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Trench coat report: Emma Watson (steal her style)

Updated on November 15, 2011

As a Burberry model Emma Watson is the envy of all trench coat enthusiasts. Not only is her closet filled with the best quality, iconic type of trench coats, but she also gets a sneak peak at all new styles season after season after season after season…well…you catch my drift!

So, everyone who wants to know what type of trench coat to get for the upcoming season, just google Emma and it’s 100% guaranteed – you won’t miss.

This season's style guide

The summer is finally over, and now we can start enjoying those rainy and gloomy days again.

An excellent beginning is just that what you are doing right now: sitting in front of your computer, probably drinking tea and getting ready to discover what on Earth you should wear this fall.

As our lovely experts in the video said, this season the focus is on camel, dark brown and black tones. Think autumn! Think falling leaves!

As for the coats go, tweed is the THE material of the season.

Shapes: go Harry Potter cape style, or simply copy your boyfriend’s look in a more feminine manner.

Don’t forget to spice things up with a bit of knitwear accessory!

Whatever you decide to get in the end, be sure is comfy, soft, warm and, most of all, autumny!

A bit of the coat's history

Let’s not go into many details. That’s what Wikipedia is here for! Here, you’ll be taken through a crash course, bullet point style, about how and why there isn’t a woman alive today who doesn’t crave a TC in her wardrobe.

So let’s begin…

  • Developed as an alternative to heavy coats worn by French and British soldiers during WWI
  • Burberry and Aquascutum were the first producers and a silent war on who was the first still rages in their camps
  • Originally intended to protect soldiers wearing them against rain and wind
  • WWII came, and shorter jackets became the new uniform standard
  • Trench coats survived – civilian Men and Women alike kept its popularity up and alive
  • 50s and 60s brought some business seriousness to this garment – those wearing it were or just wanted to appear successful
  • Hippies added a tone of playfulness to their models
  • Cartoon and comic books heroes and villains took it as a signature sign
  • Movies made it look sexy and mysterious (Think Humphrey Bogart, Brigitte Bardot or Romy Schneider)
  • Goths embraced it too

100 years plus and TCs are still as popular as ever. What will a new season bring us in terms of design, length, and material?


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