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Transitioning from Relaxed Hair to Natural

Updated on December 20, 2017
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Gabrielle is an undergraduate college junior planning to become an OB-GYN

From Relaxed to Natural

All of my life, I've had relaxed hair. For years, it's been the same routine: apply, wash, dry, flat iron repeat. Well, after 22 years of the same old routine, I thought to myself: "it's time for a change." I've decided to begin transitioning my relaxed hair almost a year ago, and so far, I am amazed by the results. I'm going to share with you my journey with transition relaxed hair, as well as share a few tips in case you think about starting your natural hair journey as well!

Why Did I Transition?

I decided to transition my hair simply because of the constant damage brought to my hair throughout the years. After years of constant relaxing and flat ironing, my hair became very damaged and hard to manage. As much as I loved my straight hair, I thought I'd prefer the natural hair that grew out of my scalp, rather than the hair that I had to constantly treat with heat and chemicals for it to maintain its texture. Now, many of you may be familiar with the "the big chop" which is when you cut off all of your relaxed hair, allowing your natural hair to grow out, well, that wasn't for me. I wanted to grow out my natural hair while keeping my length and allow my hair to "transition" from relaxed to natural.

Styling and Care

The most difficult part about transitioning your hair instead of cutting off your hair and starting over is because until you natural hair reaches the length you want, you have to care for two completely different hair textures because, when transitioning, your relaxed hair remains attached to your relaxed as the relaxed hair grows out. Since, more than likely, your natural hair will be curly, it would be a good idea to start incorporating techniques to get your hair used to coiling as well as to hide your line of demarkation. your line of demarcation is the point at which your natural hair stops and your relaxed hair starts. The more your natural hair grows, the more obvious the difference in your hair textures will be.

One technique i found that help a lot and provided beautiful curly styles was using flexi rods. you can pick up flexi rods at your local beauty supplies store (Ulta, Sally's, etc). After i washed my hair, i would apply my favorite leave-in conditioner/moisturizer (which i will list below) detangle and section my hair, and roll each section with the flexi rods. I would usually sleep in them so that, in the morning, i was left with a beautiful curl pattern. Another technique i used while transition my hair was incorporating protective styles. This is a big tip, whether you are transitioning, staying relaxed, or if you are already natural. Protective styles, such as box braids, flat twists, or any type of braiding, give your hair a break from the usual everyday manipulation to it like combing, straightening etc. and gives it a chance to grow a little faster.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

When Transitioning your hair, even though your relaxed hair is still intact, it is important that you treat your hair as if it were already fully natural. So, in other words, you need to use products intended for natural hair. Most natural hair products provide ample moisture to your hair, which is key to keeping strong, healthy natural hair. Here are some of my favorite brands that have worked wonders on my hair.

Shea Moisture


Deva Curl

Earth's Nectar

kinky Curly

I hope you guys found this information and my experiences helpful and good luck on your journey to natural hair!

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