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Transform A Plain T-Shirt Into Something Mystical.

Updated on February 20, 2012
Kila with the T-shirt she created.
Kila with the T-shirt she created.
Kila"s Bead Box.
Kila"s Bead Box.
Kila working on her t-Shirt
Kila working on her t-Shirt

How To Create A One Of A Kind New T- Shirt

Are you tired of the same old T-Shirt look? Do you want something sexy, playful and cute looking? Something light and airy for summertime? Are you looking for something different that nobody else is wearing? Just imagine wearing just such a sweet and sexy little shirt! Well ladies step up and check out my friend Kila's own designs.

Kila is a very creative person. She is young and bubbly! She loves to create her own style when it comes to crafts, or what not. She has many ideas for some great projects in the future! But today we are going to see how Kila transforms a simple T-Shirt into something that is really fun to make, and even more fun to wear! So read on for the how to make it for your own self ladies! Keep in mind how cute this sexy T-Shirt would look at the beach, and all the guys that will be looking at you!

Okay so lets get started. All you really have to do ladies, is go to a store like Walmarts or someplace inexpensive, and choose a T-Shirt that you like. You can choose to have your favorite design on it, or just a plain T-Shirt.

Next you will want to visit the craft department to choose the Beads that you will use. Now you are ready to make that Sexy New T-Shirt.


Sharp scissors needed.

**1. Cut the collar and sleeves off

**2. Cut out arch on the bottom of the shirt.

**3. Make the slits about 1/2" wide about as high as belly bottom.

**4. Slide the beads on each of the slits and knot to secure. Be sure they are tight. And that is it. The shirt is done & ready to wear!

A really simple project to transform a plain old T- Shirt into something different and unique. I would like to mention to folks, if you are not handy , or don't have time to make this really cute T- Shirt. Kila can design one, just for you. You can contact me, through my page, here at hubpages. I already have placed my order with her! I will be giving mine as a gift for a Birthday.


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    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

      Very good ideas. When I was in high school I would find crazy old t-shirts from thrift stores and cut them up. I'd usually cut the neck/collar off of the top and make the t-shirt sort of fall over one-shoulder. I would also cut pieces out of the side hemlines and then criss-cross string through it to create a shoe-lace effect. Thanks. Voted up and useful!

    • FordeAhern profile image

      FordeAhern 6 years ago from Broadford, Co. Limerick. ireland

      Hi there, I like your hub as I work with kids it would be fun for them to try this out. voted you up and interesting