of all the ones I have seen they all look trashy or just bad art. Personally I don't find them attractive at all.

        • bechand profile image

          bechand 5 years ago

          funny !

        • pcgamehardware profile image

          pcgamehardware 5 years ago

          Cool web page and informative too. :) Nice work

        • tomthiessen lm profile image

          tomthiessen lm 5 years ago

          Wow...a guy with a tramp stamp... *shakes head in wonderment*

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          Sorry for the typos in the previous email, e.g. (tattoo and correlation).

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          Sorry for the typos in the previous post. Actually should have used "tattoo", not "tattoo".

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          This entire discussion about what tattoo placement actually means is ridiculous. Just as some people like to adorn their body with jewelry or makeup, others prefer more permanent adornment. Choosing to decorate your body with color has no corelation to a person's sexual activity (or lack of it). I have gotten 3 different tatoos at different stages of life, over a 30 year period (including one on my lower back). During those 30+ years, I've been married, in a committed and monogamous relationship. I also know many other women for which the same is true. Why not judge each person for who they are and not buy into stereotypes put forth by others?

        • MartieG profile image

          MartieG aka 'survivoryea' 5 years ago from Jersey Shore

          Make darn sure the person who does your tattoo is a professional -- then have fun and go for it!! Good lens!

        • maurissam profile image

          Chocolate Pickney 5 years ago from Jamaica

          Would want one, but can't build the courage to stand the pain to get it done

        • JohnMichael2 profile image

          JohnMichael2 5 years ago

          they're cute and attention getting...

        • writerkath profile image

          writerkath 5 years ago

          I think this was an excellent lens, and wish it was here during the days I worked with many young people (primarily women at the time) who were struggling and on TANF (aka Welfare).

          If you knew how many of them had these types of tattoos - and other tattoos you would believe it. I always wondered how they could keep affording tattoos when on TANF but that's another story...

          I remember one young lady coming in to see me in tears because she got a tramp stamp at a party (PLEASE people... Do NOT get tattoos at a party!) and it was so awful. Black and smeared... She didn't know what to do. It was seriously the most botched up job I had ever seen, and the "artist" clearly was NOT an artist.

          My biggest concern that day was her health since she didn't have the tattoo done by a professional. But the point is, it honestly seemed then (and still does) that many people get tattoos without truly thinking about what they're doing.

          Like you said above, if, after reading and carefully considering what you presented in this lens, the person still feels good about getting this tattoo, then by all means, go for it.

          Like I used to say to the people I worked with: "Just remember: They don't wash off, and laser removal can be very costly."

        • WebWriteGirl LM profile image

          WebWriteGirl LM 5 years ago

          "gramp stamp"..o was a fun and interesting lens. Personally, I don't believe a tattoo defines who a person is. It's good though to consider the future before inking I think...such as pregnancy..etc..

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          Tramp stamp is a term for branding not having a tattoo on the lower back. Many different types of people have tattoos I know someone with one on her lower back who is a far cry from promiscuious.

        • profile image

          miaponzo 5 years ago

          Wow.. like you said.. maybe intentional or maybe not.. that is not a great place to have a tattooo.. actually.. for me.. none are.. Blessed!

        • Morgannafay profile image

          Morgannafay 5 years ago

          I never even thought about the lower back tat until I read this page. It was a very entertaining read, but I will have to disagree and say what I already said up yonder in the dual. To each their own ;) I also got a good chuckle from the possible names for dudes lower back tats. A hole accents? LMAO!

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          like looking at them, wouldn't want my wife, sisters, or mom to have them. Gave this lens a 'thumbs up'.

        • Tagsforkids profile image

          Tagsforkids 5 years ago

          I know I'm probably in the minority, but I don't like tattoos at all. My daughter always knew how i felt, and she respectfully waited until she was 18 to get two of them. Fortunately she got it out of her system, and prior to getting married, paid a hefty fee to have them removed. I won't say people do not have the right to have them, just not for me!

        • katemiya profile image

          katemiya 5 years ago

          I think with some of the tattoos, like Kanji, the location of the tattoo has to do with grounding since the base of the spine has that meaning.

