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Trending Alert: Sapphire Engagement Rings

Updated on August 16, 2016
Sapphires are a great way to add a unique touch to your engagement ring.
Sapphires are a great way to add a unique touch to your engagement ring.

Sapphires are so hot right now. The deep, rich blue of these stones appeals to anyone. Their remarkable color is the baseline for which all other blue stones try to live up to. Here’s why you should be rocking these awesome gemstones right now!

1- You love being in the know about the hottest things trending, and this is definitely one of them. People are opting to take a whole new unique spin on their engagement rings and this is a huge way they are doing it! The gorgeous color alone catches the eye and once people see this on your finger, they will definitely be talking…all good things of course!

2- Sapphires are a wonderful and less expensive substitute for a diamond center stone. Typically Sapphires can cost around 1/3 of the price of a diamond with a similar carat weight.

3- Princess Diana had a Sapphire engagement ring. Now Prince William’s gorgeous bride, Kate Middleton rocks that very ring on her finger. Need we say more?!

4- September, as much as we hate to admit it since it marks the end of the summer (moment of silence please), is right around the corner. Wouldn’t you know that Sapphires just happen to be the birthstone for September? Is it just me, or do the stars seem to be aligning for you right now?

5- If you’re into symbolism, folklore and all that other good stuff check out these interesting tidbits: Sapphires are said to symbolize truth, sincerity… and get this…faithfulness. Seems like the perfect stone for an engagement ring that is meant to be a promise of fidelity for the rest of your lives, doesn’t it?! Not to mention that my friends at GIA, the world’s leading gemological experts, say that Sapphires are associated with royalty and romance. So gentleman, go ahead and spoil your queen! You’ll look like you put a lot of thought into your choice once you tell her that beginning in the Middle Ages, Sapphires were thought to attract heavenly blessings. That’s when you say that it must be right, because your Heaven is standing directly in front of you! BOOM! You’re welcome. We fully expect an invitation to the wedding.

6- You’re looking for more reasons? They are super gorgeous and you’ll be the envy of your friends. Now visit to make a private appointment and get your very own custom Sapphire ring!


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