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Treat your hair loss properly

Updated on August 5, 2016

Treat your hair loss properly

Hairs are the most important thing that describes your personality. Men and women both want to have good hairs. But as they enter in their thirties their hairs begin to fall. Men suffer from baldness at their early ages and women also suffer from unhealthy and low volume of hairs. During early age, hairs become unmanageable, frizzy and dry and this means that your hairs are having bad nature but nowadays hair loss and baldness are some common issues. Hair loss and baldness can make you lose your confidence and makes you insecure. Reason behind these problems may be stress, improper care, hair dyes, harmful chemicals, imbalanced diet and improper sleep.

One of the best Hair Regrowth center in Bangalore suggested some tips for dealing hair loss in right way:

Improvement in regular growth:

The very first reason of hair loss is lack of nutrients and vitamins in the diet. So it is the topmost priority to eat healthy, proteins and vitamin rich food. Some food items that are rich in vitamins and proteins that should be added to your diet for preventing hair loss are green leafy veggies, fruits, oats, brown rice, whole grains etc. Also fish can be taken such as tuna and salmon helps in reducing hair loss.

Preventing dandruff:

Dandruff plays a major role in hair loss. For preventing dandruff, some anti-fungal and anti-dandruff shampoos are advisable. These products also help in preventing itching in scalp.

Washing hair with cold water:

People generally wash their hairs with warm water in winter season that is one of the biggest mistakes made by them. Hairs are always washed with cold water as it closes the hair cuticles and helps the hair swell so it looks thicker.


For preventing hair loss, medication is preferable and also helps in increasing the strength of hairs. It increases the growth of hairs instantly within few weeks. Many creams help in reducing hair loss. They could be applied on the whole scalp twice a day for better results.

Use of technology:

Nowadays technology is at its peak in every field. Hair extension is a new method by which you can make your hairs healthy. In this process another additional hairs are attached to the originals hairs for increasing the volume and length as well. Also it is very time consuming process and costly but the results are worth it. People are frequently applying this technique. Also there is herbal treatment available for hair loss and baldness that can be made with some ingredients including plants and roots that can be grown at your home. So use these techniques or tips to avoid hair loss and baldness instantly. For more inquiry, contact Ego Wellness.


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