          The issue isn't the "tramp stamp" so much as anyone with a tattoo in a location of the body people on the street generally shouldn't be seeing. Not sure why the lower spine tattoo got dubbed "tramp stamp" and not tattoos women would get on their breasts.

        • cheech1981 profile image

          cheech1981 5 years ago

          this is just a matter of everyone's personal opinion, but i have never really been attracted to a lot of tattoos. a small tasteful or creative one can be appealing, but especially when people are putting them all over their neck and i've even seen some on people's faces...personally i find it to be a turn off

        • profile image

          Echo Phoenix 5 years ago

          no tramp stamp for me but I once considered the Mattel ~stamp on my ass as a political statement against the subjugation of women and idealized barbie doll imagery in our society;)

        • Showpup LM profile image

          Showpup LM 5 years ago

          I'd never thought about the surgery aspects. Good information here.

        • cducky profile image

          cducky 6 years ago

          GREAT Lens! You have a lot of really good links and information!

        • Rankography profile image

          Rankography 6 years ago

          Great lens. Enjoyed all the lovely pics and videos.

        • KimGiancaterino profile image

          KimGiancaterino 6 years ago

          I can't get the "gramp stamp" visual out of my head. That alone should make most women think twice about it. And I do agree ... tramp stamps are not so good looking on men. Yuck!

        • profile image

          cocktailsexaminer 6 years ago

          I think it would be entertaining to get "tramp stamp" tattooed on one's lower back... especially if a man got it.

        • profile image

          imagen247 6 years ago

          lol, back when got mine not many women had "tramp stamps." getting tattoo there was simply so I could hide it when I wanted to hide it and show when I wanted to do that.

        • orange3 lm profile image

          orange3 lm 6 years ago

          Great lens!! I agree, No Male Tramp Stamp....ever! haha

        • jeremecausing profile image

          Jereme Causing 6 years ago from Philippines

          I don't like any tattoos at all.. we believe that it does not look so clean at all

        • CarynJSwift56889 profile image

          CarynJSwift56889 6 years ago

          good totaoo, maybe there are a lot of people want to have it

        • phoenix arizona f profile image

          phoenix arizona f 6 years ago

          Overall, I think that tattoos on women can be sexy if done right. Personally, I think that the 'arm band' tattoo on a man is possibly the worst tattoo idea ever known. If you're going to get a tattoo, why not make it something creative and unique?

        • mahimattphoto profile image

          mahimattphoto 6 years ago

          I don't prefer them but more power to the individuality of people. I love that people can find different ways to express themselves.

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          a trampstamp is just a tattoo, nothing more. the only ones who make it anything more are men who can't get the girl. men say women are sluts because they got turned down and feel a need to justify their failure to get her in bed. funny how a male slut is a stud and a ladies man, but a woman who gets what she wants is a whore. we have wild oats to so too. after all, how else are we going to be able to fake orgasms with lousy lovers unless we have memories of good ones. be thankful your girl was a "slut" or else you'd never be man enough to keep her awake, much less satisfied.

        • profile image

          careermom 6 years ago

          Good lens. I don't have any tattoos but I live in an area where I can jokingly say I'm one of 5 people here without ink and not be far off. I love good art and some of the pieces are very well done regardless of where they are put. Others are just unfortunate. While I have no interest in having any work done of my own, I can always appreciate something that is well done on someone else.

        • Kathryn002 profile image

          Kathryn002 6 years ago

          Personally, I don't like them, as I would want a tattoo a place I could see it. Certainly where I live girls would be seen as promiscuous if they got a tramp stamp, though of course not all assumptions are correct.

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          When young, we don't take into consideration what other people may thin all that much and can err in many directions. Food for thought for sure. Oh, to live life with no regrets!

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          When I got mine it wasn't even termed "tramp stamp" yet and I find the term offensive to say the least. Why did I choose to get mine on my lower back? It's a semi-large piece and that was the best place to put it. End of story. To be judged by my tats or their location is so freaking stupid. If someone is going to judge me by it, then I don't need them in my life.

