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Treatment for Dry Hair

Updated on April 21, 2012

Learn some house treatment for your dry hair.

Around the world, many people with dry hair are looking for its treatment. They spend a lot of money for buying different products, consulting hair experts, and undergoing expensive medications just to resolve the problem they have with their hair. They do these things without any hesitation, not even knowing that the solution to their problem can be found within their own houses.

Before we identify those treatments for dry hair, let’s discover first some causes of having dry hair. Actually, most of the reasons why people get dry hair came from their own carelessness. And the worse thing about it is that they are unaware of it. The primary cause of having dry hair is the over usage of shampoos. There are people who are fond of using shampoos every day. They don’t care if what kind of shampoo they are using as long as it would bring up a refreshing feeling in their hair. Another reason is intense exposure to sunlight. In tropical countries like the Philippines, during the mid day, the sun is really scorching hot, especially in summer. Men and women from different ages get sunburn exposing themselves under the heat of the sun. They even thought of something to prevent it which is in the name of sun blocks. But most of the times, they forget to protect their hair. Yes, they prevented their skin to be damaged but not their hair. Another reason is due to some elements in the surrounding they never thought that would harm their hair. Aside from sunlight, water (chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs) and wind can also cause dry hair. Even hair devices like curling iron and blower, that were intended to beautify hair, can also make hair to be dried. There are also other reasons which are internal or inborn. It could either be a deficiency or a prolonged illness. But whatever the cause could be, there’s always a treatment for dry hair.

Now that you have known some common reasons for having a dry hair, you can take advantage of it to take care of your hair’s wellness. You can lessen the usage of shampoo, take yourself away from too much sunlight, wind and water containing chemicals, control the usage of hair devices and just be nice to your hair. Just following those simple tips, you can prove to yourself that prevention is really better than cure. However, aside from being aware of the causes of dry hair and avoiding those factors that could damage your hair, there are treatments that you can actually do by yourself even when you are just at the comfort of your own home. The first dry hair treatment that you can perform is making use of vinegar. Vinegar is one of the condiments that you can find in your kitchen. Apart from its many use in food preparations, vinegar can also be a natural conditioner for your dry hair. It smoothens and improves the cleanliness and shine of your hair. A tablespoon of vinegar when taking a bath could already be an effective treatment for your dry hair. Just apply the vinegar into your hair when you are about to rinse it. The second one is the usage of eggs for your hair. Many years ago, when hair styling gels were not yet existing, people made use of eggs to mold their hair with style. But eggs do not just style hair. It can also deal with dry hair. To do this, you can whip an egg to lukewarm water in a bowl then apply it gently to your hair. Just cover it with a plastic cap and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse your hair and shampoo it as usual. The third dry hair treatment is mayonnaise. Just rub one tablespoon of it in your hair and scalp then cover with plastic cap. Wait about 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Another way of treating your dry hair is making use of oil. You can choose from either olive oil or coconut oil. Rub it all throughout your hair and scalp, and then leave it overnight with a plastic cap. In the morning, you should shampoo and rinse the oil. Finally, choose the right type of conditioner for your hair. More often, conditioners with less or no alcohol at all are better for dry hair. Just apply enough amount in your hair and follow the steps same with oil.

When you have dry hair, don’t think that it’s the end of the world. There’s always a solution for any problem. You just need to open your eyes and widen your horizon. You might be surprised one day that the remedy you've been looking for is just beside you, like the treatment for your dry hair. A smooth and silky hair is possible if you will just be aware of the causes for having a dry hair and most important of all be mindful of the dry hair treatments which you can easily do all by yourself.


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    • tanabok profile image

      tanabok 5 years ago from Philippines

      Your welcome Monique ;)

    • Monique Brown profile image

      Monique Brown 5 years ago

      thank you for this , I will try it, I'm also using a good product that I bought, it's Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil, which has worked great for me, it keeps my hair smooth, shiny and healthy. :P