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Treating Dark Circles Under the Eyes: Concealment and Correction Techniques and Products

Updated on October 9, 2012
Under-eye concealer application
Under-eye concealer application | Source

Proper Under-eye Care - Conceal or Correct?

Unseemly dark circles around the eyes, especially underneath, can be a very trying condition. It gives you a look of constant fatigue, not to mention adding all those years to the way you look. The best advice you’ll ever hear, read or be told about to reduce or eliminate the ‘raccoon look’ is – with due respect to the true procyonids of this world, of course (you guys are the cutest) - plenty of rest, a controlled diet, lots of water and adequate exercise. However, they sometimes just creep up on you (not the raccoons) when you least expect them, and your only hope seems to be to conceal or cover them.

Concealers vs. Correctors

Correctors and concealers are very similar but not the same. As an analogy, try to think of a concealer as first aid, and a corrector as real medical attention – same goal but different approaches. A corrector will usually have a peach tone, or slightly closed to pink, and is used to cover heavy darkness under the eyes, while a concealer is often more yellow-toned and is used for slight discoloration. However there may be color variations across brands. If you’re using both of them, then apply the corrector first, followed by the concealer.

The Right Way to Apply Under-eye Treatment

Before you dab on your concealer or corrector, be sure to cleanse thoroughly with a face wash, and then apply a moisturizer to the under-eye area. Allow the cream to be absorbed fully before going to the next step of applying the corrector. Use a brush applicator to put the corrector on, starting at the inner corner and moving outwards in a gentle inverted arch. Do this until the dark is completely covered, and then even out the corrector with the tip of your ring finger using a light dabbing motion. If following with a concealer, clean the brush well first. A concealer is no different in the application. It is put on the same way as a corrector. The only difference will be the extent of cover; with a concealer you can apply to a larger area, to cover the edges of the dark circles and give your under-eye area a smooth, even and finished look. When you’re done, set it with a loose powder using a blush applicator. Once you’re satisfied with the look, apply your foundation, making sure that the overlapping areas of concealer and foundation are seamless. And that’s it, coon-eyes gone!

Some Great Concealers and Correctors from Top Cosmetics Houses

Maybelline Cover Stick Waterproof Concealer
Maybelline Cover Stick Waterproof Concealer | Source

Maybelline Cover Stick:

This one has a basic lipstick-like applicator and is an essential part of your carry-around family of ‘touch-up’ cosmetics. It comes in ivory, light and medium beige, and retails at around $5 on It is also advertised as being waterproof. Here are some genuine customer reviews:

“The coverage is good. I mean, it completely covered my dark under eye circles and I couldn't be happier.”

“…does its job, it's natural, it helps with redness in the face, and the whole under eye area. I think it's better using it with a primer, because it can be a little dry.”

“Its kinda cakey under my foundation and doesn't blend well... its water proof to a point. i am not a fan. i gave it to my mom. she likes it.”

Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Multi Tasking Minerals
Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Multi Tasking Minerals | Source

Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Multi-Tasking Minerals:

This one’s actually an eye-shadow base but works perfectly fine as an under-eye concealer. Retailing at under $20 on, this bisque helps cover dark areas around the eyes and even out the skin tone for a better complexion. People say:

“I expected the coverage of this concealer to be average of a loose powder, usually wearing off during the day, becoming caked in every pore and line. But it doesn't. It works amazing with skin providing extreme coverage with very little makeup.”

“I've been using this product since last summer and I intend to keep buying, it works terrific on my skin.”

Laura Mercer Secret Camouflage
Laura Mercer Secret Camouflage | Source

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage:

Available in several variants, this unique product uses a “two-shade system” that lets you blend the perfect shade for your skin. There are up to eight pairs of shade so you can practically match any skin color within a wide range. Amazon prices start from $22.50 and go up. This is what users are saying:

“I know that Laura Mercier makes a different product specifically for dark under eye circles, but I believe this is the best product around by far. What makes it different than others is that it's not too greasy, so your eyemakeup won't run.”

“This is the best concealer I have found so far. It's oil free, so it stays on longer.”

“When I first got it, it was hard to get out with my finger to apply, but after a week, it softened up and works great now.”

So now that you have access to some pertinent information about under-eye concealment and correction, you have the tools to make the right eye-care decision for you.


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