        • GuyB LM profile image

          GuyB LM 6 years ago

          I got my tramp stamp back in the early 90's before they were popular with the women. Now I deeply regret my decision. I thought my TS said "Tough Guy" in Chinese only to find out years later that it actually means "White Hooker" Cool lens

        • OhMe profile image

          Nancy Tate Hellams 6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

          Congrats on making The Best Squidoo Intros Ever list.

        • Swisstoons profile image

          Thomas F. Wuthrich 6 years ago from Michigan

          Personally, tattoos are a major are piercings...and "bikini waxes" carried to the extreme. What the hell are these young women thinking?

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          I've never heard of the term tramp stamp before, but I have to admit it's one of those snappy lines that probably sound cool in certain environments.

          I would like to think the way you act not where you have a tatt is how people judge you.

        • freaknoodles1 profile image

          freaknoodles1 6 years ago

          I think what's tacky about a tramp stamp is not so much the location itself but the way it's usually seen only because of a wardrobe malfunction. (As if the wearer of the cropped shirt and low-rise jeans couldn't possibly have predicted the outfit would fail if they attempted some bold, extreme movement. You know, like sitting...)

        • profile image

          scar4 6 years ago

          Very interesting topic and informative lens. Thank you for writing.

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          I think they are well good and love them!!

        • CeleryStalker LM profile image

          CeleryStalker LM 6 years ago

          I'm not a fan of the stamp tattoos usually, but sometimes they look great. Nice lens :)

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          Over time these sort of things come into the mainstream. In the eighties ANY tattoo seemed to be taken as a mark of promiscuity.

        • Petstrel LM profile image

          Petstrel LM 6 years ago

          Like I said in the duel comment - if everyone would mind their own business, a world would be a much better place.

        • profile image

          Tarra99 6 years ago

          Ha ha ha....I've never heard the terms "tramp stamp" or "ass antlers"...that's funny...what's even funnier is my neighbour has a set...LOL! Thanks for the giggles!

        • RhondaAlbom profile image

          Rhonda Albom 6 years ago from New Zealand

          I was just discussing the prevalence of tattoos on young people yesterday. Personally, I just like the way they look on young people. The problem is 20-30 years from now, they don 't have the same look.

        • profile image

          tatlover2 6 years ago

          I don't understand why so many female get them. Like the name implied, do they want to be a tramp? It's like saying shoot here! And he scores! lol...

        • Charlino99 profile image

          Tonie Cook 6 years ago from USA

          OK. You got me with the 'Tramp Stamp Barbie.' Blessed by an angel.

        • bechand profile image

          bechand 6 years ago

          Really, with the reputation, I am blown away by the number of people that still get them ...

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          I'm glad I never got one of these. Luckily these seem to have gone out of style for the most part - at least here in the northeast. This is funny!

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          Cool tatto!

        • lasertek lm profile image

          lasertek lm 6 years ago

          I do believe that the tramp stamp is one way of expressing ones individuality. Thus, we should just respect those that chose to have them. Great lens!

        • kimark421 profile image

          kimark421 7 years ago

          Great lens. I like a little controversy with my Squidoo now and then.

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          I am 37 married for 17 years with 3 children I got my first lower tat 9 yr ago and added to it 4 days ago. It's not fair for labels to be made of people with Art on them whether it turned out bad or not. there is a different a meaning for every different art.... So do you go in someone house look at the art on the wall and call them a tramp?.

          It is what it is..... You are what you are..... The art means what that person wants it to mean. Don't judge cause in the end you judge your self.

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          @anonymous: Yes I love mine and want to extend it. I don't care if it labels me! Do you have one?

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          yes its always sexy to have lower back tattoo...especially when I see a male's lower back tattoo, wow

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          I liked it and have just had one done myself and I'm male! Mine was chosen though for certain reasons and not to be labelled in a specific category. Your site is cool!

        • KathyMcGraw2 profile image

          Kathy McGraw 7 years ago from California

          I guess I'm just old fashioned, but women with tats on their back or elsewhere just isn't my thing. I never heard of a tramp stamp, but some of the ones I've seen with the jeans riding low, and the g-string showing by the tat sure is suggestive. *Blessed* for the originality and the way this is put together :)

        • anyaface lm profile image

          anyaface lm 7 years ago

          this is a very funny lens! loved it!

