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Air Travel with Kids: Best Luggage for Kids Carry On 2015

Updated on March 1, 2015

Air Travel with Kids: What is the Best Luggage Solution?

If you're planning to do air travel with your kids, chances are you've done some research on the topic, because, being the savvy and resourceful parent you are, you want to nail this. Kids come with a lot of stuff, a lot of accessories and you're probably asking yourself, how can I pare down and simply the amount of stuff that comes along with my child? How can I make air travel with my kids easier?

Being a parent myself, with two young boys, I am fully aware of all the challenges that come with traveling with kids. I've traveled across the continent with my child and I learned quickly how not to overpack for air travel. In this article, I'm sharing tips for traveling with kids and I'm reviewing 3 of the top brands of rolling children's luggage.

Flying with Kids


Traveling with Kids: How to Survive

When it comes to traveling with kids, the key to a successful journey is a positive attitude and a bit of pre-planning. One of the main concerns of traveling parents is the logistics of air travel with babies/toddlers/kids. As far as pre-planning goes, you're best bet is to make a list of things you need to pack in your carryon before your actual trip. For flying with kids, here are some key items you'll need to pack (adapted from Delicious Baby).

Baby Items

  • Two times the amount of diapers you normally pack (and wipes)
  • Change of clothes for you and your baby (extra shirt and pants)
  • Any medication for your baby (liquid medicine should be in a separate ziplock bag)
  • Plastic bags for soiled diapers and for wet/dirty clothes


  • Empty sippy cup or bottle
  • Toddler/baby snacks like Cheerios, sliced cheese, dried fruit, puffed wheat (be sure to avoid allergens like peanut butter as there may be people with nut allergies on the plane).
  • Drinks: for formula feeding it's best to pack powdered formula and to mix it with purified water on the plane. Bring milk on the plane, but note that you'll have to purchase it after the security check, in the airport. *Drinks are great for takeoff and landings as it may help with the air pressure.

Kids Stuff

  • Remember to pack some quiet toys, books, music and/or movies for the plane ride. Use a toddler suitcase on wheels.
  • A blanket and light sweater for you and your child.
  • A magazine for you (if you have time to read it).

Carseats and Strollers

  • You don't need to check your stroller/carseat, but you are allowed to wheel your stroller/carseat to the gate, where you can leave it to be checked as a carryon item. Check your airline's policy on the number of items you can leave at the gate.
  • If you are checking your stroller or carseat at the gate, it's a good idea to store it in a bag and to write down your name/address/phone number on the bag, in case something happens to it.
  • If your child's carseat doesn't click into a stroller and you need to get the carseat to the gate, you should consider using a carseat cart. The carseat clicks securely into the cart on wheels: your child can even buckle up and ride in their carseat as you pull them along in the airport.

Air Travel with Kids: Trunki Carry On Luggage Reviews

The Trunki is a favourite carryon item for many parents, as Trunki allows children to ride their luggage through the airport or train station. The lightweight, durable, carry-on sized suitcase serves as luggage, riding toy, and transport for kids on the go.

The Trunki is a great option for a toddler suitcase carryon as it features a tow strap, carry handles, secure catches, integrated wheels and stabilizers to prevent toppling over. When the plastic carryon piece is not in use, it can be used as a storage bin, at home.

I will say that some consumers had a few complaints about the suitcase starting to separate after their kids rode on the suitcase numerous times. Like any product for kids, the more abuse a product gets, the faster that product will deteriorate, which begs the question, should kids be riding on their luggage like a donkey in the first place? My thought is that this product is a genius idea, just don't expect it to last forever with repeated use.

Best Luggage for Kids 2015: Trunki

Toddler Suitcase Reviews: Skip Hop Carry On

The Skip Hop Little Zoo Carryon Bag is an example of a great brand and great product that your child can pull along or the parent/gaurdian can carry the bag with the shoulder strap. The Skip Hop brand is highly regarded by parents as a trusted and quality brand. The Skip Hop brand exists for parents who appreciate better products that help improve their busy lives.

Our favourite Skip Hop Little Zoo Carryon features:

  • The wheels are easy to roll forwards or backwards and the item seems to be well-made for the price.
  • The smaller front pocket has a divider that helps with organization and the cup/bottle holder on the side is a kid-friendly addition.
  • The big interior pocket of the bag is roomy enough to pack enough clothing for a child for a weekend trip.
  • The parent strap makes it so you can easily sling the bag over a shoulder if the child gets tired of pushing/pulling it. There's a little tab on the center of the back of the bag to tuck the parent strap away when not in use (keeping it from swinging around and getting in the way).

Traveling with Kids: Disney Pixar Car Themed Rolling Luggage Review

The Disney Pixar Cars Rolling Luggage is certainly an instant win for most kids. What kids wouldn't love having their own pint sized car to pull around the airport?

  • The size of the Disney Cars Carryon bag is large enough to hold everything your child will need on the airplane (17H x 12W x 6D) and it's the size of an adult backpack.
  • Unlike the Skip Hop and Melissa and Doug brands, this one is equipped as a backpack too, making it easier for parents to lug around, if your child gets tired of pulling it around.
  • I'll say it again, this carryon bag is super cute!

It should be noted that although this Disney Car themed toddler suitcase is extremely cute, some parents have found it to be a bit top heavy (cause the bag to fall over when it's in an upright position).

Time for a Poll: Best Luggage for Kids

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