        • poptastic profile image

          Cynthia Arre 7 years ago from Quezon City

          Engaging lens on an interesting topic! I didn't know about the term "tramp stamp" but I personally don't like lower back tattoos. I have some artist friends with tats on their arms and/or legs but they are well-designed ones that do not shout out "promiscuous". (:

        • profile image

          LowerBackTattoos 7 years ago

          Cool lens but...Lower Back tattoos are sexy

        • profile image

          Joan4 7 years ago

          I cannot imagine having art added to my body for the rest of my life, but then again, as they say "different strokes for different folks". I do wonder about all these folks at 80 years old and how the tattoos will look then. I just learned the term "tramp stamp" a few weeks ago, and now one of your comments says they are going out of style! I can't keep up anymore! lol

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          Haha Love it.I have a "tramp stamp" but im a married mum of 3.And have been with my husband faithfully since I was 18.I have 5 tasteful tattoos.I love body art.But I agree there are some taking art as a chav sign rather than an artistic expression.Each of my tattoos has a meaning or memorium.Such as a welsh dragon for the death of my father.A blue rose in a celtic design for the death of my son.

          A tramp is a tramp and usually most can tell before they even get a tramp stamp.Its not the tats fault,lol.

        • greenerme profile image

          greenerme 7 years ago

          I'm glad I never got one of these. Luckily these seem to have gone out of style for the most part - at least here in the northeast. This is funny!

        • kerbev profile image

          kab 7 years ago from Upstate, NY

          [in reply to Kacy] I'm not talking about any back tattoo - just lower back tattoos. How many guys do you know with a LOWER back tattoo? (and that's lower back without the whole rest of the back done) Not too many, I assume. Why? Because they are left to the girls. And why are they left to the girls? Because they are tramp stamps.

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          I think this article is ridiculous. It's a shame that girls can't get a tattoo on their lower backs with out being labeled a tramp. After all these years, equal sex status is still a no show. I don't consider guys having a tattoo on their backs "promiscuous", but then again, I'm not as judgemental as you narrow minded individuals. Grow up and realize that not everything is about sex.

        • PinayArtist LM profile image

          PinayArtist LM 7 years ago

          While I don't agree with everything in the lens, I still think you did a great job on the lens.

          Lower Back Tattoos

        • profile image

          anonymous 8 years ago

          A woman has natural beauty. If she adds ink to beauty she will just look silly. And cheap.

        • profile image

          seegreen 8 years ago

          Interesting, I've never heard it called that before. I like tattoos and I like the lower back tattoo. But it really doesn't matter what you do, someone will attach a sexual message to it. Knee high boots, tight jeans, red coloured footwear, I've heard it all. Just because a man sees something as sexual doesn't mean it is.

        • Czarque profile image

          Czarque 8 years ago

          What an interesting lens - I had never heard of tramp stamp before! I learnt something new today!

        • monarch13 profile image

          monarch13 8 years ago

          I guess I'm in the minority, but I have NEVER heard of back tattoos being called "tramp stamps'. I got mine at age 37 and like I said above, it was a symbol of my love for my deceased grandmother and an acknowledgment that life goes on. I guess I am a bit offended by this type of ridicule. But of course everyone is entitled to an opinion.

        • profile image

          Doncarlin 9 years ago

          A different subject for a lens, cool! 5 stars!

        • ElizabethJeanAl profile image

          ElizabethJeanAl 9 years ago

          Personally I don't care for tatoos. They may look great now but how will they look in 20 years? How will it look when the antlers 'widen' or start to sag?

          Interesting lens.

          5 stars


        • Clairwil LM profile image

          Clairwil LM 9 years ago

          Hilarious lens *****

        • profile image

          Aika 9 years ago

          cool~ worth reading for! 5 stars

        • Missi Troble profile image

          Missi Troble 9 years ago

          I love it. If you get a chance visit

        • profile image

          MaddGamerX 10 years ago

          Hi, kab!

          You really got an awesome lens on "tramp stamp" tattoos! I got a lot of great info on tats and body arts! I have a lens on the tattooing,too at Tattoo Primer Check it out and rate it for me! Madd Gamer ;)

        • profile image

          catch-cheating 10 years ago

          great lens, very interesting tattoos